Send the Battle Chicken out to pasture

Close?! Thats the metric for calling for nerfs?! How far back from the ranged overlords do they have to be? Whats acceptable?

And all this preemptive whining of “but in the future they get blah blah blah” is just comical. Nobody has issues with mages clowning everyone, a single melee spec gets with 10% (LOL) and its “nerf!”

The sheer fact that they have to do so much to get within 10% tells you that its not at all out of line. As I said before and Ill say again. Non factor

at the 90th percentile they are not having “to do so much to get within 10%”. You literally just need to have a decent raid comp.

Mages fall off a cliff in scaling going forwards whereas fury just scales more and more. If you don’t realize that, then there is no point in continuing this argument.

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At 90th percentile theyre the only melee in the top 7. Ranged will endure this. Glad Blizzard agrees at this point and hopefully they wont listen to the vocal minority using niche examples to make cases

I would take anything Blizzard says with a huge grain of salt. Most of the player base has a better understanding of this game than anyone at Blizzard.

Love how adamant you were on this take and blizzard even put it in their blue post and called you wrong too.


I think you’re missing his point.

Mages for example peak this phase, they will never scale as high as they did from phase 1 to phase 2.

Warriors and rogues however will scale more and more as the phases come out.

So sure the overall disparity is currently at its highest, next phase tho warriors with the new gear along with chickens will prolly already become #1 as they scale the highest per phase after arp comes out and mages for example peaked this phase.

lol no. The playerbase has rose tinted glasses and easily forgets everything. I take every single thing the players say with a HUGE grain

Who cares if warriors are #1? All im hear is its ok if mages clobber everyone but as soon as warriors surpass people Its all of a sudden bad. Let em ride

Non factor

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Oh idc if warriors become #1.

Like i said Mages are only #1 atm becuase of how strong t5 is for them, they wont be spiking much anymore.

Each phase its all about how a class scales and mages will never increase in dps more than they did this phase, they are peaking this phase and will most likely be on a downward spiral as they wont scale as well anymore.

Hunters are the opposite for example, our Beast Lord set was so good that we only gained a really small amount of damage from Phase 1 Bis to Phase 2 Bis, phase 3 and up is when hunters will really shine along with melee.

Locks will still be scaling really well each phase.

squawk. squawk

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Pass. Too much work.

Nerf pls before the release of phase 3. The content is already easy enough without having world buff levels of power from a stupid lvl 45 trinket. It would be a shame to see TBCC being defined as the chicken expansion just like classic became the world buff expansion.

If MQG was worth nerfing surely chickens are 100 times worse.


Except the drum change (and the chicken change) are far more healthy for the game.

Blizzard, let us know now if you are going to make changes. There are people holding out to lvl up gnomish because they don’t know if chickens are going to be nerfed. At least confirm if there is going to be a change so we can act accordingly.

Enjoy the game how you want to play it don’t force others into how you want it to be :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do, on a conceptual level. Warriors are a hybrid class and RPG is supposed to mean ROLE playing game. If classes whose only primary role is raw DPS dont actually produce the most DPS then the foundation of the game begins to crumble in a lot of unseen ways, much like we just witnessed in classic vanilla with as many as 20-25 raid slots going to a single hybrid class to DPS.

I never understood why fury warriors seem to get special treatment by the community when it comes to their damage while DPS specs of other hybrid classes like enhance, ele, ret, spriests, boomkin, feral are treated as normal & acceptable when its 30-40% lower. There seems to be an entrenched irrational belief that warriors are unique snowflakes.

That is about as well as I’ve seen anyone put it.

I think the classes/specs were originally balanced around PvP. All of those classes/specs you listed can heal. If they did as much dps as the pure dps classes, it would be OP (for PvP), and nobody would play anything but hybrids. So they instituted a “hybrid tax” to balance this out.

Warriors didn’t get “taxed” because they can’t heal. So in that way, they are unique snowflakes, because they are the only hybrid that can’t heal.

For PvE, fury warriors don’t bring near the utility/buffs that those other classes bring (although Battle Shout is nothing to sneeze at). In order for fury to be viable, they have to do dps on par with the pure dps classes or nobody would bring them.

Hypothetically, for example, if they were to nerf fury warriors to be on par with enhancement shamans, then they’d have to give fury warriors bloodlust, unleashed rage, and totems or the equivalent to compensate.

The heal aspect is a fair argument, though I certainly wouldnt say enhance/ret/cats can provide any meaningful heals.

Battle Shout
Commanding Shout
Demo Shout
Short cooldown interrupt
High AoE/cleave DPS, unique among hybrids
Ability to offtank

I think fury does good DPS but they dont bring much utility as other classes so most raids wont bring more than 1 as for chickens my guild uses them but does not force people to use them and we were 10/10 pre-nerf. different guilds have different rules so if dont want to use chicken im sure can find a guild that does not have them as a requirement

You’re misinterpreting acceptance with allowance.

Blizzard is the one who balanced DPS classes, not us. We deal with what we got.

Could it be better? Sure, but that’s how it was, and you either accept it for what it is or you…play a different game.

those specs bring raid buffs where fury does not thats why theres more of them than fury