Send the Battle Chicken out to pasture

This trinket is a level of degenerate similar to that of world buffs. Look, I like parsing as much as the next guy but this isn’t just about cheesing parses, it’s about how annoying it is utilizing these chickens in raid. I don’t like holding up trash, everyone standing in AoE bomb casts so we can get 2 groups their 5 squawks. Even if you make the squawks random again, I’ll accept that. AFAIK they aren’t even supposed to scale to 75, it was fixed in 2.4 to scale to 55, though I’m unsure how much that even matters. If this doesn’t get changed, it’s going to continue onto WotLK IIRC. Just nip this in the bud now, it’s annoying.


Just make it a garanteed proc no matter what. Problem solved.

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This. It completely balances everyone out to an even playing field. I have never cheesed my chicken, and the stupid thing has a broken voice box or stage fright, because he squawks like 1/12 times only.

Post on your main so I can tell your guild about your unhappiness. I’ll break the news so you wont have to!


I believe most of my guild is in general agreement that the chicken is not something they want to exist in the game. I don’t typically post here so I didn’t really pay attention to what my avatar is.


Then don’t use it? If you want to parse, use parse tactics. Don’t complain them out of the game.

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That’s a pretty silly comment, but if your entire self worth is wrapped up in beating someone on a parse, I guess do you brother

I’m literally calling him out for for trying to remove things from the game because he wants to parse, but doesn’t want to do things that cause him to parse.

How silly of me.


If you read and comprehended my post, you would understand parsing isn’t the only aspect this trinket affects. It’s become an annoying part of raiding and holding peoples’ professions hostage to this vanilla trinket so the group isn’t “griefed”. It’s an unhealthy part of the game.


It is yes, I imagine even the sweatiest of parses would prefer this doesn’t exist. You like it because the annoyingness of chicken helps boost you above people not willing to be cheesy, and waste raid time stacking it


If drums were worthy of changing (read: nerfing), then so is the chicken. 25% haste for 4 minutes is nutty.


The only reason your guild is doing it is to parse. Has nothing to do with clearing content. It’s pretty cut and dry.


That’s a different conversation, their probably too strong Id agree.

“Requiring” everyone to be LW for drums was a problem worth addressing for Blizzard. This is exactly the same, but even more powerful, “requiring” all physical dps to be engineers.


To parse.

The end?

Ok? 5 drummers per group bad, 5 engis also bad. You get it?


I actually accidentally deleted mine when I server transfered.

Can’t recover it so I’m going to have to make another lol.

Worldbuffs really created absolute ptsd crybabys.

If a strategy is necessary to down content, I get it. But to parse, just absolute weirdchamp to sit around crying that your guild is trying to optimize. Stand up and say something to your guild lmao.

What are you even on about, guy?

Blizzard added tinnitus so groups wouldn’t feel compelled to all be leatherworkers for drums. Drums weren’t “necessary to down content” either, but they got changed. This is exactly the same scenario. Stop burning strawmen.


The chicken is fun. Almost every dps and tank in my guild is refilling gnome engi because having super haste is amazing. If your raid doesn’t want to wait for chickens do it like people use to. Pop them before the boss and change trinket. If you are trying to parse then you gotta do parse things. Just like killing highking first or using loatheb buff on a different boss in naxx. Anything worth doing is worth over doing