Send the Battle Chicken out to pasture

He was saying that people here are too lazy to use chicken’s and that is why we are complaining. Ahlaundoh is the number #1 parser on warcraft logs, uses chickens every raid and still thinks chickens should be nerfed.

My point is if you are gonna gatekeep opinions on these things, then people much more hardcore than all of us have an opinion that things should change.

You’re the guy that screams at the paladins after every wipe to buff you, aren’t you?

na man i dont raid on my warrior, i raid as a holy paladin

This is such delusional nonsense. Did you miss the entirety of classic vanilla? When even non-hardcore raids were stacking 25 melee? When GDKPs ran rampant & gold selling hitting its peak because melee had to seek them out for gear since distribution had gotten so bad?
Having only 15 raid spots for the other 6 classes combined had a huge effect on peoples experience in this game. And it was entirely due to certain classes doing massive DPS as a result of buff stacking.


typical “not in my backyard, so not my problem”


No I missed the part where 3 or 4 warlocks, 6 mages, 2 or 3 hunters, a number of healers and tanks weren’t part of the raid team.

My raid is pretty hard core, but there’s no world in which guilds that are not world competitive are requiring people to stack 5 chicken buffs. Yeah chicken is super op and frankly makes top world parses without it impossible, but honestly who the heck cares.

If you’re in a guild that’s “non hardcore” and battle chickens are a problem for you, then maybe your guild isn’t as chill as you think it’s supposed to be.

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Lots of people actually. It’s completely degenerate. Heck even Blizzard can see stuff like this is toxic, that’s why they removed world buffs. This garbage is going to break Sunwell Plateau, why even release a pre-nerf version.

And if you don’t use it you’re going to look pretty stupid and bad wiping on M’uru while other guilds crush it with the equivalent of 15 extra bloodlusts.

“Alright guys 15 minute break before we pull M’uru again” engaging gameplay.

It’s also why they made the chicken only stack once in WOTLK and not stack with other haste buffs.

I’d wager the only reason they haven’t done anything right now is the one guy that works on SOM and TBC Classic is too busy doing the PTR fixes all by himself.


That or he plays a melee character, like the vast majority here defending it.

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It’s actually worse being a melee character and being compelled to use it. Haste is such a strong stat because it scales with your attack power. So it’s just going to get more and more powerful as we get gear, to the point that all melee will feel like they have to use it. For fury warriors it is even more essential because it means more rage generation, creating a feedback loop.

Even casual dad guilds will use it to hit the dps check on brutallus when they see how good it is.

If you want a homogenized, boring, streamlined game then go play retail

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The battle chicken was never used this way in 2007 TBC, this is an abomination that only caught on in TBC classic.


Chickens are not fun. I know because I use them every week. It just makes content easier than it should be.

Melee having to go gnomish is homogenizing gameplay.


Imagine not going gnomish, making your trinket, then dropping and going goblin for sappers

Lazy players smh

If you are not using chickens for the purpose of fun, then thats a you problem.

If you are not using chickens, your raid will find someone who does

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Except blizzard has stated that it was used this way by some guilds. So you’re flat out wrong.

Yeah sure, a couple guilds at the end of the expansion as WOTLK was coming out. You’ll note they immediately fixed it in WOTLK by making it not stack.

You don’t see any chickens in the Sunwell Plateau world first race. You’d think if everyone was using it some guilds would avail themselves of 15 extra bloodlusts.

It’s time to face the facts.

They left the diamond flask exploit in for 2 years, they left HS queueing in for 3 years, now they want to leave the chicken exploit in for 2 years. Even though all 3 were patched immediately after they were discovered in retail.

If it’s not clear by now, the devs all play warriors, and will continue to practice mental gymnastics to make sure their warriors dont get nerfed.

So many fun adventures and shenanigans were available because of the diamond flask while preventing healing gear from rotting. It was a hero taken from us before its time. (Actually taken right when it was supposed to be, but I do miss spleunking with it)