Sell me on pet battles

Pet Battles IRL are illegal in most countries I’m pretty sure.

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It apparently gets you pathfinder part 2 only a week into patch drop.

That’s what I heard anyway, I wouldn’t know, I don’t discount pokemon…

I only leveled a handful so sometimes i get the World Quest and sometimes I just let it go.

Haha. Not likely. It also is a contributing factor that Azeroth is bleeding, the Horde is headed by a nutcase, and now there’s another race to help out against our enemies. Not exactly the time to say - just a moment, I have to have this bloodless pet contest over here.

Maybe someday an alt that I steadfastly do not RP. I have over 6 alts now, haven’t managed to pull that off. ~lol~

I made a lot of fun of pet battles when they were announced but it ended up being one of my favorite activities in MoP.

I think they’re really cool but my interest in them sort of peaks and wanes. Like, I won’t do any pet battles for a while and then I get really into them again.

I think I liked camping the rare spawns and trying to find rare pets in the right breeds even if it was tedious.

But now I have so many pet stones I’ll just make any pet I want rare and lvl 25 instantly so new pets don’t feel like a labor of love anymore.

I am still grateful that they continue to add new pets and pet dungeons and stuff, I think the whole system is really fun.

Wow this thread really blew up O.o not bad for something I created on a whim while on the toilet at work XD

Thanks for all the responses. Definitely some good info and it’s convinced me it’s worth a try. Now I just need to figure out how to start because I literally don’t even know how to start a battle or level or anything lol

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Go to Stormwind to the pet battle NPC. Should have a low-level quest ! Follow those quests and progress organically.

Use your Warlords garrison pet menagerie quests (at least the first one to get the free level 25 stone). Go to your farm in Mists and do the quests to plant and grow a terrible turnip (has the move like False Swipe so the pet you’re trying to catch won’t die). Go to AQ and catch a

Anubisath Idol, dropped by Emperor Vek’lor.

Catch a crab tank somewhere. With those 3, you can catch every pet in the game.

Then catch some of every family type: beast, critter, flying, aquatic, humanoid, mechanical, undead, magic, elemental so you can counter anything.

Darkmoon Faire coming up this weekend - the wild crow is useful, the pets from the vendor are excellent too.


Here are some of my favorite websites about pet battles that might help you get started, and keep going!

Blizzard forum on Pet Battles:
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Xu Fu website with a guide for how to power level pets, and how to win every world quest, and achievement, pet battle out there.
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Warcraft Pets guide on how to get started, and info on every battle pet in the game. Plus, you can register for free and they will tell you what “rank” your battle pet collection is for your server (I’m ranked #11 from the top on my server).
h ttps://

WowHead also have a LOT of guides for the various battle pet achievements, and I like this one page that shows you what wild battles pets you can collect per zone. Collecting wild pets is a good way to get started.
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I wish you lots of luck, and hope you learn to love pet battles :slight_smile:


I did most pet battling in order to get mounts. Now, I am not a big pet battler, but its a fun side thing once you get into it.

They’re good for rep and experience given whatever the circumstance you need them for (wq or otherwise).

However, the mechanics are broken and not very balanced. It may be a pokemon rip off but it didn’t take certain mechanics from pokemon such as the battle ending as soon as the enemy being defeated (instead the turn goes on and if your pet dies after the enemy does, you lose regardless).
Also some of the abilities, especially for “bosses” are horribly over-tuned to where you need to use gimmick mechanics and strategies (such as a recent boss needing at least two explosion attacks and/or howl attacks to even stand a chance).
Plus there’s a stupid amount of RNG involved more than just critical hits that can make or break the aforementioned over-tuned boss battles.

You also HAVE to attain very specific pets or pet attacks to be successful (such as molten corgi/Lil Ragnaros, Ikky, Anklerender, etc.)

It’s just not that fun to me.

The fighting is too simplistic and repetitive. I mostly only collect pets for non-combat use.

I know I’m missing out because it has become a pretty important aspect of the game for newer rewards and rep… I just cannot and won’t extend my interest towards pet battling because Blizz wants me to play the game that way.

It’s okay. You don’t Have To do any pet battling. It may take you longer to get the rep done but that’s the only thing you’re missing (besides more pets and maybe a mount - not sure if we get mounts from pet battles this patch).

It’s optional.

I don’t agree. Most content can be done with 20 pets, especially this expansion.

You don’t need the 1500-2000 pets some people have that started at the beginning.


I got into it for the Falcosaur mount in Legion. It is very rough initially when setting that up since you need a variety of pet types. I had to look up which ones were the best, what I had, what I could easily get, etc. Once I got through that and had 20 something at max level, I was able to do all the WQs in Legion without much of a problem and that has translated into BfA. I’m only at 30-something max level pets now but have been doing the battle in Nazjatar and Mechagon without much of a problem (having the tokens piled up helps too).

Overall once you get your group setup and leveled, it’s an easily accessible and relaxing area for some rewards that contribute to pet collecting (and some reputation).


Oh… oh he’s heading down the rabbit hole… lol… (it can get addicting)… For me it is that I have to have ‘All of the things’! But I’ll never get there… :frowning:

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Pet battles are an ok side game, but what I really hate is EVERY guide on how to beat X boss pet starts with ‘use the Unborn Val’kyr’. I DON’T HAVE ONE!!! :grimacing:

3 Likes caused me to go bonkers for collecting pets, leveling them up, and getting them to rare quality. Just something about having a goal to climb up the ranks makes things fun. As a collector, I enjoy things like this. I’m no mythic raider or gladiator, but this is something I can at least work for and not let it consume my entire life.


They could take it out and I wouldn’t notice. They could make them as robust as possible as long it doesn’t give some major benefit to raiding or the other major parts of the game and I wouldn’t notice.

tl;dr I do not care about pet battles.

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Pet battle WQ’s are a good way to fast track Pathfinder 2 because they give decent rep for completion, and if you’ve never completed a Naz / Mecha pet battle, you get a bonus bit of rep for turning in the “drop” that you get upon completion.

At first I thought the Naz / Mecha pet battles were insanely hard, but upon further review, it seems that a small handful of 25 pets can beat most of the pet battles (get yourself a level 25 Unborn Valkyr and a level 25 Ikky because those two pets are used to win about 75-85% of the pet battles in the new zone).

I didn’t read the patch notes for 8.2 very close – did they release the new Pet Battle Dungeon? I’ve completed all the others, including Celestial Tournament, and wouldn’t mind another one to strategize through. They’re a good source of pets for the 1000/1000 achievement and I’m a handful away from completing that, like 983 / 1000.

Me neither! I often try to use the plagued squirrel as a replacement and it usually works out… or just go with a completely different combo.