Sell me on pet battles

I know I’m not alone in this, but in all my years playing this game, I have never once done a pet battle. I’ve never ever felt any desire to do them. In mop when they added them I thought they were a joke, and since then I’ve basically just ignored that pet battles even are a thing.

That being said, more and more lately I’m feeling like I’ve somehow been missing out on some large piece of content. Mount collecting and fishing are both things that sound unappealing to me on paper, but become strangely addicting and satisfying once you start them. At least they did for me.

So anyone out there like me? Have you given them a chance and ended up hooked? Or were they pretty much exactly as you expected?


I played them when they first came out and i’ve enjoyed them since. Nowadays, there’s such a large barrier to enter and do the content you’re missing out on, I wouldn’t even bother. The WQs and Pet battle dungeons require an extensive list of pets, some of which are very hard to get.


The only reason I ever got into it was for things such as the WQ’s when content first gets released. The extra “bonus” rep is totally worth it. Any edge I can get.


Well, they aren’t the worst thing in the game right now.


My issues is just that the word “pet” and “battle” just don’t dovetail well with my character. I like the look of the pets… why would I set them against one another? Just can’t do it. Would totally do it on my cell, out of game.

Disclaimer: no, I don’t believe that anyone who pet battles mistreats or that it leads to mistreatment of pets. I’m an inhabitant, so how things sit from an RP perspective matters to my playstyle. :slight_smile:

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PvP pet battles can be really fun. PvE pet battles are too formulaic to me to be fun.


Why would i sell you on something that is terribly designed and has no point being in this game. This new generation of kids and there damn pokemon crap is ruining or MMOs.


Its not for everyone. Some enjoy them, some dont. Its just a form of pokemon thats been around since late cata

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I’ve tried many times OP. I’ve just come to terms that pet battles don’t interest me. I tried recently while waiting for 8.2. to be released in collecting battle pets in WotLK while hunting down rares. I just lost interest. I enjoyed flying around for rares more.

Which is fine. Not all content in WoW is going to be marketed toward me.

Edit, additionally, there is something just incredibly sad about seeing my Egbert die. Egbert best pet.


Sorry grandpa, I’ll get off your lawn.


The battles are fun, and shockingly, some of them can be quite challenging. Collecting is also fun.

It can be hard to get into though, since there are pets literally everywhere. My advice: Go collect your favorites and level them up.


Yep, damn kids. Next thing you know we are gonna have harry potter themed zones.

Honestly, when they first talked about putting them in the game I thought I’d never do it…blah blah Pokemon, blah blah…

But after thinking about it a while I thought… “Well, something to do with the little guys I like collecting besides just have them run around behind me…might be a nice change of pace occasionally…:woman_shrugging:”.

Then I tried them, found some pets, kept looking for “better” levels of the pet, or the pet with different stats for different battles.

It’s really a cool system. Every wild pet can have different stats… speed, health, power… each different combination of stats gives better outcomes for different battles.

It’s a pretty involved system for people who really enjoy it. People “min/max” pets even.

You can even “PvP” Pet Battle.

Check out, kinda “theory crafting” for pets… :smile:

Everyone isn’t going to like it, obviously. But it is a good system, nothing at all like the simplistic system in Pokemon.

I’d say, if you’ve tried things and ended up liking them before, Pet Battling is an interesting thing to give a go. You might even find it fun.


I love animals! I especially love my 2 pitbull rescues, they fight on a daily basis, one dog is polite about it the other is not and will give no warning before diving headfirst into a puppy brawl! I’ve been around working dogs my entire life, they love to play fight with each other more than anything.

The point to this comment is to tell you that I see pet battles as just play fighting, where nobody “really” gets hurt, it’s all just fun in the end!


I am just about 50 years old and enjoy Pet Battles.

They aren’t for everyone though. Just like Raiding or PVP isn’t for everyone. I am in it mainly for the collection faction.


Imagine non-turn-based pet battles!

An actual live arena where you’re hopping around biting and attacking and shooting other pets with unique abilities like an actual player character!

That’s what I want to see.

Each pet becomes an essential mini alt instead of a pokemans.

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Pokemon for your PC, while waiting for the rest of the raid to log in.

It’s like pokemon but worse.


They are fun and rewarding.


gnomeregan pet dungeon gives a robot dog pet. that sold me after never doing pet battles, ever, i’m still leveling pets to prepare a team capable of handling that dungeon.