Sell me on pet battles

That’s a nice way to look at it. Cats do the same and go ripping through the house. ~grins~

Another alternative that a friend suggested is just use the constructs and mineral type “pets”. But I don’t know if that is viable.

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TFW the universe is a pet battle and you’ve lived your whole life afraid of “passing out.”

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So you want me to sell you on it? Alright.

You know that feeling you get when you get a new shiny mount? Imagine getting that for something that’s actually useful and not just a cosmetic lump of pixels that sits under your characters butt.

Imagine having a little army you have carefully cultivated and shaped to suit your own unique tastes and strategies, that are able to be deployed to get you bonus treasure, rep, toys, and most importantly MORE powerful pets that you otherwise have completely no access to.

And imagine doing that all at your own pace, in your free time, without the restrictions of lockouts or having to get together a group of like minded players who you have to compete against for drops, or have to rely on not to have to bail at the last minute because their RL cat is on fire or they forgot they needed to go get groceries and have to go afk for 2 hours.

It’s completely a you do you activity. And even should you get the wild hair to take your little army and pit it against another players army of pets, there’s no camping if you lose, no long respawns or corpse walks, no rude gestures. PVP pet battle queues are often over in an instant and you never have to worry about whether the factions are balanced or if your chosen class is the flavor of the month. There aren’t even any equipment repairs and you can heal your pets for free any time you are near a stables or with pet bandages that practically get thrown in your face.

Best of all, your pets are the same level and exactly as powerful on your main as they are on ANY of your alts. No having to painstakingly re-level on each toon. No having to spend tons of treasure to relearn abilities you have already learned a hundred times over. Once a pet is level 25, it’s at max level forever, on every server, on every character.

It is literally the chillest thing you can do in the game, even compared to fishing which (as a gathering profession) still has its fair share of competition and trolls.


And to think, when blizzard hired that summer generation z intern and said “come up with something interesting” he/she could have been working on improvements to this game but…nooooooo… just had to copy pokemon.


I disagree that the WQ’s “require an extensive list of pets”. I only dabble in the pet thing, and I’ve been able to do just fine in the newest battles. Well, once I leveled my Ikky…

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Sounds a lot like multiboxing.

I want to up-vote your entire post 1000x, but this one line perfectly sums up the very best part of pet battling.


I would say they are in a similar spot as this yes. The gameplay is pretty much pokemon and you don’t need to invest much time. If you have done transmog/mount runs chances are you have lots of pets and you can get items that boost your pets to max level.

I never got into them until I saw Zao, Calfling of Niuzao. Had to get that pet. It was kind of funny I went into that tournament with 3 pets and guns ready… Ready to get my coins! Well that didn’t end well. After a while of thinking about it I buckled down and build an army of 25 level pets and went back. Beating it a few time and got Zao and the kitty.

It’s not bad and do it from time to time for the unique pet collecting numbers. When you do pet battles like that you REALLY learn to hate RNG like no other experience. A lot of times it comes down to one move.


Pets are fun. Pets are cute. I think I have 1061 unique atm. I’ve probably not battled 2/3 of them once let alone have them in any of my normal teams. The nexus whelps and unborn val’kyr are probably my most used.


This member of an older generation likes pet battles and knows the difference between “there” and “their”.


Anyone got a link to a current guide to which pets you should get to start and such?

Go to Xu-Fu’s pet guides, click guides at the top and most used pets. Work on getting that list of tier 1 pets for start and work yourself down.

Also I find most of the current Mechagon and Najatar pet battles boil down to the Unborn Val’kyr and Ikky. Unborn Val’kyr might look a little tricky to get but honestly post pet collectors got one ages ago so not many people are hunting it anymore.

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Think you may have sold me. :thinking:… well done. :blush:


Thank you so very much!

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I ignored pet battles for years, too. I even had pets collected from other activities in the game, like questing or raids or fishing or the pug from using Dungeon Finder, but I never used them. The thing that finally got me interested was around the end of WoD, Archvaldor posted a video demonstrating how a trial character could get the free Garrison upgrade stone. It was useful even if you weren’t a pet battler, because pets sold for so much.

I had never even thought about selling pets, so I looked into it and realized I had a few that were actually valuable. I used the trick of spamming trial accounts to level those, and sold a couple for a very nice profit. I leveled as many of the rest as I could before they killed the exploit, and even bought a few recommended pets for the same purpose. The Terrible Turnip I had from questing in Valley of the Four Winds combined with the Anubisath Idol I bought made a great team for capturing wild pets, so I decided to knock out the Safari achievement.

Sometime during the Safari, I realized that pet battles were a lot of fun and I enjoyed collecting them. At that point I went neck deep into it and got an appreciation for how it’s an entire game unto itself. I built out my Menagerie and collected a good team to beat Squirt, and used it to help level a lot of my alts on her “Super Squirt” days. I was so mad when Blizzard finally nerfed that XP gain, I would actually plan vacation days for it.

Pet battles are honestly one of the few things that keeps me subscribed and playing, even when I don’t care for the other content. You should at least try them, you might be pleasantly surprised.


Simply enough, if im going to have pets then they are going to be properly trained and capable of handling themselves should the need arise.

Thats just being a responsible owner in a world full of conflict.


When pet battle first was introduced, I resisted getting into it cuz I knew I would be addicted hard. I love the motions of collecting (tho not necessarily to get them all) so I knew I would be hooked. So like a year into Mists, I started. Already had a few pets since vanilla but nothing was really usable except my magic crawdad guy.

Used achievements as my guide to collect and level. Just collected cute ones first but as I got serious, followed guides on the internet. Certain trainers need certain teams to beat them. Celestial Tournament had specific pets you needed to make it through. It’s a lot of running around the world collecting those particulars and then finding the right type of stats on the pets. It can be very very involved.

Goal oriented pet battling. Focus on what you want to achieve. If you just want to get through the pet battles in current content to get rep/pearls/etc., you don’t need 800 pets. Read some guides, go to warcraftpets, get some addons (Rematch for sure to save teams). Get a cheat sheet of what type of pet counters other pets.

Like I said, it can be rather involved. But the level of extreme is determined only by your wants. Who knows, you may get super in to it if you’re a min/max type of player.

Have fun with it!

(Pet battling trainers is also excellent for leveling lowbie alts.)


Keep an eye out for the days when Sir Galveston shows up in Dalaran. During pet week it’s two fights to go 1-25 with just the safari hat. He’s worth using even when it’s not pet week. The best thing is that he can be fought over and over and doing it on an alt, they’ll get full quest xp each time.

The carry pet strategy;

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Don’t forget Hazelnutty she has some great pet battle strat’s

Also OP right now killing the legendary pets on Mechagon and Nazjatar will drop a quest that when you turn them in will net you 250 rep :slight_smile:

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