Season of Mastery pushed back?

Hi, I recall that the classic wow Season of Mastery was supposed to be live today, however it still is offline. It’s noon here and no word, no post, etc. Has it been pushed back?

Any information for the Season of Mastery open beta would likely be posted on the Classic General Discussion forum.

I’m afraid Customer Support doesn’t have any involvement in beta/ptr testing or have information on the schedule outside of what is already up. If the start of beta for the Season of Mastery is listed as today it likely will be some time today, but it could be several hours from now.

If I come across any other specifics I’ll be happy to post an update but I’d recommend keeping an eye on the Classic General Discussion forum, they’ll probably post there first.


Thanks. Hopefully they add this into the In Development forums too, since there isn’t a classic forum there (only retail and tbcc)

There’s a Classic General forum separate from the one for TBC general :wink:


Think you missed the “in development” part! But thank you.

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I did the same thing. … but there is a Classic forum…

Then… oh, PTR Forum for Classic…gotcha.

I’m going to blame it on this being my Monday this week. :smiley:


There is now a Classic In Dev forum! Thank you!


You beat me to it!

I was informed that was created and going live soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Link for those who need it: