Season of Discovery Hotfixes - Updated February 12

Your efforts are appreciated.

Yes at least do not nerf warriors.

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Stop nerfing hunters lol.

Hunter counterplay used to be slowing, killing, or stunning the pet. Now that blizz buffed hunter abilities, they’re ironically even more powerful in pvp.

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Just wait for the rune that removes the dead zone.

Nerf hunter pets again !

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Don’t know if blizzard not noticing this or just bluntly listens to pre madona paladins that are broken in pvp about hunters being too strong and nerfing them over all when warriors and rogues are way higher in dps in pve then hunters and not catching the nerf bat

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whose idea was the two-hour timer. now I have to sit in Ashenvale for 45 minutes at 99% because I don’t know the time the last event was. actually, a terrible change. at least show the timer so we know.


People need to be careful with the no changes hashtag. Seems to have been interpreted the wrong way.

Putting a time cap on Ashenvale event sucks. Sitting around doing nothing while they sit at 99% with no way of knowing when it went off or how long i have to sit around on my hands to get rep. Was hoping to see some fixes on layering and the issues with being teleported out of my group to another layer at random. Instead a time gate… Feels bad

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I see this still has not been updated to include the recent chabges to hubters and priests…

The issue with feral tank druid TPS needs to be addressed why not somehow allow Bears to have access to Lacerate AND Mangle at the same time like we had in TBC… the gameplay was great and this will allow us to be able to go cat after/before we have to tank and do effective DPS… Ideas on how to do this would be either move the lacerate rune to another slot OR combine lacerate and Mangle to the same rune.


I believe changing all feral abilities to scale with AP instead of things like Lacerate scaling with weapon damage would be a positive change. druids are the HYBRID of the game and atm we are gimped AF in filling that hybrid role fully… also an issue I can foresee later is if most abilities scale with feral AP but 1 scales with weapon damage gearing will become almost impossible. making the cat role tanks have to fill sometimes even more difficult to do.

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STOP NERFING HUNTERS, just optimize the other classes. The whole point was to feel overpowered. You guys said it yourselves when SoD first came out, why all the backtracking? It’s absolutely absurd you guys are nerfing that class to the ground. Ridiculous, it’s like you guys don’t have a single person in the DEV team that plays hunter or something? make it make sense.

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good great sweet

I read this entire message

interesting changes

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Since blizzard seems unable to properly update this thread for over a week…

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can yall add a physical timer to ashenvale? thanx

Logged into the game to just stand around because there is a misleading timer on the ashendale event. Been here approx 30 minutes. Add an actual timer please instead of a misleading one so that we can make informed decisions and instead of being misled.

yes :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: