Season of Discovery Hotfixes - Updated February 12

That feels like a long time to me. I thought it would be more like an hour, but what do I know?


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Correct, but the change is conjunctive. it’s a free catch-up mechanic over the next few months for the non-sweatsters that won’t have grinded to exalted via the frat haze that is WSG pugging.

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After you’re Revered the only rep that counts towards earning Exalted is from WSG. This weekly quest will eventually net you 5K rep if you complete it every week starting this week until Feb 8th.

Still gives rep after revered, I can confirm. Finished max exalted this morning.


nice and all but my realm has been stuck at 99 / 99 for the last 5 hours…great change since now we cant get any rep. also 2 hours or longer is slower then what it was at before. why change at all …


never restart sooner than about 2 hours after its last start

Truly the change we all wanted. Longer waits between matches!


im giving you a slow clap for the changes to ashenvale pvp today where you made it all worse and not worth doing unless youre alliance. well done on “fixing” as usual. time to play wsg for rep now that ashenvale is useless


Your hotfix today became a hot break. Is there anyone addressing the fact that Ashenvale PVP is not working properly.

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you dont like grandfathered rep farms?

What a stupid, buggy, piece of garbage change to ashenvale. Horrible.


Since Ashenvale is on a time window now and activity progresses the timer, could we get the UI updated to show the timer instead of the faction %s that don’t seem used anymore? That way we have an idea of when it’s supposed to start instead of sitting at 99% and waiting till the timer in the background has hit its minimum.

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I don’t understand what’s the point of making us wait 2 hours before the event? Isn’t people engaging in a world event a good thing you want to support? We are now stuck in a bugged 99 to 99 % event because of this new system. 1 hour in between battles was sufficent. 2 hours would be fine too I guess if we had proper displays to more or less know when it’s going to start.

People were having fun with Ashenvale and the answer is delay the event by double the average amount?

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Good job, Blizzard! You’ve somehow managed to make the Ashenvale event worse again. Somehow, your response to complaints about the event was to… Make everyone wait 2 hours? I just spent an hour and a half staring at 99% 99% with 40-80 other people before I just gave up. If you are going to make the Ashenvale event this much more of a slow, painful grind, then PLEASE at least update the on-screen percentages to show the timer- that way, you won’t have an entire raid group just standing around for hours trying to guess when the event pops. This change is nothing but frustrating for me.

I couldn’t agree more with everything you said here.

Instead of completely neutering an event people actually enjoyed, if too much rep too fast was the issue…just lower the amount of rep gained.

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still hating you blizzard everytime the ashenvale pvp event FINALLY COMES BACK UP. admit you were wrong and just revert the changes idiots. its the blizzard special to mess up and accidentally make something good that people are enjoying and then immediately screw it up on purpose. makes me question why im still playing blizzard games at this point when all of their successes are accidents that they quickly ruin on purpose.


nice this is great

idk wtf happened but Ashenvale is horrible right now. Bosses not spawning on alliance side… % is completely wrong. Whatever this update was just ain’t it.

Are they not updating this thread anymore?



ps: also nerf hunters