Season of Discovery Developer Update - May 17


The team has been hard at work on Season of Discovery and Cataclysm Classic. There’s a lot happening in Classic right now, and while we’ve been working incredibly hard, we’ve also been fairly quiet, so we felt it would be a good time to provide an update on a few things, including Season of Discovery Phase 4.

Phase 4 Release Update

Cutting straight to it, and as you have no doubt likely noticed, the World of Warcraft team has been delivering a lot of exciting content lately, and this will (of course) continue well through the next few months and beyond. As such, to land Phase 4 at just the right time, our current phase (Phase 3) is going to last longer than previous Season of Discovery content phases. We can’t share Phase 4’s release date just yet, and we know this news and the longer Phase 3 may be disappointing to some, but our timeline will ensure that our Classic team delivers an experience worthy of our players at the high-quality bar we are setting for ourselves.

We’re so very excited to share what’s next with you.

We also want to make sure that we take the time we need to deliver equally awesome experiences in both Season of Discovery and Cataclysm Classic, and give Cataclysm Classic’s launch the time it deserves to breathe, without players feeling the pressure of needing to choose between it and all of the other fun things that are happening in WoW right now. We understand our players love to plan, so we wanted to signal our intentions now and let you know that we intend to share the exact timing of Phase 4’s launch, and start discussing what it will include, as early as it is possible to do so.

Please stay tuned for more information on Phase 4 coming soon.

Phase 4 PTR Plans

In a departure from previous phases, we will spin up a limited PTR specifically focused on combat and class testing for Phase 4. We plan to include level 60 templates with all runes and abilities learned, and we tentatively plan to provide some sort of access to level 60 tier set bonuses. We also plan to provide access to training dummies and some raid content, as well as battlegrounds, so that players can test out their new builds. Again, our intent with this PTR is to focus on combat and class testing, and we will not be using it to test the unique content coming with Phase 4. We’ve received an enormous amount of class feedback from players, and we’re very excited for the level 60 runes to be discovered as well as our revamped tier sets.

We’re investing heavily into class adjustments going into Phase 4, and while perfect balance is not the goal, we do want to look at classes, specs, and runes that are underperforming and find opportunities to make as many improvements as we can. Many classes will see substantial redesigns going into the level 60 endgame, with some runes moving around and others becoming baseline skills. We’re excited for players to jump in to play around with these substantial adjustments and participate in the feedback loop with us ahead of Phase 4 hitting live realms.

We’ll share more information on our testing schedule very soon.

Level 60 Content Phases

One common question we’ve been asked is “how will the various raid tiers roll out at level 60?”, and we want to provide some clarity and let everyone know that we will be rolling raids out in phases similar to how we did in 2019’s Classic. The first tier will consist of Molten Core and Onyxia, and a few weeks after that we will see Blackwing Lair, followed by Zul’Gurub, with additional endgame content and surprises that we’re planning to add between the major raid tier releases as well. For ease of communication, we intend to frame our releases around the familiar original WoW raid tiers.

Sunken Temple Adjustments Incoming

One consistent piece of feedback we’ve received is that the rewards from Sunken Temple have been a bit underwhelming. During our design and testing of Phase 3, we didn’t entirely know the scale and scope of adjustments we’d make to Level 60 dungeon gear, Tier 1 item sets, and Molten Core and Onyxia gear. Now that we have a good idea about those, we think it makes sense to increase the power level of some of the Sunken Temple gear. These updates will particularly focus on caster gear, which feels the most underpowered.

We’ll let you know when we’ve got this ready to implement in the live game.

We want to again express a heartfelt thanks to our passionate players. We’ve had a blast playing with you in Season of Discovery and now in the Cataclysm Classic pre-patch, and we can’t wait to get more exciting Classic content into your hands very soon!

Thank you,

The WoW Classic Development Team


A few weeks between MC and BWL, is that correct?


we’re waiting a bit for MOAR content. we’ll be doing MC for tfury, and other big looties anyways.

gotta prep for the new raids/content theyre teasing us with



Wait what, this phase is already done for 95% of people…


I’m not going to lie, this announcement of announcement fills me with dread more than anything else. I appreciate the communication but–substantial changes? I’m hoping it’s positive, but I also feel like this is talking about normalizing warrior rage, which I just can’t agree with. Let them be OP or find some other way to nerf them.


So…you guys MUST have seen that the main complaint right now is despite what the ultra casuals wanted, the phases do -not- need to last as long as they are, and your response is…making this one EVEN LONGER than the last 2?

Are you kidding? I get that maybe the real reason is you don’t want SoD to “outshine” cata classic or mop remix, which it wont because all three of those are very different games, but making the phases even -LONGER- is only going to kill SoD faster. This can’t be what you want.


Nail in coffin for SoD confirmed.

LMAO wtf.

edit: RIP. it is so blatantly obvious what is going on there at Blizzard nowadays. This is the funniest part - another extremely late change to adjust for the past couple week consensus of the player base saying the ST loot is not worth even raiding

Now that we have a good idea about those, we think it makes sense to increase the power level of some of the Sunken Temple gear.


Can you give us a date at least? Or a rough estimate? I know the dev team is pushing this phase a bit longer to get people into Cata and Mop remix to get them to buy stuff on the cash shop, but some of us only play SoD.

Are we talking a week or two longer? Are we talking about a month or two longer? Can you give us a rough date so we can debate on unsubbing until P4 or not?

Because I have 0 interest in playing Cata and Retail.


thats why they won’t tell you the date. Dont want unsubs.


Why was cata prepatch launched in an alpha state? without the prepatch event?


Thank you for all you and your team do! We nerds can be loud, and some can even be outright potato heads, but every praise and snicker comes from an emotional love for the game and the work your team puts into it. Thank you.


hoping that was a typo, i can’t imagine we’d get 10 weeks of sunken temple but 3 weeks of MC


Right, give us 60 with bare bones and add content…not leave us in ST with nothing to do.


It’s over.


Flopping if this is going to be the LONGEST phase… the worst… longest… phase… ever.


What was the point in giving us 150% bonus EXP and giving us FREE LEVELS in incursions if you are keeping us trapped in Phase 3?

Why did you have people RUSH to level to get to 50 if this was the plan? I mean, what are you guys planning here? Do you think that if you wait long enough the SoD player base will try Cata and hopefully buy an over priced mount off the shop? Or that they’ll maybe try MoP remix to get them into that $$$$$$$$ shop for the sweet retail stuff?

I tried to be positive on my time on the forums, but even I’m losing hope here guys, come on. This announcement is a huge L.


no new raid at 60?


Kinda saw this coming with the Cata rollout being a live launch disaster and eating a un expected amount of Dev Team hours.

Doesn’t make it any less annoying though.


Get to enjoy summer for a few more weeks after raiding ST for only 40 mins whoooo