Scroll Cases

What is going on? Scrolls are up 200%+ and you go out fishing and rarely see a scroll case. Why?

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sweaty minmaxers who miss world buffs

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They should be going down at this point though as those people have cleared the content.

nope ,now is when the Parsing begins

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and the fact that its the same story from everyone you talk to that you are lucky to get 1 scroll case per hour while fishing all the sudden?

So you’re alleging some diabolical Blizz plot wherein they are secretly manipulating scroll drop rates in order to raise auction house prices so that the fish bots make more money which they then kickback to Activision via hidden 100 won notes tucked into Bobby Kotick fanmail?

I can’t believe we didn’t see this before. Its so obvious now that I say it…


Fish bots are a perfect reason to believe something changed. Everyone contends when bots do bot things prices go down. Scrolls are not a finite resource. There is essentially an unlimited supply just like things that can be farmed in dungeons yet prices doubled over night. Those people parsed in previous content. People have been speed running t5 for weeks since they had all that time on the PTR to fine tune their strats. Raiding population is decreasing. Literally every pointer points at reduction in demand on something with an unlimited supply yet here we are… 200% increase since last Tuesday.

As raid population decreases so does supply. In general people are more likely to use scrolls now that they know they won’t be wasting them on a wipe than before, particularly classes like hunters that can even double up. People start to look to things like parses in later stages as the content grows stale and that becomes one of the only areas you can really push yourself still.

TLDR: “Wrong”


What percentage of raids are 10/10 this tier? Warcraft logs has it around 30% so a lot of people are still working to clear

Wrong? Hardly… The people most likely to use scrolls are in super sweaty guilds and they walked in day 1 with fine tuned strats. They aren’t wasting scrolls. The guilds that are using them for an edge are also using less as they have cleaner runs every week. None of your arguments explain why a scroll of agi was 5g and stength 2g last monday and tuesday they were 10g/5g and today they are 12g/10g. The supply should be increasing knowing what we know about bots with a decrease in raid population. There are fishing bots at every turn, that hasn’t changed a bit.

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I just did my fishing daily and decided to fish in some pools. Out of 3 pools, I got 2 scroll cases although the scrolls were the junk ones. Like a lot of other things, this looks like a case of RNG.

With the price of primal fires and mining bars going down constantly field repair bots are another option for the scrolls.

Which should also be lowering prices

Its more that people are doing progression so supply does not meet demand. Agility scroll is 20 agility which is pretty damn nice for tanking when its 15 less agility than my elixer.

More people are doing progression than the previous weeks? Literally nothing supports that argument. You guys are awesome though, just making my case for me…

More people are doing progression on the difficult bosses than previous weeks yes.

Do you think most guilds were 8/10 week one or something?

Lots of people haven’t cleared vashj or KT yet and are still progressing. I’ve had to stop buying scrolls because the larger portion of guilds are now moving into those bosses. I haven’t cleared either vashj or KT and if I could afford it I would buy scrolls, but 500 gold a raid night is burning me out.

Again, nothing supports that. Warcraft logs show massive reductions across the board in people raiding. Nothing supports a reduction in bots. Repair bot crafting cost is reducing daily. More guilds are having cleaner runs, more guilds have cleared, speed runners have been speed running since day 1. Mana thistle costs have dropped, terocone prices are steady, mana pot mats have tanked. Nothing supports a higher consumable use.

can you link what you are looking at for the massive reduction in raiding? in the last 2 weeks?

Are you getting prices from just your server, or looking at overall averages? Because it seems like you are looking at overall trends in raiding populations when comparing to your servers prices.

Maybe its just less people playing? i dunno. I just know scrolls are pretty nifty and there’s less of them. I still get plenty when I do scholo for dark runes.

ironforge .pro uses warcraft logs numbers for realm population. My main server has seen a reduction of 1k raiders for 3 lockouts ago to 2 lockouts ago with a very slight uptick last week but we have been flooded with transfers, much more than 200 new people. Nexushub clearly shows the increases in prices with a decreasing supply. Pair that with a reduction in raiders of 12% and no change in bot behavior and it doesn’t add up.