Scouting Report: Hostile Natives does not progress

Adding my name to the list. Still Glitched. :rage:

As of last night NA eastern time it was still bugged.

As of 10:23 NA East Time still bugged

Just experienced this on my Vulpera Shaman just now, no means of doing anything - thanks Blizzard

Still bugged please fix asap

Still bugged, thanks a lot blizz! give us new races to lvl and screw up fricken panda land!

Still bugged after patch update. Thanks Bliz…

I am also here to say whether Alliance or Horde this quest is broken!

As mentioned somewhere in this thread… you get ported to the area but not as either the Hozen or The fish guy and none of the other NPCs came along for the quest.

That whole chain kinda leads you to other quests in Dawns Blossom. Since its broke you dont get to the quests where u meet people at dawns blossom, kill spiders, go to the green jade lady area and kill the jade cats and rescue kid pandas etc!

You do get the ones that send you to other flight points like Tian Monestary and the Arboritum i think!

Yep still broken. Just ran into on my Vulpera. Used the Bug Report in game to report it.

As of 1/30/2020 this quest now functions


Thanks Bhrodo! Was the quest completed in Retail? I’ve verified the quest can be completed in the PTR.

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Yes Anaba the quest can be completed in retail. Did it earlier on this hunter. Was so excited to move past it lol and continue the zone.

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Fantastic! Thanks for confirming, Pepperrose!

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