Scaling Changes for Corruption Effects


Like I said the problem will become self evident this next reset day when ALL weekly caches will be 100% corrupt chance.

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That would have required Q&A personnel to do it. Apparently they are a threatened species at Blizzard.

Worst idea known to mankind. There are logs of people doing literally 20%+ of their damage from corruption effects. It is literally winning the gear lottery. You could be a blue parser and outdamage people that play objectively better than you because you got a pair of pants that wins the game for you.

Warcraftlogs is a near useless website this tier because pretty much all the top parses are just people with infinite stars versus those that don’t have it.

So your solution is to just leave it as is but to make it so you have to win the 1 trillion dollar lottery instead of the 5 million dollar one? Get real. That just makes it WORSE.


It’s kinda funny. If they hadn’t have buffed it by 300%, it’d still actually be a decent Corruption in terms of strength, along the lines of Twilight Devastation if not Echoing.

(E: Not Void Ritual, thats garbage lmao)

As much as I’m enjoying it how on earth did echoing avoid avoid the nerf bat?

No, stop, this isn’t the answer. Players are already frustrated by this design. Stop making the game more rng, this design philosophy is already what the developers are doing and it’s what’s killing this game.


But guys…it’ll get fixed in the PTR…GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS???


This is literally the worst idea ever. I didn’t like raiding in legion because of the legendary lottery. I wouldn’t even bother raiding if this kind of system was in place. My luck is awful so if the game is gonna be so heavily favouring those who rolled a 1 instead of any 99 other numbers i’ll just dip out of raiding for good.


It (and Twilight Devastation) avoided the nerf bat because it already scales with gear, since the base damage is based off your stamina rather than AP or SP.

Not that it isn’t completely busted as well, but it’s just not Infinite Stars busted, so it probably won’t get nerfed even though it deserves it almost as much.

Wait till you see people wearing more of this RNG corruptforged gear due to cloak upgrades next week.

Within a few weeks most of DPS will be determined by corruptforged gear and not because of player skill hitting their spec or class abilities.

What happened to spec and class fantasy in WoW? Do the devs even care? We saw this with essences out stripping many builders and spenders for classes. But now these corruptforged gear are capable of literally invalidating entire classes tool kits.

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I have an idea. Make certain pieces of gear have specific special abilities which drop (or don’t dependent on the luck thing) from certain bosses in certain dungeons or raids or other stuff like that. And then if you get another piece from another raid or dungeon or thing it increases the strength of that ability and…

Wait, no, that’s Tier gear. Apparently that is a Bad Thing for the Game.

Just have them randomly drop anywhere including from the back pocket of that Mogu over there and then if it proves to be awesome nerf it. Apparently that is a Good Thing for the Game.



so what ? you want it to be nerfed more? or what?
instead of being happy and hoping to get 1 yourself on a piece of gear here you are whining about it…

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Tell your team about Echoing Void, it deals 20% in pvp, most damaging ability shouldn’t be corrupted proc, so broken… and some of these still too

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So we aren’t going to talk about Twilight Devastation being 40% of a tank’s damage in single target and 60-80% in AoE?

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Echoing and Twilight untouched KEKW.

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But Ion said the extended PTR helped immensely with testing this patch.

Ion would never lie to us like that.


I think this kind of crazy stat stuff is fun for a final patch tier but definitely shouldn’t be the whole expansion.

Arcane mage says hi that has been dead last or 2nd to last for multiple expansions now. End of last tier was the first time it was 5th to last.

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Welp prob not worth it to have 40 corruption anymore then, lmao time to cleanse my gear

At least games will end faster now? :man_shrugging: