Scaling Changes for Corruption Effects

Enhancement could use some …numbers as well.

Nah they can just go Ele, ele slaps.

And frost mage, demo lock, sub rogue to name a few for PvE. Tanks could probably use another balance pass. I wouldn’t hold my breath more than enough data has been sitting there for months.


But no change to Echoing Void. You know that’s also on the top list of offenders, right?

No wait, you clearly don’t.


Somehow this is “better” than Tier set bonuses too… sigh



Aww you mad that the on equip effects dont do all your damage for you? You actually have to sustain some amount of skill to actually be a decent player? poor you…im sure you really unsubbed tho…

not talking about Cold Steel Hot Blood if thats what youre thinkin

Imagine making such objectively bad changes. Nerfing the SP and AP scaling of abilities is NOT a good decision.

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Infinite star is way too op. We saw the nerf coming.

How did any of this ever get past the internal testing phase?

So horribly balanced even those guys who can’t see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch could tell it was broken.


It is ABUNDANTLY clear to all of us that these effects should not have been active in PvP. We are talking common sense that every arena PvPer can agree on as soon as this system was announced there was unanimous opinion in our community that this would cause problems.

Why then is it not as obvious to your design team as it is to us players?


“Internal testers” “Blizzard”

This is the same team that pushed an unkillable Fetid Devourer. Wait, scratch that - They have 800 less employees since then.


Imagine having done any of this on the extended PTR? This is legit just a live test… as Billy O’Reilly once said… “f*ck it, we’re doing it live!”… I guess thats Blizzard’s new mantra too.

Twisted appendage now is pretty garbage on its proc rate. I had zero procs on an 8 minute boss fight.

Stars is still busted, just mostly on high ilvl pieces now. I’d rather they just flat nerfed all corruption then make it scale on ilvl.

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They should just keep them as is, but make them far more rare to happen. Infinite Stars, Echoing Void, Twisted Appendage, etc should have a super low chance to appear on gear, much lower than the rest. Possibly even increase their corruption cost, so at they’re always a risk vs reward decision for the player – meaning, even with max cloak and whatever, these affixes are still in the 50+ corruption range. Balance their insane damage with equally detrimental effects on the players using them.

If all the corruption affixes are eventually brought down to mundane levels, then what’s the point of having them at all?

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In arena, these corruption effects are still doing absurd amounts of damage. Most games end with these being 40% or more of a someone’s damage.

Is this intended?



All they did is shift the problem to higher pieces which is a matter of time before the same problem occurs once people start obtaining the higher level pieces. I am not talking six months from now but in a mere month the entire game will be flooded.


Someone could still just RNG themselves to a 475 piece in a mythic+ chest with a tier 3 infinite stars and then you have the same problem again.


Can someone please take a look at Echoing Void and how well it’s performing in PvP?

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