San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

Read through the one thread, and tell me that isn’t being toxic being against something.

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What thread?

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I find it weird in one post someone was critiquing Fallyns word choice and taking it personal, but if the shoe doesn’t fit why be pressed?

Then in their very next post they profess to not care what Fallyn thinks of them? But you cared enough to be offended at a post that if it wasn’t about you it wasn’t about you lol.


Man I’d love if people would actually read my words. You think they would given how I make them absolutely flip out by calling those who want all blood elf options with nothing in return & to take SMC as extremist, but alas, they do not.

It’s so funny because I haven’t opposed them getting anything. I oppose them getting something while we get NOTHING.

Anyway, looks like the trolls have arrived, and I’m not talking about the cool ones (Zandalari).


You’re literally neutral on HE options lol


Like, this entire thread

It is the same BS arguments all the time, between the Anti’s and the Pro’s, and yet, here you are, still supporting them.

Just like with the Avarie situation, people saying “oh, you support this stuff”, but yet, people don’t know the full story? Why, because nobody shows anything.

Not to mention, I specifically used the words I did to avoid calling ALL HIGH ELF LOVERS that way.

If you:
-Think high elves should get all blood elf options with nothing in exchange
-Think high elves should get SMC
-make posts and flip OUT that void elves haven’t gotten paladins (and probably never will, as it makes no sense unless they actually add skins)
-Beg for Void Elves to get darkfallen options exclusively to spite Horde players
-Take ‘I don’t think void elves should get [x]’ as a personal attack

Yes, you’re an extremist.

And I am completely unapologetic in saying that :slight_smile:


Hey, my darkspear are also pretty cool!


Yes, I agree with you there, true. I just love dinosaurs x3

Exactly, and yet somehow we’re still friends! Weird how that happens. Almost like we can disagree or not align exactly and still remain friends, and not take a disagreement personally. We’re on the opposite side of many debates and are perfectly fine with each other.

Almost like people can indeed disagree without flipping out and losing their mind.



They support visual distinction. I don’t. That doesn’t mean I have to hate them just because they voice their support for visual distinction and therefore their opposition to its removal.

I’m not supporting anti arguments. I’m supporting their right to make those arguments.


Me on discord: I just love the blue eyes and the fact Blood Elves are actual High Elves

You: thats nice Lann I want claws and fangs and scars xD we’re opposites for sure

Somehow our friendship survives


The zandalar moonkin form is the best!


This is something certain toxic folks just don’t ever seem to get~


Me in discord AND on threads here: I HATE LIGHT OPTIONS. NO. (with more complex reasons but I’m paraphrasing)


Me: somehow not destroying Lann cause… oh wait we’re adults!

Not to mention my anti-faction stance and your pro-faction stance. There’s some who love the idea of Lightforged undead, while I hate it. Some who love Venthyr, while I hate it. And we’re all, somehow, still good friends.

Because we can disagree. and. still. be. adults. (and friends, as a matter of face :slight_smile: )

Weird how that works.


I love that cat.


Hahaha. You support there toxicity. Want proof?

Oh look, a like there from you.

Proof of me supporting opposition to someone who harassed a friend?

Sorry, I trust Avarie’s word over the person being discussed.


Toxicity is supporting a sexual harasser and attacking a good person like Somand.


Imagine thinking defending the person who came forward after being harassed like that is the bad look.

Like no… that’s actually the only valid stance, because taking the opposite side is pretty messed up.