San’layn/vampyr Elf ALLIED RACE Coagulated Megathread of Ideas{Re-VAMPed}

I made this onyx skin tone for LFD. Is this what you were thinking of?


I love that pic!

The one I was thinking of had that skin tone but it was like 6 examples in one pic of varying shades would be worth adding as a picture example for Draenei


I just found out there is going to be an “Exploring Azeroth: Northrend” book coming out. I haven’t seen any websites report on it currently, but it is on Amazon US with a current release date of October 18th, 2022.

"Ever since the “crown of Azeroth” assumed center stage in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, millions of players have been captivated by the dark, stormy depths of the continent that has become synonymous with the dreaded Scourge. Now, venture into the icy, mysterious tundra of Northrend under the expert guidance of Clan Bronzebeard in this third installment in the wildly popular World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth series! "

I’ll have to look into buying this so I can report on anything San’layn related! :wine_glass::bat:


Interesting indeed. Well, I was very disappointed when the Chronicle gave no new information on San’layn at all. It was a huge letdown and made me super disappointed. Perhaps this book will be different.

I saw in another thread someone saying the AR had been leaked on the PTR? In that a kyrian was being escorted… but suggested it could be a placeholder? I haven’t found a source on this yet at all. It was a random post I spotted. Anyone know?

From my understanding, the whole Kyrian/Night Fae NPC’s being escorted around by Anduin in Stormwind and something about the Felsworn being in Orgrimmar was some sort of test Blizzard did and wasn’t suppose to be anything set in stone. It was from a discussion on Red Shirt Guy’s twitter. I’ll have to hunt to see if I can find where it came from.

Not sure what all it was a test for, but it seems like it wasn’t for anything set in stone. Then again, anything is possible if we are getting at least one AR, so who knows?

Will keep an eye out for any info once 9.2.5 gets announced and preorders for Dragonflight open. :wine_glass::bat:


Ah yeah okay, good to know Darkfallen aren’t off the table then. Won’t get my hopes up too high, but never know.


I have expressed my mighty need for that before and will again. One of my issues with Lightforged is that most of their pallet isn’t much different from baseline draenei (like nightborn and HMT, this was improved).

Personally, I know I’ve expressed my distaste for copy paste or very similar options before (excluding hairstyles because frankly, I got a lot of milage out of the great Cata hairswap and would again). The beige color looks distinctive from base draenei skins, but man, that black… with the tattoos… Want.

I’m finding myself playing more draenei anyway lately.

That being said, I would swap my baby draenei hunter out for Darkfallen just cause spooky is fun.

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I just worry, with how “Corrupt-A-Wish” blizzard tends to be, they’d add Darkfallen to the Alliance.

I don’t want another elf race on the Alliance. :sob: Lol.

Also, I’m currently going through my notifications on the forums, I woke up with like 47. (:sob:) so I’ll read back in this thread that I have alerts for soon.

I still hope that Darkfallen can be done as BE customization to account for a second visually distinct set of options :disappointed_relieved:


The Blood and Void Elf communities are by far the most active, so they will always have the most in a thread like this. Like, I was asked to add more void elf stuff, so I did. I’m doing my best to only include pics that portray something unique that’s requested. Like, the Kael’thas image seems out of place, but I can’t find any concept art of the runic tattoos on a Blood Elf. Lol.

I’ve been considering moving Blood Elf/Void Elf to the last races listed, so they don’t take away attention from the others though.

EDIT: Also, added the Blood Elf Images, Night Elf/Forsaken/Lightforged/Mechagnome stuff.

I use he/him, but I’m generally not pressed if people use she/her or such. It doesn’t bother me. Unless they’re doing it in a malicious way lol. I consider myself a guy, but it’s also somewhat complicated at times. :stuck_out_tongue:



Appreciated I was trying to ask in a way that didn’t conflate things too much, I understand too many images isn’t realistic (and tbh the lists that I’ve seen are always complications of peoples ideas in the hope we get something and people always confuse it as we want all the things which yes and no, so I felt it important to ask about a image that showcased the tattoos more since that seems a broad general item that could work w what ever we ended up getting, so thanks for including Somand’s image it showcases a range of things!

I thought I saw you say that before but I wasn’t sure, so when you mentioned above I thought I’d ask for clarity.

That is v true, and it may surprise everyone here but I am a Blood Elf fan :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish I knew who the artist was that made this, but I thought this image might work to replace the box art Blood Elf.

I think it translates the concept well to the in-game graphics.

If anyone knows who the artist for this is, please let me know.


Blizzard genuinely has a pretty cool magic system with enchantments and runes behind the scenes and it CHEESES ME OFF that they don’t use it more visually.

Runic tattoos are both cool and practical and should be emphatically used more. Especially in the magical or very physical societies.

Also, come on, box art graphics.


Much better than the huge piece of KT art, lol. I replaced it, thanks. But yea, if you know the artist just ping me to let me know.


Oh, I forgot to mention, the bottom right of my compilation image is supposed to represent an eyebrow length toggle that’s independent from ear length, and the ability to have upper ear jewelry on the shorter ears.


Well, I think to have them as customizations will be better than nothing. :bat:

YES!! :heart:

On your post " Character Customization in the Future of World of Warcraft", do you suggest to add the corrupted red skin color + the corrupted orange skin color + the corrupted purple skin color + the green eyes color from the Man’ari Eredar to the regular Draenei? :star_struck:

I would like that so much for them. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I add some suggestions for other races here:

  • Pandaren:
    • More tail options (nub and long) for the male Pandaren
    • Blind eye options

  • Draenei:
    • Broken horns
    • Purple eyes (and green eyes too :blush:)
    • Rangari style tattoos and paints
    • Abs for female Draenei :muscle:
    • The corrupted red skin color, the corrupted orange skin color and the corrupted purple skin color
    • Man’ari Eredar skin options

  • Zandalari Troll:
    • More hair styles
    • Some new hair colors
    • Some new eyes colors (including yellow)
    • Some new tattoos

  • Blood Elf:
    • Dark Ranger skin (the red eyes color + the very white skin/grey skin color)

  • Orc:
    • Some new war paints
    • Some new tattoos like the Dragonmaw tattoos

  • Mag’har Orc:
    • More hair styles
    • Blue eyes

  • Forsaken:
    • Some stitching options
    • Beards

  • Night Elf:
    • Some new markings
    • Some new headdresses (crowns, flowers, Elune theme)
    • Some new earrings

  • Dark Iron Dwarf:
    • More hair styles
    • Some new tattoos

  • Kul Tiran:
    • Body tattoos (tattoos about the sea/sailor tattoos)
    • Some new beards (bigger beards for a pirate style like Edward Teach for example)

  • Human:
    • Body tattoos
    • Asymmetric earrings

  • Tauren:
    • Some new headdresses
    • Some new facepaints/body paints like the Grimtotem warpaints

Here some things I don’t see in your post:

  • Highmountain Tauren => Priest + Mage

  • Night Elf Paladin
    => Sunwalkers are warriors who wield the power of An’she, the sun in Tauren mythology
    => Zandalari prelates are warriors who wield the power of Rezan, the personal loa of the Kings
    => Night Elf paladin, warriors who wield the power of Elune, the moon goddess in Night Elf mythology

  • Gakkiz Blusterblast, a Goblin monk =>

  • Elementalist Starion, a Blood Elf shaman =>

  • Sunseeker Geomancer in Botanica =>

Over half of that was already in the post. :stuck_out_tongue: But I did add the rest.

Also moved Blood/Void Elves to the bottom so they don’t overwhelm people reading the thread with images. Lol.


Not sure if you’ve seen this but this person is very dedicated to NB and it’s a good read, it’s some requests but also some fixes to some of the hair styles etc


Added what I could make sense of, that thread is a bit all over the place and more complaining about what already exists than what they want lol.

Also, how am I just now realizing Blood/Void Elf dont have eyebrow options? I thought they did for some reason.


Can I just ask for a pet peeve of mine, if it’s not on there already?

Could worgen and human forms get matching scars… And could dwarf eyebrows matching the color of their hair instead of their bloody skintone (so that if I decided Sledge should be a brunette, she’d have orange eyebrows)?

I do hope Bliz is listening. Customizations are fun and, unlike borrowed power, still entertaining the players for years after the patch they were added in for.

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