San’layn/vampyr Elf ALLIED RACE Coagulated Megathread of Ideas{Re-VAMPed}

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Anyway, as I said, the thread was updated with the images and such. Lemme know if I forgot things.

I was Kyuu in that thread and despite any misgivings I’ve had with you I didn’t flag anything…

While you’re still considering some things I wanted to link this post there.

I’ve been putting many belf requests together for some time and maybe it can help you as you present things.


U sholf becrfyl with abtis, they will flag ur posts if they dunt aggree with yu

An actual short / medium length curly hair for BEs would be nice, most of our hair styles are dated and most are long.

And not a request for jewelry for BEs but the request to let guys use the jewelry, and that applies to NEs too as they suffer the same issue where they can’t use the jewelry added.

What’s more NE guys get body tattoos(?) and the female model can’t use them, and I would point out since BEs and NEs share the jewelry situation where guys can’t access the jewelry I would hope that should BEs get tattoos they aren’t implemented that way where the guy models get them and the female model doesn’t.


Woo, I’m somewhat helpful!


I want more braids for belfs, tattoos or warpaint for everyone, and well I agree with the suggestions in the belf thread as well as Fen’s list.


The only thing I don’t necessarily agree with on that, as I said earlier, is Blood Elf Druids. (though as I also said, if someone can cite a living NPC that shows druidism, I can add it. But as far as I’m aware, there’s only the one boss in the botanica.) But if I use dungeon bosses that are dead as a basis, then we have things like Worgen Paladin (one of the Shadowfang Keep bosses is a Gilnean Paladin, which implies other Gilnean Paladins did exist before they shut off to the world), Tyrant Velhari backs up my thoughts on a void-based Paladin for VE/Forsaken, as she is a paladin who exclusively uses the fel. Then there’s a few Draenei Warlock bosses. Then there’s the Nightborne Druid boss, etc.

Though I guess I could always just add a “Possible, but no living Examples” section, to explain that we’ve seen the combos in the game, they just don’t have any living examples atm.

If I can find someone to help make that list, I can add it I guess. Just from this post it’s Worgen Paladin, Draenei Warlock, Non-Light Based Paladins, Blood Elf Druid, Nightborne Druid.

But I can work on adding some of those suggestions.


Fair to disagree, and understandable. In my case, I support pretty much all race/class combos, but that’s because I’m off the opinion that anything can be taught. Forsaken druids for example could work due to the death-side of things, like KT druids. It’d have to be explained that way. Void elf paladins - either work like disc priests or get void skins. Blood elf druids - a section of them worship loa or wild gods, make contributions, and are able to shapeshift. (or however worgen or KT do it, because I’m actually not certain they worship either.) Human druids - learn from KT. Dwarves - Wildhammers = Druids, I believe. Orcs - Anyone can be a priest, no idea why that’s a lock. Goblin & worgen monks - why is this even a lock :frowning: Pandaren druids (the one I STRONGLY support) - the celestials! Night elf paladins - Elune

And such like that. New lore could be added to support virtually anything, but I really like the idea of ‘if you train hard enough or dedicate yourself to a craft, you can learn it’. Which allows for endless possibility. Some would be harder to explain for sure, though, that I agree with.

Though I’m one of those people who really doesn’t like restrictions and loves the idea of characters being able to learn from others or teach themselves regardless of who they are!


Yep, I stated this in a reply in the thread, haha. If Blizzard wanted they could outright just say “Yea, Mag’har saw the Blood Elves using the Light and decided maybe it wasn’t that bad after all.” Voila, Mag’har Paladins.

It would make no sense, but it would then be a part of the lore, lol.

I’ll add the 4 I mentioned to a section like I mentioned, that they have existed, but no living examples.

Pandaren and Vulpera not having druid is honestly, flabbergasting. Pandaren literally have 4 Loa they worship. The Vulpera literally live in the wild alongside the Loa.


Yeah, those two druid combos I am unsure why they were never added, especially pandaren. As for Vulpera, I would play one in a heartbeat. Mah’gar would be the tougher one, but it could lead to some interesting story development - indeed, some make like void elves and are like: “Let’s use this own dangerous power we’re afraid of to our advantage”. Then, they could be scorned by others or something. But stick to their beliefs. Who knows! Definitely up in the air.


You know, you don’t have to live up to the stereotypes about low level classic alts man.


I think blood elves could easily be druids in the same sense as tauren sunwalkers. They may be more of a magical botanist, which fits well because they use their magic to tend to Eversong woods.

Various belves have also done research on the possibility of healing the dead scar.


I mean there was a whole order of them in that BC dungeon.

Same for NB, really.

The fact we’ve seen what are essentially arcane druids amongst both Nightborne and blood elves who were separated for 10,000 years suggests to me the concept is a more widely spread one in highborne culture as a whole.


I added what I thought wasn’t already mentioned into the thread. I did leave out a few of the things, like “Light Tentacles” - as I think part of Blood Elves wanting more customization is to get more uniqueness away from Void Elf, and vice versa. XD

Would kinda defeat that if they randomly could have tentacles. Lol.

EDIT: I may have missed some though, let me know. The post is kinda… oddly structured with images in between text lol.


The collection of customization requests is from all over the thread (though I normally don’t include classes that was added today, though also not meant as a refutation against you) and I don’t expect everyone to agree or use all of it.

Just meant as a collection of the requests I’ve seen.

Far as all of those though, I personally think they’d all be valid lore based reasonings if not at least proof that such classes are possible.

Even that would go a long way for me anyways.

I sit in an odd place being very favorable for void elves and blood elves.

I have no particular qualms about your threads addition of velf void based paladins (though I think the list of races should be a bit bigger. Mag’har and worgen.) just the use of what is in my opinion just as shakey lore as belf druids have to work off of and excluding them because of it.

I can work up a list of plenty of options for races class additions. Been doing that for years already.

Even have ideas specifically for worgen paladins three separate ways. Draenei warlocks two separate ways.

I would appreciate it immensely.


From the picture? Yeah that one was never likely. Lol

Don’t remind me. I’m still working it over in a new draft. Lol

Should have it prettier in a few days or so…

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I will admit… I never agreed with the suggestion either, but you already know that one, hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: I do love phoenix ideas, though.

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Yeah no flags from me either. We should be able to talk things out without all of that.