Sabertooth is a problem, so instead redesigning the row, they nerf it so its not worth using

The class design thought process is that of an intern.

Feral Frenzy should be baseline
Savage roar FEELS BAD TO PLAY on a class energy starved and that requires several combo point full rotations to ramp up.
Lunar Inspiration is a lame gameplay mechanic. I dont want to play boomkin lazercat.

Numbers alone wont fix the problems, but they are taking the half-a**ed lazy approach.


Yup, it’s not even changes so much as a reversion to a backdated, equally mediocre design.
Keep up Roar, gamble on Bites
Slice and Dice should be a rogue thing


Dont like change at all i dont like juggling spinning plates sabertooth helped with that, and, it also fit my name lol. This change wont make me play feral more it needs other work like pace etc.

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So before we continue this outrage, is Savage Roar even a DPS increase over Soul of the Forest? Because SotF is still a great talent that we may just stick with.

they are trying to make it relevant, so if it is an increase in dps, its not really a talent “choice” is it?

Band-aiding with numbers is not what feral needs. Thats the point of all of our feedback.


Don’t forget that Incarn re-enters this conversation as well. Shred stealth damage was buffed from 120% to 200%. That’s a massive Incarn buff.

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Ugh…talenting to make our CD worthwhile feels icky and then losing energy regen one way or another for it feels extra dirty

It very well might be optimal but just grosss

Sabertooth needed to be changed, the new changes are a good compromise, it’s still a very strong talent. LI has also been buffed substantially which will make it competitive.


I don’t disagree, I would rather Incarn be baseline because Berserk as a throughput cooldown is really lame and EXTREMELY lame as a 3 min CD.

I don’t mind if SotF is kicked off its pedestal on that row though, I’m fine with either other option but then I think I’m in the minority that doesn’t actually feel bad when I don’t have enough energy to constantly cast on the GCD.

Sabertooth, Moment of Clarity and Soul of the Forest were talents designed to deal with the fact that feral’s dps rotation means watching and maintaining upwards of 7 bleeds & cds in time to use at least one or two Ferocious bites before having to reset bleeds and buffs again, all while hoping you don’t get energy starved.
Nothing more irritating than setting up everything and discovering you have to wait to energy regen past 50 for FB and miss your extremely narrow window because of a fight mechanic or bleeds/roar/TF expired just as you got enough energy.

I think Sabertooth should be changed- but only because it reveals how fragile feral’s rotation is and needs some desperate adjustements. Hopefully, once we hear more about the changes to savage roar, rip or feral frenzy, it might balance that problem out. Hopefully.

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What needed to be changed is remove sabertooth all together. Them giving it to feral’s meant they took away the baked in FB refreshing Rip under 20% health (any semblance of an execute phase).

These changes SUCK DONKEY balls when you consider 95% of the content until any “major” raiding happens is going to be 5 man content. Waiting 5+ seconds in our rotation to first apply Savage Roar and then something else ON TRASH is stupid compared to how easy other classes have to immediately do aoe dps. Holding onto a THREE freaking minute CD in 5 man content is STUPID considering all other class melee CD’s are generally 2 minutes or shorter.

Druids (especially feral) still maintain the most talents in their talent tree that do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for dps. Hell, we have FOUR complete rows of nothing for single target (can say that brutal slash costs lets energy for combo point generation but that’s it for that row). I’m not talking just “under-tuned” - I’m talking do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

They are clueless about feral because the developer at Blizzard don’t play their games anymore - they are college grads landing their first job. Blizzard development is the laughing stock of the industry atm. Despite what anyone says, they DO NOT have a QA team to test class changes - that is done via free labor on the Alpha/Beta. All feral theory crafters have moved on so we are left with streamers (bless their hearts) who don’t main ferals and can only give crappy “feels good/bad” first impression crap.


Sabertooth was brought out back and put down. The only thing that changed is LI will be mandatory now instead of sabertooth.

The fact that you think we’ll be using SR just because it got slightly buffed is really adorable. We won’t. It will be Incarnation and Soul of the Forest, depending on situation. And if you read my post in the other thread, I already complained about Berserk sucking.

We have a pretty consistent number of DPS rows with other DPS. Not sure what you’re complaining about here.

Sabertooth is still going to be very strong. I’m sorry you’ll have to try slightly harder now.


You assume I like sabertooth, I don’t. Sabertooth is trash as it stands in the SL alpha instead of doing something interesting with the talent slot blizz put in a crap place holding talent. The FB component needs a major buffing to bring this back up to the buffed LI talent and even then it will still probably be a talent trap.

The only thing I like the current ST for is in the abominations that are visions, with the near infinite CC and movement that garbage throws are you ST makes it so rip doesn’t fall off during boss fights.

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Sabertooth being a talent is the problem. Feral isnt equip to reapply rip, we are going straight back to the bottom for burst and will be even farther away from getting an M+ group unless you are running with a group of friends.

For a mostly-un-fun spec compared to the numerous other options in other dps classes (yes… we all know we can play other classes, but some of us WANT to play our druids)

Enjoy playing other classes or un-subbing for shadowlands I guess.

Try pooling your energy instead of spamming it away like a DH.

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Who said anyone was?

When you are fighting against 477+ classes that don’t have to, lemme know how that works out.

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I think the problem I have with the Sabertooth nerf is that compared to an Assassination rogue who reapplies Rupture, we don’t have the kind of energy or combo point generation that a rogue has. If we have to reapply rip, make having bleeds on targets increase our energy generation at least. If we need to dump combo points into Rip at least make it hurt again. Bleeds are kind of a joke right now.

If I could choose a playstyle it would be more of the old bleed style. That, doesn’t work in today’s game. Nearly every class has at least one self heal, bleeds do weak damage and can easily just be ignored at this point. Putting on 3 bleeds plus Moonfire and have them actually be a threat would be fun. The thing I hate about the current tree is that there are 3 great talents in the last row. I wish there was no such thing as affinities anymore. It sucks having to choose one as a Druid when it used to be more flexible with the old talents and pruning.

I’d rather see Brutal Slash be baseline for feral, Blood Talons moved to the 6th row, remove affinities and give some semblance of them baseline and give us something else in that row.

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Sabertooth should just be baseline the refresh part. Course im already to point of changes (not just feral i got extensive list between classes and other stuff) im finally hanging up my hat after 12 years but these changes doesnt fix the issue with ferals bad design. Its just amazing how much easier similar build is on sin, with 1/30th effort. Only reason i played feral cause i love big cats, but besides sabertooth being saving grace (not anymore) its just not worth extra effort.

Do you just like, never pick Primal Wrath or something? It’s pretty idiotic to claim a talent row is useless if you think Brutal Slash is the only thing you can pick in it.