S3 TBC Arena

I feel like S2 arena is pretty dead. At 2100+ there are only ever a handful of teams playing, if you beat them too much they stop queueing and you’re only left with 1-2 counter teams so you stop queueing as well.

Hoping S3 invigorates arena/pvp participation since for the first time you’ll be able to start alts off with full S1 epics which are pretty close in power to S2. Considering how horrible the blue pvp set is compared to S1 epics.

Just wondering if anyone else here is waiting to gear up and play alts. S3 is usually the season most people were fond of and can actually remember playing in TBC.

arena wont be revived if they keep insisting on keeping honor gain low, the 0 rating start instead of 1500 rating start, and remove all rating requirement on gear.


Only people that will play TBC arena are people who are heavily invested in arena in the first place. The #somechanges made things worse and the #nochanges killed it off.


I feel like honor gains aren’t as bad as people make them out to be. On AV weekend alone so far I’ve gotten 30k honor on my level 62 druid alt. If I pushed hard and played today I could have easily hit 50k honor. Premades are back as well so you can make really good honor on other bg weekends.


Holding off on PvP gearing until P3 though I feel like there have to be changes made to the honor gains. I feel like back in Vanilla TBC there was greater participation in PvP in S3/4 due to the accessibility of past season arena gear through honor, but the boost to engagement this time around might not be enough. I don’t think PvP as a whole has the pull this time around that it did originally.

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If you’re talking about alts sure that makes sense. I hope you’re at least doing 10 games a week on a 5’s team on any level 70 you have. If we get another end of season discount its worth banking 5k points.

We warned blizzard (and everyone here) that arena was absolutely going to be a ghost town thanks to the changes that no one asked for.

And here we are.


Yep. Should’ve heeded the warnings. Blizz dun care. Have fun in your sweaty arenas with the same five teams for eternity.


yeah literally no one asked for it and they forced this change onto us, it was just a death sentence.


Simple just be bad its alive and thriving at around 1500ish

yes, yes, that grass over there is the one we REALLY were waiting for.

lol no. tbc pvp is a meme. At least in vanilla you could pvp in your raid gear and not feel bad whenever. TBC is just such a grind for pvp


It was like this in s1 as well, i would sit 10 minute queues at 2200 like 1 month after the game came out to face an 1800 team, bc arena has never been active on NA realms

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Biggest turn offs for arena

Start at 0
Slow honor
Respec costs

The rating requirements on gear in seasons that didn’t exist is bad, but it’s especially noticeable because the amount of teams hitting 2k in TBCC is remarkably low


and rogue mage

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Wait you don’t like that they can just stun you for 10 seconds into a blanket silence, then DR stun, all while having your healer in poly/blind?


i love queing into the same rogue mage team 5 times in a row and tank rating

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I can’t wait for WOTLK Hpal.

Back in original tbc I had a reason to do arenas but these days? Why bother? What am I going to do with that gear? Bgs?

S3 will be even more dead. There is no catch up mechanic, if you’ve rolled an alt you’re up against people who had a season+ more of gearing than you and you’re at a severe disadvantage