Ruby Sanctum PTR Testing - December 15-21

Tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. PST, we intend to open the Public Test Realm for a few days of Ruby Sanctum testing.

Please have a look inside the raid, and if you come across any bugs, please report them using the in-game bug reporter (default hotkey: F6).

We’ll close this test on Thursday, December 21.

Thank you!


What’s even the point of this? You’ve already cannibalized Wrath classic’s player base. This isn’t going to draw anyone back.


The lack of wotlk permanent servers is going to backfire so much on them. Once they hit WoD era and nobody plays WoD classic(Because its a extremely awful expansion, only outdone by BFA and especially Shadowlands), classic progression is coming to a stop. The question is what’s going to happen to the characters of all of us who invested time in classic.


Who’s gonna PTR anything when the version that you invested all of your resources is out there? aka sod…

But sure thanks for the heads up I guess… at this point accelerate the icc buff and let it be finish rather than this cringe 2 week period for no reason. The wotlk version is already struggling on ALL brackets for tanks it’s incredible…


This criticism is not constructive at all. Perhaps Blizzard would take player feedback more seriously if we conducted ourselves more maturely as a whole.

I am still holding out hope they will reveal they do intend to support wrath era servers in some way. Maybe they wanted to see some feedback before making the decision. I also see the original “no plans” response as a business strategy to sell more cataclysm bundles.

Linked below is my idea for how Blizzard could support wrath era servers, see “Argument #2”. The main idea is new wrath era servers are opened that people can transfer or clone over to while the current realms move onto cataclysm. So some people might transfer to wrath era and find their name taken, but a character rename is a small compromise for getting the wrath era server we want. If you go to wrath era but then months later decide you want to play cataclysm, you would have to purchase a server transfer. Blizzard can profit off the people who choose to clone, as well as the players who thought they wanted wrath era, but later realize they don’t.

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And what if they just don’t do it after all? Sucks to be classic progression players then? Everything we did in classic wotlk was meaningless and nothing carries over or is kept in classic servers anymore?

Let’s not fool ourselves: every expansion after MoP was irredeemable trash, with only Legion sort of dodging it but only if you count the latter half. The first half of legion was awful.

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Good, are dancing rune weapon fixes
-DRW going for healing aggro
-DRW have reduced initial hit
-DRW dots resists after DRW expires
gonna be there ? You know Christmas are coming so miracles are possible.

Well as it stands now everything we have done will carry over into Cataclysm. I do not intend to play Cataclysm, and if you are in the same boat as me, it indeed sucks to be us. I am not playing SoD, I will not play Cata. I will either play wrath era, or I will unsubscribe and be thankful for the memories.

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Until they pull the plug on Classic progression, because every expansion sans Legion and maybe DF post-MoP was a dumpsterfire. Are you going to tell me people will play Shadowlands or WoD classic in enough capacity to prevent Blizzard from cutting their losses and pulling the plug on Classic progression realms completely?

So basically telling people who invested time in classic to go F themselves. That’s totally not going to generate a massive backslash from community. Nope, sir.

Why, exactly? You’ve already effectively nuked wrath from orbit with SOD and left us to rot with bots. It’s too late to act like you give a crap about this game. The illusion is dead and gone.

I’m sure it is and I have no sympathy for it since we were left to rot with ours. SOD also ravaged our real population, hurting guilds still trying to finish ICC. Blizzard could have waited until cataclysm to do this crap but didn’t. They wanted to FRAGMENT the playerbase (something they claim to not want to do) with another totally unnecessary version of the game between wrath and cataclysm. They are just all around terrible developers that clearly couldn’t care any less about warcraft’s legacy and its players.

The good news is that after wrath has run its course and we all unsub, we’ll never have to give Blizzard money again. It won’t be that much longer.

It doesn’t divide out botting. There is no finite number of them to divide. They will simply make MORE bots to cover all the games/realms. In other words, SOD didn’t help our bot situation on wrath what so ever. SOD actually made things worse than ever because Blizzard, the people that are supposed to enforce rules, abandoned us.

But SOD will be in the exact same situation very quickly as it fills with its own bots and real players quit. SOD does have the advantage of not selling an instant level boost, but this only delays the inevitable. With no enforcement of rules, the game WILL be overrun with bots, sooner or later. It’s only a matter of time, and it won’t take long.


I’m with you man. All we have are our words and ability to influence others. I’ve been posting on many threads to try to drum up support for wrath era, and provide solutions how Blizz can make it happen and profit.

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It’s annoying. Several solutions were thrown around but no real announcement or a “we are considering alternatives” deal. And nothing.

Hell, someone suggested as a last possible suggestion(even thought its not my favorite one) to just let people xfer to retail once classic progression’s plug is pulled off, and people mocked that person for saying it’s a masked way to bring FOMO back to retail, even though that wasn’t the intention from what i could read the OP. It’s frustrating to say the least. Can only wish they just give a way for people to retain and make what they did in classic matter if they won’t commit to having permanent Wrath servers.

If it brings you any comfort, SoD is infested with bots, too. Probably even moreso than Wrath.

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Without a permanent wrath this won’t bring back players and cata release will be like the release of uldaur. The player drop after nov 3 is because of lack of reason to play wrath when we all know all gear will be useless by level 83.

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While I agree with wrath I have long thought a fragmented playerbase is a better thing as it helps spread the bots and well more chance that you might be able to farm the thing you need. As well when you choose to be there with other people choosing to be their it can be rather fun.

There are some grumpy gusses in this thread for sure.

Ya’ll don’t like wrath, you like having something to complain about. My server isn’t dead, its doing great. Lots of PUGS, low waits on RDF.

If anything what you are all seeing on your realms is the population as it would be on your perma wrath realms, mostly dead except to raid log for the week.

Love wrath, would dabble on a perma realm if it happened, and I do hope you all get what you want, however what makes something enjoyable is the fleeting nature of it.

it’s obvious that was gonna happen as the market moved towards sod… but in wrath it was clear the evidence that bots were still on a rampage… even on bg’s.

People asked for RDF, and those who want it can have it.

What’s the point? Because it’s normal for “new” raids to have a PTR cycle?

Wrath did that itself by being a crappy expansion