[RP Event] Summer Festival: Come join us on Cenarion-Circle/Sisters-of-Elune!

Ello dere, mons! I be havin’ some excitin’ news. The roleplayers of the server(s) Cenarion-Circle/Sisters-of-Elune are puttin’ on a Summer Festival, and you all be invited!

WHAT: Summer Festival!
What be a festival, mon?
A festival is a week+ of RP events put on for the general public! We will have contests, games, tavern nights, even a Dungeons and Dragons-style plotline or two to for you to enjoy. Non-RPers, brand-new RPers, and RPing veterans are all welcome!

WHO: the Roleplayers of Cenarion Circle and Sisters of Elune!
Who be those peeps?
Cenarion Circle was the first US-RP server in the game, now merged with our great friends from Sisters of Elune. Though we’re not as big as Moonguard and Wyrmrest Accord, the RP scene here is still thriving, and we’d like to show you what we can do! Both Horde and Alliance characters will be present and welcome. We DO hope you decide to stay!

WHEN: Monday, June 1st - Thursday, June 11th!
Can ya be more specific?
The full Festival schedule will be dropping here soon! Up to 4 events will be run each day, with start times ranging from 5pm to 7:30pm server time: that is, Pacific time!

WHERE: All over! (It depends on the event…)
Bu-but mon, I be REALLY bad at readin’ maps!
Have no fear! We will have warlocks, mages, and two-seater mounts on hand to help you get to any hard-to-reach event locations. For In-Character purposes, most locations and themes will be faction-neutral. All locations will also be listed on the full Festival schedule, coming up here in a bit.

Hope to see you there!
So come on in, put your feet up/get your boots on, and prepare for a roleplaying adventure! More information to come in following posts…


Ugh, who put these invitations together? Some hare-brained troll? Half of the writing is upside down and there’s some feathers stuck to one page! Oh, very well, let me see what I can do here…

Festival Schedule
All times are listed in the CC/SoE server time, which is the same as Pacific!

For transportation help, please contact: Yonykins#1884

Monday, June 1st

Opening Parade
The Summer Festival is officially here! Saddle up and strut your stuff!
Time: 5pm - 6pm
Location: starting in Orgrimmar (H) and Stormwind (A)
Point of Contact: Yotingo-CenarionCircle (H)

War Games with < Doomguard >
Fight for honor and glory! But mostly just fight.
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Location: Twilight Grove, Duskwood
Point of Contact: Lithliana-CenarionCircle (H)

Healer’s Clinic
Patch up those wounds received from War Games in our classic server event of the Healer’s Clinic!
Time: 7pm - Closing
Location: Twilight Grove, Duskwood
Point of Contact: Thelaera-SistersofElune(A), Sidonwy-CenarionCircle (H), Dendus-CenarionCircle (H)

Tuesday June 2nd

Tavern Night with < Feathers of Iron >
Relax, kick up your boots, down a drink, maybe even meet a new friend. Feathers of Iron welcomes you to their weekly server event of the Tavern Night in Booty Bay! Please keep all weapons sheathed, or we can’t be responsible for what happens to you.
Time: 5pm to Closing
Location: Booty Bay, Cape of Stranglethorn
Point of Contact: Cup-CenarionCircle (A), Mithara-CenarionCircle (A), Zaranae-CenarionCircle (A)

Truth or Dare
Get to know some of your fellow tavern patrons with a game of Truth or Dare.
Time: 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Location: Booty Bay, Cape of Stranglethorn
Point of Contact: Adlanna-SistersofElune (A)

Drinking Game with < Bards of the Lion >
How many rounds can you go without losing your cookies?
Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Location: Booty Bay, Cape of Stranglethorn
Point of Contact: Cerulana-CenarionCircle (A)

Doctas Clinic
Note: Due to the location, this is a Horde-only event! Alliance characters may be torched.
Got a little too tipsy? Still feeling it from the War Games yesterday? Come get your wounds patched and ailments soothed at Da Doctas Clinic! Another event that’s been around since the time of Vanilla WoW, and one we hope to keep the tradition alive for for years to come!
Time: 7pm to Closing
Location: Cataclysm Portals, Orgrimmar
Point of Contact: Sidonwy-CenarionCircle (H), Dendus-CenarionCircle (H)

Wednesday June 3rd
Note: The events on this day are aimed towards Alliance characters. At this time we can’t guarantee the safety of Horde participants!

Scavenger Hunt with < Conclave >
Can you find all the items in the time provided?
Time: 5pm - 7pm
Location: Northshire Abbey, Elwynn Forest
Point of Contact: Genevra-CenarionCircle (A)

Dazzling Rod Tournament with < Stormwind Union >
Note: you will need the “Dazzling Rod” toy and be in the same raid group to be able to participate in this event. The toy can be found in Tanaan Jungle, at the top of Ironhold Harbor’s east tower.
A dazzling rod free-for-all with Old Town as the battlefield!
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: Old Town, Stormwind City
Point of Contact: Orwyn-CenarionCircle (A)

Thursday, June 4th

Bardic Bar Hop
No one ever really knows where these bards will show up next. This time we’ve got you covered. Join us for games and later for a signature concert put on by the < Bards of the Lion > !
Time: 5pm - Closing
Location: Underbelly Tavern, Dalaran (Northrend)
Point of Contact: Cerulana-CenarionCircle (A)

Trivia Night
Bring your thinking caps! How many trivia questions can you and your team get correct?
Time: 5pm - 6pm
Location: Underbelly Tavern, Dalaran (Northrend)
Point of Contact: Cerulana-CenarionCircle (A)

Breaking Down the (4th) Wall
The < Bards of the Lion > are putting a concert, featuring original and humorous WoW song parodies like “Back Again (for Xmog)” and “Can You Feel the Fail Tonight”.
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: Underbelly Arena, Dalaran (Northrend)
Point of Contact: Cerulana-CenarionCircle (A)

Friday, June 5th
Fishing Pool
Gather round the fishing pool. Drink and meet new friends! This friendy meet-and-greet event serves as a backdrop to events later in the day.
Time: 5pm - Closing
Location: Ashwood Lake, Grizzly Hills
Point of Contact: Adlanna-SistersofElune (A)

Fishing Contest with < Ishnu Por Ah >
How many fish can you catch?
Time: 5:30pm - 7pm
Location: Ashwood Lake, Grizzly Hills
Point of Contact: Eahuna-SistersofElune (H), Mingonashoba-CenarionCircle (H)

Snake Oil Market
Consider yourself an entrepreneur? An inventor of wild, wacky, and occasionally useful items? Come prove it! Participants are given several objects to work with, and must then pitch their inventions to a prospective buyer.
Time: 7pm - 8:30pm
Location: Ashwood Lake, Grizzly Hills
Point of Contact: Furen-CenarionCircle (H)

Saturday, June 6th

Hide ‘n’ Seek with < AAMS >
Oh, no! The Lounge is about to start, but there’s no AAMS couriers in sight! Can you find them all before the time limit runs out?
Time: 5pm - 6pm
Location: All over!
Point of Contact: Wildshot-CenarionCircle (H), Yotingo-CenarionCircle (H), Ayo-CenarionCircle (H)

Lounge Night with < AAMS >
As translators and couriers, the AAMS (short for Anytime, Anywhere, Messenger Service) has been serving both Horde and Alliance for over 10 years. Kicking off every Saturday, we host a tavern night in Pandaria where you can meet with the opposite faction in peace.
Time: 6pm - Closing
Location: Jade Forest, Pandaria
Point of Contact: Wildshot-CenarionCircle (H), Yumao-CenarionCircle (H)

Cooking Contest
What gathering in Pandaria is ever complete without some delicious home-cooked meals? Show what you can do in this cooking contest!
Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Location: Jade Forest, Pandaria
Point of Contact: Loshing-SistersofElune (H)

Tavern Games
Roll the dice and prepare for some fun! So. Much. FUN!
Time: 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Location: Jade Forest, Pandaria
Point of Contact: Yotingo-CenarionCircle (H)

Sunday, June 7th
Storytelling Contest
Enjoy poetry, prose, songs and stories under the stars. Today’s event is in a contest format: bring your stories or other creative works (less than 1500 words please!) and see how you stand up!
Time: 5pm - 7pm
Location: Hearthglen, Eastern Plaguelands
Point of Contact: Eleya-SistersofElune (H), Lahkin-CenarionCircle (A)

Eastern Kingdoms Tour with < Da Doctas >
Ride the breadth of the kingdom and learn a little more about the denizens of the eastern continent.
Time: 7pm - 8:30pm
Location: starting in Eversong Woods
Point of Contact: Kohnar-CenarionCircle (H)

Monday, June 8th
Silvermoon Convention and Bar Night
The Silvermoon Bar Night is hosted every Monday evening in Silvermoon for both factions to enjoy! This week it is also the center of a gaming convention. Participate in some games of Kobolds and Catacombs (aka D&D) or Hearthstone matches in an In-Character fashion! Pet Battles will also be available around the back.
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Location: Isle of Quel’Danas
Point of Contact: Zaium-CenarionCircle (A), Zurom-CenarionCircle (H), Loshing-SistersofElune (H), Mirium-SistersofElune (H)

Tuesday, June 9th
Jed’hin Tournament
Jed’hin is a traditional dueling sport of the draenei. All races are welcome in this competition to see who is the best!
Time: 6pm - 7pm
Location: Zul’Gurub, Northern Stranglethorn
Point of Contact: Mithara-CenarionCircle (A), Yotingo-CenarionCircle (H)

Tavern Night with < Feathers of Iron >
The tavern is open and drinks are on the house!
Time: 6:30pm - Closing
Location: Zul’Gurub, Northern Stranglethorn
Point of Contact: Cup-CenarionCircle (A), Zaranae-CenarionCircle (A)

Tomini’s Wild Kingdom
Do you have a pet that needs training? A pet that’s sick? A pet that you’re not really sure what it is and maybe it’s actually about to destroy you and everything you hold dear? The Watch’s Animal Control Officer, Tomini Brightpaw, is here to help you! For free!
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: Zul’Gurub, Northern Stranglethorn
Point of Contact: Orwyn-CenarionCircle (A)

Healer’s Clinic
Get beat up in the Jed’hin Tournament? Got bitten, scratched, or stung by one of Tomini’s pets? Say no more. We’ve got the heals, mon.
Time: 7pm - Closing
Location: Zul’Gurub, Northern Stranglethorn
Point of Contact: Thelaera-SistersofElune (A), Dendus-CenarionCircle (H), Sidonwy-CenarionCircle (H)

Wednedsay, June 10th

Darkmoon Concert
It’s a day at the Darkmoon Faire! Start your evening with a little concert put on by members of < Shadow Kingdom >.
Time: 5pm - 6pm
Location: Darkmoon Faire
Point of Contact: Zurom-CenarionCircle (H)

Fortune Telling
Have your tarot cards read by the mysterious warlock of Dawnmist.
Time: 6pm - 7pm
Location: Darkmoon Faire
Point of Contact: Alelsa-Hyjal (H)

Total Recall with < Stormwind Union >
Players will have a limited time to memorize the appearance of a character. The person who can describe the character most accurately wins!
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Location: Darkmoon Faire
Point of Contact: Orwyn-CenarionCircle (A)

Thursday, June 11th

Improv. Night
Time: 5:30pm - 7pm
Location: TBD
Point of Contact: Yotingo-CenarionCircle (H)

Closing Ceremonies and Beach Party!
It’s been a long week and a wild ride. Let’s send the Summer Festival off in style with–what else?–a party at the beach. Speech, speech!
Time: 7pm - Closing
Location: Cape of Stranglethorn
Point of Contact: Yotingo-CenarionCircle


But mon, mon, I have some other questions! (FAQ)

How do I sign up for events?

All events requiring sign-ups will post sign-up sheets (linked in a later post on this thread) for you to put your name on; you can also come the day of the event and ask the event host. Note that once the event starts, in most cases you will no longer be able to sign up, so get it in early!

That said, not all events will need sign-ups, and spectators are always welcome, so drop on by when you can!

Is this cross-faction?

Unless noted otherwise, all events are open to members of both Horde and Alliance and are considered to be neutral/peaceful from an In-Character perspective. We will be making use of Elixir of Tongues, sold in the Underbelly of Legion’s Dalaran, to be able to understand each other at events. If your character is on either Cenarion Circle or Sisters of Elune, we will have spares on hand for you if you can’t buy them yourself!

Is this cross-server?

In general, yes, though there are some special considerations to keep in mind if you’re joining on a character not on Cenarion Circle/Sisters of Elune:

  1. We will need to be able to invite you to a raid so that you will phase into our server correctly. Please reference the Points of Contact for each event in the schedule above to see who you need to whisper for invites. You can find additional contact information at the top of the schedule, or post here if you’re confused!
  2. Please note we cannot give out prizes to cross-server participants, as you can’t trade ingame items to other servers. (An exception may be made for Battle Pets.)
  3. Similarly, you may also need to make arrangements on your home server to buy some Elixir of Tongues, which we will be using to understand members of the opposite faction during the Festival. These are available in the Underbelly of Legion’s Dalaran for some gold.
  4. Profile addons like TRP do not show up for cross-server characters.

Are the events friendly to low-levels and alts?
Unless noted otherwise in a specific event, yes. We don’t generally use a character’s level to assign their In-Character powers or skills, and if you are coming in from cross-server, it’s encouraged you roll a copy of your main on this server to avoid some of the cross-server issues listed above!

I don’t have many flight routes/don’t have flying/am low-level. How can I get to your event locations?
Please send a whisper to the appropriate Point of Contact listed in the Festival schedule above. They will help get you set up with a warlock or an owner of a two-seater mount to transport you to the right location! (This transportation aid is considered to be OOC unless you prefer otherwise!)

Will I have to download any special addons?
Unless noted otherwise for an event, no. Though many of our RPers make use of TRP and related RP addons, these aren’t required to attend our events!

I’m not an RPer/I want to bring along my friend, but they aren’t an RPer. Is that okay?

So long as all attendees aren’t disruptive and are at least trying to speak In-Character (no lols, emoticons, chatspeak, etc, in /say), this is totally okay! Many of our event hosts are happy to teach anybody new to RP how to get started.

Are there any PvP events? What about Warmode?

There are no PvP events planned at this time. We will be running these events with Warmode turned off. If you come with it on, you won’t be in the same phase as us and so can’t participate.

Please also note that we may have events in locations that are near guards from one or the other faction. Though we may kill these guards to help protect low-level characters, we will be considering this Out-of-Character and ask this not be done unless necessary, as it can get disruptive.

I want to help out. Who do I contact? What kinds of help do you need?

If you want to help at the Festival, please contact Yotingo-CenarionCircle (H) or Evelos-CenarionCircle (A). At this time, we welcome volunteers to help transport attendees, hand out Elixir of Tongues, provide background “flavor” to some of our events, and, of course, spread the word!

Just who all is putting this together?

Cenarion Circle/Sisters of Elune is a smaller and tighter knit server than you may be used to if you’ve rolled on Moonguard or Wyrmrest Accord. We’ve got the small town vibe going for us, and we like it that way!

In short, most of the major RP guilds on our server are contributing event(s), including Doomguard, Da Doctas, Feathers of Iron, Bards of the Lion, Stormwind Union, Conclave, Ishnu Por Ah, AAMS, Shadow Kingdom, and The Broken House. There wouldn’t be an event without these guilds and their leadership teams, so please give them all a big THANK YOU!

For more information on our server, head on over to our guild directory and event list on the official forums, located here:

And here!:


Some events will have separate forum threads where more information and sign-up lists can be found. I’m gathering these threads here for your perusal!


Hurray Yotingo! Looking forward to the events! :smiley:


We’ll be ready! Are you?

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Ingame calendar entries for this have now been created! Please poke me to get an invite! I’ve gone ahead and invited event hosts and some guild leadership aready; these people should also have invite powers.

Please note that the ingame calendar only accepts up to 100 invitations. I highly encourage you to also create guild events to notify/invite all your friends!

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While on the realm forums for CC/SOE, make sure to check out all the marvelous forum rp various folks have started. We have some very talented rpers on this connected realm, and it is exciting to think we might attract new folks to the server with this weeklong event.

To those who wish to check out the server and maybe explore a bit, I suggest you peruse the guild lists and seek out a guild leader who can tell you more about their guild.


Today is the day!

Opening parade at 5 PST! I’ll be there!

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Well, I’d say that was a rousing success! Today’s event was a parade and some War Games (PvP and /roll duels).

Tomorrow is the Feathers of Iron tavern and some tavern games. Come find us in Booty Bay! Zaranae-CenarionCircle will be on hand to resolve phasing issues on Alliance side, and Yotingo-CenarionCircle or me (Keelath-CenarionCircle) will be around for Horde. There’ll also be a Doctas Clinic in Orgrimmar at 7 bells for Horde.

Here’s a couple screenshots from today (RIP, won’t let me link direct)

Opening Parade (Alliance): 

The Standoff: 

War Games: 

Our normal photographer might have forgotten to get me pictures from the Tavern Night, but here’s one from Da Doctas Clinic!


And this night we had the Scavenger Hunt and the Dazzling Rod Tournament over on Alliance side. A lot of fun was had by all. Our camera man tonight was Budii of < Bards of the Lion >, who recorded the following pictures for your viewing pleasure of the tournament.

The Dazzling Rod Tournament starts out with a lot of general chaos. Orbs flying everywhere!

The chaos continues into the third round ...wait, is that a raptor?

Uh, I thought you said the beams didn't have any raptor side-effects...

 Oh Light, they're multiplying!

But look! They may have met their match....who will win, Team Cat or Team Raptor?

This isn't looking good. Activate dancing powers!

 They don't seem terribly intimidated.

 Well, if that doesn't do it, time to use Chaos++...! Full throttle ahead!

…and this concludes our broadcast of the Dazzling Rod Tournament in Old Town. Please, wait for the fel to subside before going out of doors, and if you find a raptor with wings, then immediately call the Stormwind–


Ahem. We’d just like to remind you this is only a test. There was no fel in Stormwind. Nor any arcane raptors. The Stormwind City Watch was only having a joke on you. The Watch does things like that. …Zuka, are you sure this is working? Hey, are you eating that mortal’s soul without me? I thought we were friends! Wait, what do you mean turn it off before I–


… … …

Oooooookaaaaaaaay then, Evelos, mon! Ya know, ya probably shouldn’t be drinkin’ so much when ya bein’ off duty!

At any rate. Scavenger Hunt was a tie between Team Bards (Cerulana, Evelos, Medyfivol, and Budii) and Team Union (Zaranae, Orwyn, and Rayschel).

Several rounds were held at the Dazzling Rod competition, most of them won by Roedran of < Conclave >. Congratulations! Lucifur of < Wolven Redemption > was a close second and our champion from last year, with the very last round being taken away by Cerulana of < Bards of the Lion > thanks to a clever mechagnome disguise.

I not be sure what the Team Cat versus Team Raptor thing was all about, but Evelos mon tells me da cats won the day, with a score of 99 to 94.

Upcoming Festival Calendar

Tonight (June 4, 2020) is Concert Night with Bards of the Lion!
Where: Dalaran Underbelly Arena
From 5pm-6pm PST we’ve got Trivia Night, followed by Breaking Down the (4th) Wall in concert form from 7pm-9pm PST. And during the entire event, the Bards will be hosting their world traveling Bardic Bar Hop in the adjacent tavern!

Tomorrow (June 5, 2020) is Fishing Night!
Where: Ashwood Lake, scenic Grizzly Hills (just south of Camp Oneqwah)

From 5pm PST, join Ishnu Por Ah and fellow fearless fisherfolks for a relaxing night fishing and a little competition. [CC-SoE Summer Festival RP Event] – Fishing Contest!
And from 7pm-8:30pm PST the crafty, creative and innovative convene upon the lakeshore too for the Snake Oil Market. Sales pitches guaranteed–side effects not covered by warranty!

Saturday (June 6, 2020) is the AAMS Lounge Night and the Cooking Contest!
Where: Jade Forest, Pandaria
5pm-6pm PST is Hide & Seek, tracking down those sly AAMS couriers across the zone like they hunt down mysteriously missing mail. And when we’ve found them all, from 6pm to close, they’ll be hosting their ever hospitable Lounge Night. And from 6:30-7:30pm PST, Loshing challenges us all to a Cooking Contest!
Good food, good drink, and good company.–is there anything better?


I’d like to protest some Festival carnie abuse. I ran through Nazmir advertising for the Summer Festival event. NO ONE TOLD ME there was going to be piranhas!


Their beady little eyes and just…ARGH! Alelsa! We need to have words!

Will you please stop worrying the fish, dear? You know how you get all worked up when they start biting you. Really, you’re such a big baby sometimes - we’re going to need three cots in the nursery.

Wait, what? THREE? How did you–HEY!

I’d just like to inform you these fish are the size of ME. They could swallow a blood elf whole! And there’s twenty of them!

And dinosaurs! And flying snakes! Why did it have to be snakes!?

Tonight we had Trivia Night and a concert put on by the < Bards of the Lion > !

The winners of the Trivia Night were our friends from Wickham Expeditions of Wyrmrest Accord server. (Unfortunately dey all be elfy names so I not be gettin’ da exact character names…) Though trade regulations keep us from simply handin’ them gold, some Battle Pets of equal value are on their way soon!

The second part of the evening was the “Breaking Down the (4th) Wall”, with singers, instrumentation, special effects, and other support by Cerulana, Zaium, Adlanna, Olivaw, and Maxsin from < Bards of the Lion >. The songs played were parodies on various songs you might have recognized, each recorded and sung by ((the player of)) Cerulana herself! If you wish to hear them still, you can join our server’s Discord (available in the link below) and look in the #music channel!

Beyond that, here’s some screenshots of the night:

Trivia Night, including an imp Tyrric kicked:

Gathering up for the concert:

A song named, appropriately enough, "Waggle That For Me"

Guess the song! Oh she pulls like a psycho/The boldest tank I know/Tonight she's screamin'/"This key will be mine"

And as a bonus...a sneak peek from behind the scenes of Cerulana herding her guildies. Genuine footage; I swear it, mon!
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So much fun was had by all. I really hope we impressed off server folks enough to come join us more often! Even if you just make a few b-net friends, you are welcome here anytime!

The fishing contest was fast and furiously fought by a collected cavalcade of crafty contest contenders, thanks to everyone who attended! :rofl:

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