[RP] Dance Of The Dead - Liberation Festival - Oct 22 (8pm Central)

With LIVE Special Guest Appearance: Patty Mattson, Voice Actress of Sylvannas Windrunner
‘Liberation Festival’ Dance Of The Dead After Party: Oct 22nd, 2021
Server: Moon Guard - US, all RP servers are welcome. However, prizes are limited to MG.
Contact: Banshih (H), Mirchea (H), Krokthar (H), Maxen (A), Zaria (A), Terez (A)
► All times are central time zone, Moon Guard server time.

↓↓↓ Liberation Festival Activities! ↓↓↓

Join the Forsaken as they celebrate their liberation from the Lich King at the annual Dance Of The Dead Liberation party!

Tournament of the Hallow - Over 4 Million in Gold Prizepot!
A PvP duel tournament with no rules; everything is allowed. Toys, covenant abilities, flasks and more. Open to all factions! Bring your best!
1st Place: 1,250,000 gold and the RP title, ‘Champion Of The Hallow’
2nd Place: 750,000 gold
Judge & Fan Favorite Fight: One fight of them all will be selected as a fan and judge favorite of the fights. Both players in that battle will be awarded 500,000g. (Subject to change as more donations come in.)

This year’s exceptional prize pool of OVER 4 million gold has been made possible by a number of wonderful RP guilds on Moon Guard. A special thanks go out to these guilds for their outstanding generosity. Guilds are invited to continue to donate to this prize pool, and when new donations are added we will update the prize pool and credits.

Costume/Mog Contest!
Categories: Scary, Silly, and Stylish!
Prizes: Over 300k gold split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place!
Who: Run by the War Wolves at Booth 2, and judged by five Mysterious Judges!

Public Meet & Greet with Patty Mattson!
Will take place in Discord VC from 8:30PM ST to 10:00PM ST!

Terrifying treats!
Maniacal mini-games!
Tricky wares galore!
Frightful festivities for all! DISCORD:

Liberation Festival Schedule
Where: Caer Darrow
All times posted are central time zone, MG server time.

  • 8 pm - Opening Ceremony, all booths open
  • 8:30 pm to 11 pm - Meet & Greet with Patty on Discord Voice
  • 8 pm to 8:45 pm - Dueling Registration Opens In Person
  • 9 pm - Dueling Begins, the player must be present when called or forfeit their spot
  • 9:30 pm - Costume Contest Begins
  • Midnight - Formal close, however, everyone is still welcome to hang out and rp.

SUGGESTED: Bring an inky black potion to make the festival that much more immersive, and an elixir of tongues.

Factions: All

Servers: All


Raid Leads/Anchors for Tonight:
▬ Mirchea-MoonGuard (H)
▬ Narinthe-MoonGuard (A)
▬ Maxen-MoonGuard (A)

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