Ritual of Doom Is BACK!

Oh boy I can’t wait to sacrifice random people in Raids/M+ now!


I volunteer as tribute to bring forth my beloved child.


IKR I’m so excited, on another note curse of recklessness is removed… but its a price I’m willing to pay for Ritual of Doom!

Devs: “we’ve learned, we will listen to you guys, promise…”

Warlock Players “ok, here are some things we have concerns about”

Devs: “here is a near useless thing you didnt ask for, and we are removing something with an actual use because it doesnt fit in with the vision we have”

Warlock Players “ok what about all those things we brought up”

Devs “…”


This is forreal the dumbest thing I’ve seen this whole alpha/beta cycle


I and many others have been wanting it back. Its a nice classic ability, might be crappy but its just sheer fun to use.

Hey I can now get 4 other people and have a Doomguard run rampant in Goldshire killing low level RP’ers like in Classic with my Infernal/Doomguard.

Its a win-win. Might never use it in Raids/PvP/M+ but its going to be awesome to have it back.


Or Solo content, since you need others to summon it.

It’s literally uniquely good for griefing.

It is useless for Raid (re-enslaving mid-fight lol), Mythic (time and death of a player), or PVP (same as raid and mythic).


I am torn. Ritual of Doom was a fun but rarely useful spell. You needed 4 other people to cast it. Someone was going to die, and it seemed 90% of the time it was me. Enslave Demon would last for like a minute or two if you were lucky. The Doomguard was a pretty good pet if I recall, but not worth all the effort and downside.

I’d rather have the Doomguard baseline on a CD than this.


shhhh don’t let the min/maxers hear about this!

They don’t want RPG elements in their MMORPG game.


Well so is sense undead for Paladins, just because its there doesn’t mean you need to use it.


This isn’t even good RPG anymore, because the Warlock NPC has gained sufficient power that this isn’t realistic. We were doing Rituals of Doom for bigger/badder demons in Legion with Doomguard baseline.

It’s dumb as hell.

Of all the things to unprune or add, they add this? Are you kidding me lmao they could’ve gone with

  • Letting warlocks speak demonic again
  • adding Warlock Grimoire like an enslave/stables idea
  • Doing the visual update to Demon Bolt if you have Green Fire activated
  • Just straight up adding Doomguard/Infernal as baseline pets again lolololol

Doesn’t mean they can’t add that back again. It shouldn’t be a this OR that situation. Keep Ritual of Doom and add more.


Gonna have to agree with Baals, needing to have 4 people and a sacrifice to summon a subpar pet when you used to have it baseline and under your full control doesn’t sound that great. Bet it’ll be weaker than a Demonologists Felguard too.


Why the Hell do you want an ability that is literally only good for griefing lowbies that they’re gonna need to dedicate EVEN MORE time to in order to get the spell to work (it currently isn’t on the PTR, a few bugs I already reported, but even then the blue post version is dumb as all hell given the Doomguard can turn hostile midencounter)

Time is a limited resource.

Just scrap this nonsense and give warlocks something that is actually fun AND useful


What if didn’t kill a party member and didn’t lose control mid-encounter(Had a specific time limit)?

Ever since its inception, the only thing Ritual of Doom was really used for was to grief new players and lowbies who didn’t know any better.

Certain things are better kept in the past. Ritual of Doom is one of them.

Signed, a 15-year Warlock player.


Because I and many other have fun with Ritual of Doom. Its FUN to use.

ALSO the doomguard is a guardian pet and your Felguard/Imp/Felhound/etc can still be active if you read the update.

Its a guardian pet now, so you don’t lose your active demon.


It would be such a great troll ability if the Warlock didn’t need other people to participate in the casting of the spell.

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Then it’d be a 1 hr CD for a 15 minute demon that does negligible damage that they spent development time on changing older Spell IDs and interactions to get to work.


It’s not working on PTR, as I stated in the post you quoted, which means more time is needed to get it to work as they intend it lmao

Blizzard has a bad track record of breaking warlocks doing stuff like this, such as:

  • Breaking our BC helmet because they used the wing-spawn spell ID for Cata Rogue Legendary wing effects
  • Breaking Wrathguard and Shivarra DPS such that they had to remove the dual wield from Wrathguard and the quadruple wield from shivarra
  • Breaking Demonology demon spawns due to making our demon dependent on Shaman totem system and changing shaman totems
  • etc

Yup, can’t even solo

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I miss my feral dumb dumb that was my Doomguard.

He might not be always at my side like in MoP but this is nice. Also we can just soulstone rez whoever dies so yay no big drawback.

Now to just hope pugs in dungeons don’t ignore me when I try to start it