FEEDBACK: Warlock Class Changes

I think this is part of my problem. My Paladin was a copy and in heroic raid gear. Literally obliterated everything in her path and didn’t need to change anything out until after lvl 57. The gear Blizz put on the lvl 50 templates is pretty low. The only reason I was using them is because their bags were already cleaned out. :stuck_out_tongue: I may just copy my own warlock over and try again.

I went with Necrolords today and holy moly, I never have time to use Decimating Bolt except on really long fights. I do not recommend it. It’s probably fine for Destruction because you actually have time to cast Incinerate.

It feels really bad that Summon Darkglare doesn’t extend the duration of Impending Catastrophe. I know that it would make it 66% more powerfu, but that’s the whole point of our 3 minute CD. It isn’t just to show up and zap our target. It’s to extend our dots.

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It would be great if the graphics for Malefic Rapture were more than little purple tickle zaps that shoot out of my finger tips.


Maybe a glyph option to give it more oomph? I wouldn’t mind the Void Lash graphic from some of the casters in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds.

I mentioned this in post 146, but I want to break it down a bit more. Note this is NOT about balancing the 4 Covenants against each other, but about balancing ALL Covenants choices among the 3 (Warlock) specs.

With that in mind, let’s look at each of them and what do they do for each of the Warlock spec:

Scouring Tithe (Bastion):

  • For Affliction and Destro: Generating 5 shards will be more meaningful as these specs have harder / less reliable shard generation; Where for Demo, shard generation is the lesser of our concerns and thus diminish the value of this ability. (As a dot ST might also have synergy with Afflic’s Malefic Rupture but TBC)

Decimation Bolt (Necrolord):

  • For Affliction, if talented into Drain Soul, offers insane execute phase dps potential
  • For Destro: Incinerate can be havoc’d, hits hard as a filler, and even more so if spec’d into the pure fire build
  • For Demo: lol 3x dmg Shadowbolt

Soul Rot (Nightfae):

  • For Afflic: Once again offers synergy potential with Inevitable Demise (though one has to take it over Drain Soul)
  • For Destro and Demo: Zero synergy, the drain part is potentially even a damage loss

Impending Catastrophe (Venthyr):

  • For Afflic: Acting as another dot that buffs Malefic Rupture
  • For Demo and Destro: Zero synergy, just another hardcast button to press

You see how Demo never wins here? Again this is not about balancing the 4 abilities against each other, but make sure they offer incremental power / synergy to the 3 specs more equally.

Please look into this and help Demo


In this week’s Beta build, we’ve made some changes to Warlock’s baseline abilities to make sure Warlocks have new spells and rank-ups available for most of their levels. Along the way, we made a few changes that affect Warlocks at max level.

Ritual of Doom

  • Learned at level 37. Begins a ritual that sacrifices a random participant to summon a Doomguard. Requires the caster and 4 additional party members to complete the ritual. 1 hour cooldown.
    • This summons a hostile Doomguard that soon becomes automatically subjugated as an additional guardian pet for the Warlock. Currently, the Doomguard lasts up to 15 minutes, but has a small chance to break free from the subjugation at any time and attack your group. We’re still working on the details of this ability, but we’d love to hear your feedback about it.

Fear (Rank 2)

  • Learned at level 52. You no longer suffer spell pushback when casting Fear.
    • This functionality has existed in the past but was never explicitly tool-tipped anywhere. We removed the pushback resistance at first, but decided to bake it in as a rank-up instead.

Curse of Recklessness

  • This spell has been removed.
    • While we liked Warlocks being able to stop enemies from fleeing, we didn’t feel the physical damage increase was working out. Warlocks gave feedback that they felt required to use Curse of Recklessness on as many creatures as possible for the damage gain, and weren’t having fun with the ability. Warlocks still have access to Tongues, Weakness, and Exhaustion in their repertoire of Curses.

Eye of Kilrogg

  • Eye of Kilrogg is once again attackable by enemy players, and is usable in rated PvP.
    • This was partly in support of using the new conduit Kilrogg’s Cunning, but also to provide more uses for Eye of Kilrogg in all areas of the game.

Terrible change removing Curse of Recklessness. Stopping running mobs was an iconic warlock ability. Leave the curse in the game and adjust it’s other effects.


Frankly I feel a tad foolish typing all these feedback when the devs choose to work on things like Ritual of Doom. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice flavorful spell, but it is mostly just that, flavorful)


I’m trying to be nice about it but like… who even asked for Ritual of Doom to be back?

Also thanks for Curse of Recklessness.


Thank you for listening about recklessness.


Ritual of Doom feedback

When preparing for a raid pull, a Warlock currently has to do the following:

  • Summon their demon (Fel Domination can be used, but its usually a 6s cast, because what if you need to swap pets early in the fight?)

  • Cast Soulstone on an assigned person, generally for wipe control

  • Cast Create Soulwell because someone will always run out of Healthstones every wipe

  • In certain fights, position Demonic Circles and/or gateways

  • Sit down for 10 seconds to get their food buff

In addition to all that, Warlocks will now also need to do a ritual to summon a Doomguard, have the sacrificed person ressed and depending on how far they’re on their pre-pull preparation, they need to do it all over again.

The spell will be incredibly tough to balance, because either it will be so strong you need to cast it before every pull, or it won’t be strong enough to be worth casting ever (unless you want to use it for the only thing it was actually used back in Vanilla WoW, which was killing clueless new players with it). Not to mention it is an RNG riddled spell - What if it breaks early, you will either need to re-enslave it (losing your main demon) or have the raid waste time killing it. What if it breaks when a boss is at a low %?

I understand people who have played in the past want to see old iconic spells back, but this seems more like a nuisance than anything. Certain things need to stay in the past. Let Ritual of Doom die.


Ugh… please don’t bring Ritual of Doom back. It was bad in vanilla and not something anyone was crying out for.

It’s almost impossible to balance around. Either:

  1. Warlocks are equivalent to other dps and this adds a dramatic amount of damage making them THE most powerful damage dealers in the game. Which will mean its summoned before every boss fight and at the start of every mythic+. (likely).
  2. Or - Warlocks are assumed to have it out and nerfed to compensate. Which means any time its not out (like… in the mythic where your pugs refuses to waste time summoning the thing) the warlock does terrible DPS.

Neither is good. If I/we wanted to summon a doom guard just give us the old talent back where, y’know… we could replace our rubbish pet with a doom guard or infernal. No muss… no fuss.

To put it another, simpler way… If this was a talent I suspect NO warlocks would take it. Bar maybe once while drunk. For a laugh.

Also - aside but… the eye of kilrogg thing. Does anyone even have that on their bars anymore?


Blame the Powerpoint Presentation at Blizzcon for this one, I’ve seen it constantly being brought up as proof that “Blizzard are liars”, so they probably felt backed into a corner. Hopefully they make it suck, so it’s just a meme and move on.


Just give us Doomguard as a baseline pet again.

Having to summon both the Doomguard and your felguard(or which ever pet) before a boss fight is super annoying.

Not only that, but having your pet rush in and then die to some cleave or aoe is even worse, as a caster, I want a damn caster pet for raid fights.


What is going to replace Entrenched in Flame?

Not a warlock but a GM/RL of a mythic guild.

I don’t want ritual of doom in the game if it does any real damage and not just pure flavor. Also considering its 60min cd it probably doesn’t reset every wipe just like ankh.

That means if there is tight dps check fight like Mythic Ashvane was week 1-2 and how Sludgefist most likely will be you need every lock to have their doomguard for a kill attempt. So basically in single raid night you only have few pulls where you can actually make the dps check to kill a progression boss, and even then its RNG because it has chance to break free mid pull.

Also as others mentioned do you balance warlock in raids around having doomguard or not. Either warlocks will end up being weak when its not available or you stack them for insane DPS every 60min.


Why is Ritual of Doom back? I hated it in vanilla and it’ll suck again now. If this is intended for raiding purposes then Warlocks have way too much to setup as is compared to other classes. Not fun.


Please… Add this into the game.


Ritual of doom is a cool ability from a standpoint of summoning a demon but from any form of content dungeons/raids its gonna get really annoying having to summon this doomguard every hour because currently its basically like having a 2nd pet.

Like I said cool ability and all but in the current day its just going to cause some really degenerate stuff and just lead to extra time between pulls.

If it doesn’t reset between pulls then you just have the opposite where it has to be tuned around a 1 HR CD or just not tuned at all and just have warlocks destroy single target every hour which doesn’t feel good.


My attempted understanding of bringing back Ritual of Doom is that the devs are trying to give some extra flavor to Warlock (instead of trying to actually balance this nightmare as many others pointed out), in which case, can I entertain you the ideas I (and others) raised on posts 99 and 122? (TLDR: Let lock customize / tame our demon models)