Ritual of Doom Is BACK!

Still isn’t worth the repair cost tbh. A pet that can go hostile doesn’t sound like something most people will want to deal with. Honestly if that happen in a key or a raid that warlock would get the fattest boot our guild could offer.



Its so funny how hypocritical the WoW community is.
I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone at Blizzard was bald. All their hair falling out because of the player bases hypocritical inconsistencies.

Players: “We loved classic! You think we didn’t, but we actually did! GIVE US OUR RPG FUN BACK BLIZZ! You ruined modern WoW!”

Blizzard: “Okay, going forward we will do more to make this game more of an RPG! Make you feel immersed and make you make choices! We’ll help facilitate that feeling of WoW again from classic!”

Players: “NO NO NO! I can’t min/max if you do that! I know it makes perfect sense to have to summon a powerful demon through use of RPG elements, but NOOOOO I want to instantly do it! WHY DO YOU RUIN THE GAME WITH SyStEmLaNdZ Blizz?! U DA POOP!”



You know, I look fondly on a lot of the early Warlock stuff because it was unique and often fun. For a while.

But I can assure you there were a number of things about playing a warlock back then that weren’t fun for anybody.

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Its not working right now, but in the class changes it is specifically pointed out that it is a guardian pet:

This summons a hostile Doomguard that soon becomes automatically subjugated as an additional guardian pet for the Warlock.


Well lets see… M+ requires 5… you need yourself and 4 additional party members for the ritual…

Dude you’re on your own…


Nobody was asking for this ability back.

And again:


This ability is not viable in any content and you can’t even solo-summon


While I don’t mind Ritual of Doom coming back, Baalsamael still raises good points

Then again I’m a very theatrical warlock so RoD would be fun for giggles if I was playing with friends.


So what, its still a fun ability to have back, alot of people who play Warlocks in Classic have been asking for it back in retail.

It is a FUN ability that shouldn’t be removed. Just because there is no use for it competitively doesn’t mean it shouldn’t stay.


It’s literally currently not working, and requires more dev time to fix. We’re at the tail end of Beta.

and that valuable time could be spent doing stuff that was actually widely asked for lmao

as I always do :V


I mean there are a lot of people that play this game so there are going to be many opinions about it. We’re not all in unison changing our minds. I personally think Classic is a terrible game and have no idea how it managed to get as popular as it did. It wasn’t even a good rpg game by 2004 standards. It just had the novelty of being released when MMos were getting huge and playing that sort of game with multiple people was new and exciting. That’s still the best part of the game and the reason why raids and dungeons are the only content that is actually good in this game.

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So much good feedback to fix demo and “eye can be attacked by players in pvp, here’s something you’ll likely never use.”

So much still needs to be done for demo.

I’m glad DH got some meaningful changes… but I wanted to main demo…

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Alot of things aren’t working in Beta, and we don’t know if we are at the tail end of Beta yet. We don’t even have a release date for Shadowlands other than it will be launched no later than December 31 2020.

Same with alot of other class stuff that isn’t working.

It’s a diamond in the rough. Alot of people playing Classic are there getting everything for a Classic TBC which is alot more balanced and better imo.

Also on another note… it would be awesome for demo to get metamorphosis back but with a different name.


It’s wasted effort. They could have spent that time fixing demo, adding things we would actually use, etc. not really a relevant excuse there.

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What would make it more fun is if you could “select” a random player in the world for this - without their approval. Would make it a lot more fitting.

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False, it’s releasing Q4, which starts in five weeks.

It’s the end of August. Q4 starts in five weeks.

This is not happening so long as Demon Hunters exist.

LITERALLY HOOOMYGOD we’ve been repeating the same feedback across social media, across class of players from casuals to elites in the discords and forums and websites otherwise and we get this?!


I mean at least they got rid of that one curse that people were worried about having to use on every single enemy for damage.

That would have been SO annoying as affliction when I’m trying to dot people


It launches DURING Q4 not at the start of Q4. We could have Shadowlands launch in November. Its not launching at the start of Q4.

It could, I mean paladins and priest share a few spells like flash heal. Just name it Demonic Transformation and have it replace your demonic commander as a talent.

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I don’t get it man. Literally every other class are getting meaningful changes, talents baseline and replaced with new talents, new spells… and we get this crap. Just give us the GD doomguard baseline like we did in legion… or talent, whatever. It’s not that GD hard!!

Nether portal still needs fixed. Demo still needs an interrupt. No. Axe toss is not it. (For those who would come at me with that stupid crap). Call Felhunter needs to be baseline

I can’t believe it. So much feedback and it’s ignored. Again.

I look forward to every Wednesday to see changes… and this is what we got

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Never gonna happen…I do think it would be nice to have Dark Apotheosis back though.

people need to come to realize that Ion wasnt joking when he said “we dont want people playing Demology”


I like axe toss being able to be used as the interrupt. The only thing though is it needs to have no travel time and work on mobs who can no longer be stunned because of diminishing returns.