RIP Worldpvp ( Community council Member )

He went all in , and pulled the TIMEGATING cord .

Will they respond , ignore him or ban him :smiling_imp: ( joke ) ?

Mass likes for his thread pls

Continuing the discussion from Predatory timegating:


risk it for the biscuits


Where’s that man being thrown out the window meme :thinking:


ignore him probably or you will get the typical “so you want everything handed to you” response.

i mean he isn’t wrong there is a lot of time gating and stuff to work through just to get to the real end game content and prior to even catch up mechanics put in it can be hell. not to mention you get older content that is i would assume less lively because why do the 1st raid in the expac when the 2nd or 3rd one gives better gear? hell or even just doing other stuff gives better gear.

it’s like older content has no place in this game. their fix would be implementing it via TW events which tbh is pretty dumb imo especially when TW events are seldom and timed as well it’s not like it’s always up just to reward you with things like TW badges to get cool stuff or the mounts.


timegating is stupid, if you want your players to keep subbing then make the game fun, if people enjoy the game they will keep logging in to play the game, forcing content behind timelocks so you can make more money is one of the main reasons WoW has been bleeding subs all these years


only 8 likes in 30 mins , guys wtf ? You like timegated reputation i guess … 20 Days for double Legendaries … :yawning_face:

I guess he got tired of Blizzard ignoring PvP problems for the 3827th day in a row.


They might as well just not stop at this point and go for 5k.

I can’t wait until disgustingly broken gimmicks come about with double leggo and no hotfixes come.

Well there is not much to lose when all of the threads get ignored anyhow… funny that you put that post up there though :slight_smile:


My man, my man


I don’t see the reason for calling it predatory and leaning into the “time played metric” trope. I think that’s non-constructive.

Blizzard wants to make a great game more than anything.

I’m going to go with ignore because then they admit nothing.

Also, when they called them predatory it doesn’t leave much room for positive discourse.:man_shrugging:

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I actually agree with that brb


This brave one-eyed orc is taking one for the team!

You will be missed!

/moo :cow:

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From the title, I thought he was removed from the Council as well.

Much better.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah…this could have done with out the clickbait thread on GD with a Flava Flav style hypeman. The point is now lost in the fact that this thread exists so less people will take it seriously.


IDK man someone pointed something out really interesting to me already and I amended my phrasing .

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Timegating has been a serious problem since legion and has only gotten worse since then.


I would add the new flying grind to the list, as that would be a deal breaker for some given that makes for a static grind IMO. When it comes to new players coming in a couple weeks to a month after 9.2 comes out. Along with the conduit grinds as some of the conduits still come from Nathria. In which some will only come from sanctum too if I remember correctly. Currently the solution is to do Nathria, which most don’t want to do anymore. Which means your only practical and quick way is to buy a bunch of the conduit upgrade items to discover it. Then grind it up to max level in order to be able to at minimum max all your conduits that you use out. All in all I agree with everything you had to say. I am not looking forward to the month long grind that is expected to both be able to fly and have the belt. With the conduit system being another bone to pick but I think this is far more important to be discussed right now.