Rip Hunter PVP. Abusable mechanics (Leeway) Is fun blizz

Tauren Warriors shouldn’t be able to charge at 40 yards. But they have with leeway.

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Do you have evidence to back up your claim?

I’ve seen it happen multiple times in game, and I’ve seen videos showcasing the range extender. I’ve never bothered recording because I don’t know anyone I can test it with nor how it even happens. Just that after my trap fades and I’m at max range (41 yards) the Tauren can get a charge off without getting less than 40 yards from me.

No I mean “Do you have evidence they shouldnt be able to charge that range?”.


Charge is 8-25 yard range.

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Yes? And? Were Tauren able to charge that far in Vanilla?

No? Not unless there was a massive latency discrepancy. Why are you defending what is absolutely a broken mechanic by, “do you have proof this broken mechanic ISN’T accurate to vanilla”?

As I said, leeway and batching didn’t work like this at all times. Only in some cases - and certainly not to such a degree a Tauren can increase the range on Charge by over 50%.

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Because thats how it was?

Look, if you want balance, wait for BC, Wrath or Classic+. Leave the game how it is. Seriously.

Hunters really get screwed it seems. Because the game will let people melee you from that range but you still can’t shoot them either. Seems a little lose/lose - ish.

It wasn’t how it was now. It was only like this in rare circumstances. It wasn’t reliable nor common like it is in Classic. Because we have better net and machines, we’d almost never see the leeway like it is - but Blizzard artificially tuned it so it is always on.

This isn’t leaving the game like how it is, it’s wanting to fix what is broken. That includes batching affecting things it never did. You clearly don’t understand this isn’t accurate.


You have evidence of this then? Or I should say, evidence it wasnt always turned on.

…Blizzard themselves said they artificially created a leeway/batching system for Classic to try and emulate what was in vanilla. Batching was based off of server ticks (which weren’t always set in stone at like 400~500ms or whatever Classic is atm), and leeway was based on the connection of the players and not a set amount.

You really don’t know how the systems worked, do you?

You realize that they’re confirmed liars and have been wrong dozens of times, right?

In fact, be very afraid when you see “consistent with the reference client” because it’s generally another way of saying “yeah it’s bugged crap, but we’re never going to fix it.”


Another thing is scatter/trap sharing DR, which wasn’t really a thing in vanilla. There was a bug for a short time but it didn’t last. The Hunter discord was pretty upset about that and a lot of the, “intended” bugs that are still in the game.

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Enlighten me.

With a source other than yourself.

I can.

All it needs to be engaged is both target moving. Doesn’t even need to be players, works on mobs as well. It’s broken.

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Blizzard made a post saying they made an artificial system to emulate how it worked in vanilla. Except that it was a stable emulation, rather than a fluctuating one. I’m not going to bother hunting down sources of how it used to work when the problem we have now is that it is a stable high latency.

Youre jumping into a conversation and lost in the middle. You might want to read the conversation chain.

No, I read it, and showed you how the system works. Exactly as requested and answered in turn.

honestly, It’s not my fault you never knew about it. It’s been discussed quite a bit.

Leeway seems to execute a “queued” move even if it should have been aborted by interrupt, CC or escape. :frowning: