Rip Hunter PVP. Abusable mechanics (Leeway) Is fun blizz

I’m not purposefully feigning ignorance of anything. If you believe the leeway is an issue that’s fine, but it was an exact issue that also happened in classic. Which is why I brought up class imbalances or dead zones. Yeah, hunters having a dead zone negatively impacted them, but it did in vanilla too, so you don’t need to change it.

This right here is probably the dumbest view point you can have of ANYTHING regarding classic. “WELL THEY CHANGED SOME STUFF ANYWAY SO WHY DON’T WE JUST CHANGE MORE I DON’T GET IT”. I honestly shouldn’t even need to tell you why this thought should be ignored.

I’m not looking at this wrong I just don’t think you understand what leeway actually did. Leeway 100% effected players the same way in vanilla as it does right now, the only difference being you probably are noticing it more now than you did back then.

Keep in mind I said noticing it more, and not that it is occurring more. This was a feature that was 100% present in vanilla. Similar to how dead zone was. There is no changing this fact.

Taking leeway OUT would be altering gameplay specifically because you think it feels smoother.

To quote above "Leeway wasn’t a mechanic like dead zone… Leeway isn’t a spell or class specific item that violates #nochanges. It existed for a time of lousy internet. "


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Leeway is a feature to the game just as much as deadzone was. Just because you can make a seperation between one being class specific and one effecting everyone doesn’t matter.

It’s a feature to the game that needs to be replicated. Just like classic balance is a feature, gearing is a feature, honor is a feature… asking to change it is just straight up asking for a change to the game because of your personal preference. Nothing less.

Comparing Honor points to leeway is just ridiculous. Saying something is a “feature” does not make it one. And Blizzard doesn’t agree with your argument as we have seen with all the other QoL and gameplay changes. You have the exact reasoning you claim I have, your personal preferences. “Nothing less”

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No it’s not.

And it doesn’t matter if I say it’s a feature or not genius, it IS. You attempting to say leeway isn’t a feature of the game really highlights your ignorance.

Was it in the game in vanilla? Yes. Did it effect how everyone encountered fights in vanilla? Yes. Would it change drastically if you changed it back then or right now? Yes. It’s 100% a feature.

What are you talking about LOL. Blizzard OBVIOUSLY agrees with my argument considering it’s in the game and the list it as ‘not a bug’.

Objectively incorrect. My personal preference doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that blizzard gets as close as possible to the replication of vanilla, as that was their goal, and removing something they intentionally put in in order to achieve this would be idiotic.

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Hell I remember when there was no GCD, I could just slaughter people because my ping was faster and I’d just bam, pop, slam, wow dead ppl before they could get off an attack!

"Sounds like a feature to me. Because it was in vanilla at the time. That means it should stay in now. " t. Nicholass

It wasn’t in 1.12 so it must have been changed by then =D

You are really behind on this whole classic thing aren’t you.

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That used to happen a lot in vanilla. Attack on a warrior sort of queue up.

Nunber of times that I’ve an intercept heroic strike mortal strike at a hunter to have him fall over dead and me as a popsicle is too high to count. That’s just how it works.

Too many people in here posting as if they were around for vanilla so if you want your argument validated as how things used to work, post on a vanilla character. I mean how many of us are old farts? Go look at this title on my character. OG PvP system. This is a day one character when the game launched.

So let’s talk about how things used to work. Melee didn’t stand a chance with lag. It was a nightmare. You’d be on top of someone and not able to hit them. It was a time when warriors and rogues were screwed. You’d open with a cheapshot and they’d appear somewhere else and you’d miss time to build cps having to relocate them. You’d be behind someone trying to ambush and couldn’t. Then they’d spot you in stealth and do an aoe and get you out. It was a hilarious time.

Especially the ambush. Mostly trying to finish someone off but you couldn’t because you didn’t know where to be was comical. You’d have to burn sprint just to find the hit box.

Rogues could abuse the LIFE out of lag. We could take all our gear off, use sprint, and bleed kite warriors without getting hit. Circling a warrior like a maniac and then getting out of range wasn’t difficult. A lot of rogues stuck to the bleed kite method of dealing with geared warriors. If they went into berz stance, obviously you got in close to avoid intercept. There was NOTHING warriors could do but get chipped away at. Restealthing was a breeze. By the time they were at 20% hp you could just tank them in evasion and they couldn’t overpower enough to remotely do enough damage to you.

Those days it was needed. Leeway may still be needed to be honest. But it should be more intelligent. If someone is pinging over 150, they should have leeway applied to them so other players can hit them. Anything under I doubt you’d need leeway. Both players with good pings and one is a hunter, lmfao he’s food.

Latency has changed. If you aren’t on some high speed connection, that’s a you problem. Trying to cater to bad internet players by altering the entire game is ridiculous. BUT, we are talking about Blizzard here lol.

Hunters, just reroll. Classic needs more tanks. :wink:

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I honestly feel that as a melee, I can exploit it far too much against any ranged. Never once have I failed to Hamstring when I shouldn’t be able to. All it requires is both parties to be moving, then bam, I’ve massive melee range.

Wasn’t leeway already confirmed in their not a bug bug list that it was just as inconsistent as it was in vanilla?

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Oh, it’s not a bug. But any smart Melee can exploit the heck out of it, even by mistake, so ranged can never get ranged again.

Lemme put it this way. I can hamstring hunters outside their melee range, but not in range to shoot at me either.

I think why hunters are annoyed about it.

I’m well aware of what it is. It was present in vanilla and it sucks, but that’s the way it is.

Good. Payback for all the times hunters jumped my charge back in vanilla.

It wasn’t always tuned as high as it is in Classic. In Classic, it’s virtually maxed at all times.

I mean… I guess if you want to debate with the devs…

There’s been a number of inaccuracies their reference client had, actually.


Yea. To my understanding its just more noticable today. I also think it wouldnt be a hot topic if a video hadnt been made about it. It wouldve flown under the radar for the majority of players.

Overall, most people dont actually understand much of anything about the actual workings of the game and are just crying cause people gotta cry if they cant win all the time.

“I’m not a bad player so it must be someone else’s fault!”

With that said, I’m not Blizzard and I didn’t make the game and I dont have the reference client to test with so there isnt much else to say here.

Blizz says this is how it was and people need to learn to deal with it.