Rip Hunter PVP. Abusable mechanics (Leeway) Is fun blizz

Hey i got a couple yards on this rogue and got him wing clipped, I’ll pop cheetah… JUST JOKING Now your dazed cause 12 yard melee range. Rip

Hey Just juked this warrior out of his shoes and he missed hamstring, POP Cheetah Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuu JUST KIDDING you’re now hamstring cause he got 2 extra swings from Leeway funzies.

So fun strafing from a rogue after wing clipping him with distance that you can obviously see on screen yet he’s still destroying you from that imaginary leeway zone where his arms grow 12 foot and reach out and touch your soul.

Hunters inability to kite now makes them god awful in pvp.

Edit. Just thought I would link proof for all the white knights in this thread or people not intelligent enough to understand how game breaking Leeway is.


I’ve seen tons of hunters kite just fine. Is your ms high?


No, and you’re watching hunters kite bad players.

Us good players playing melee lay the beat down on hunters cause we abuse leeway.

This is an alt and I seriously feel bad for Hunter mains :d


I have 50 ms and I get hit by mobs at extremely long ranges also. I haven’t done enough PvP to comment on it there though.


Leeway always been problematic for my hunter, too.

Not sure if they will ever adjust. Hang in there.


You sound upset.


That has always been the case. In vanilla, good rogues and warriors destroyed hunters unless it was a gank.

And no. You cant use cheetah at all unless youre already at max range cause they’ll just use a ranged weapon and daze you.

Scatter/feign into a trap was the only reliable way to get back to range.


You have flares, traps, scatter shot, beast stun. How is the Rogue on you in the first place.

The leeway is to much, but blaming it for bad play is not the problem!


What spec are you show me what talents you have? Furthermore your 41! You haven’t the ability to complete a tree yet, but want to make changed to the game so its easier for you?

Hunter can OWN Rogue when played right!

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Who sounds upset? Tag someone.

I am the one abusing leeway laying the beat down on hunters would it WAS the other way around in vanilla.

Wheres the #nochanges crowd

Notice my hunters name guy?

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Definitely problematic, I hope there’s some adj before the BG’s hit.


lol no using cheetah off and on is legit how pro hunters bait and kite.

I shouldn’t even respond to you since your reading skills are subpar.
First off this is a farming ALT for gold.

My main dominates hunter when it absolutely shouldn’t and its because SKILLED players know how to abuse leeway period.


If I see you cheetah while wing clipped or stuck in a entrapment snare im throwing a dagger at your face! So you will be dazed nomatter what, Or im throwing a engineering bomb at you. Sounds like you need to learn hot to Hunter!


Really hoping phase 2 comes with a few mechanical fixes, leeway being high on that list. Before that i doubt they’ll do anything tho.

Yea i don’t have bombs either… And yes I will bait you into stopping to throw a dagger with cheetah and then toggle it off and keep running…

Thing is you don’t have to do that on rogue cause you can hit me from 12 yards away.

Roll PvE. Problem solved.


So you created a thread blaming LEEWAY for your decision to spec a Hunter for farming gold, and lacking the inability to fight a melee class because of it?

Its not leeways fault its your fault for speccing horribly!

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No always, its bad sometimes but with the Spell Batching its necessary because Melee would never hit anyone just jumping in the air while running you’d be to far away!

As far as im concerned remove Spell Batching this isn’t 2004 and remove leeway!


Best pvp advice I get outside other warriors are from Rogues :smile:

Sounds basic but maybe try duelling more, too?

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