Rip Hunter PVP. Abusable mechanics (Leeway) Is fun blizz

Here I had to dig down in some old threads because some people are starting to get the idea that this was not vanilla like. Check how far these autos are coming in during these videos

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You are right it does effect the meta, and if we want to have a meta that is vanilla like then it needs to stay. If you dislike it that’s fine. Calling it inauthentic is incorrect

Notice that I never said it was inauthentic. I said it adversely effects the meta.

any PvP’er is going to pounce when you do cheetah every time…every class can do some type of ranged attack…

so ya… not a great move


Then what point are you attempting to make by saying this? Hunters having a dead zone also effects the meta. Is this a concern? Of course not.

That’s not really the point though is it?

You’re not 60 so you can’t say that! Apparently we all have to be levell 60 Classic to know how to pvp? lmao

Without leeway melee would be out of range 30% of the time!

You seem to be having a conversation with an imaginary version of me where you are assuming point that I’m not making.

What is the point then? Just crying about a feature that’s authentic to vanilla?

Well guess I’ll just make a thread about how I think mages do too much damage and expect people to listen to me.


I’m not assuming anything now, I’m asking you what the point is.

Very adept reading comprehension.

Why don’t you just tell me with your words what you think the point is besides linking me a video of a guy displaying leeway.

We all know that we are not playing vanilla, the game is already heavily filled with features we didn’t have. What was a technical limitation at the time should be considered for being changed. Here are a collection of player sentiments from the video above:

“If you can Hamstring or apply Crippling poison from 8~ yards out that is broken af.”

“Hunters are basically dead on arrival if this goes live in Classic. Thank you for putting this together. The Warstomp confirms just how outrageous the range is.”

“If they keep melee leeway the way it is, I’m playing a warrior If they remove melee leeway I’m going mage”

“been watching people on the beta strafe and get dazed from 15 yrds away, just makes me sad to see. More content creators need to shine light on this.”

"Though I do think there should be some leeway mechanic, this seems kinda extreme… "

“So we will see an even bigger influx of warriors/rogues and mages(to counter melee) after a couple of months once people just ditch their hunters or warlocks”

" Well this will most likley bring everyone to rogue and warriors even more, mages will be mortal striked before they even get out of the nova range. "

" Yeah, I think it’d probably make sense to remove leeway. "

“I really think Activision has been trolling us so hard with Classic. There’s just no way the underpaid, overworked fresh programmers overlook such simple broken mechanics like this.”

The point is that at the current settings, leeway adversely affects class distribution, effectiveness, skill caps, and the overall meta. You may protest against getting nerfed, but we can all agree that it hampers many classes with hunters arguably affected the most.

Perhaps you aren’t one of those pro hunters

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So your point is that we should remove something that was in vanilla because you think it’s bad for the game. Even though this is almost exactly how it was in vanilla…

Do you understand how this is no different than asking for changes like dead zones or pve class balances?

The only thing you have to offer is that it can get you killed and it doesn’t feel good when it happens to you. There is nothing ‘wrong’ going on here, because it is replicating exactly what it should.

There are a myriad of changes already present in classic wow. Many game changing. There is no need to have this level of leeway. That’s the “argument”. If you prefer it still overpowered that’s fine. But you are purposefully feigning ignorance of the points and insulting me (doesn’t feel good when I get killed. etc).

You’re thinking about this all wrong. Leeway wasn’t a mechanic like dead zone. Leeway was an artificial crutch to find a way to somehow bridge poor latency players with great latency players.

Historically, all net based games struggled with this. Server side hit detection has always struggled the most. The server has to decide what is correct and this always is foul for clients. Some games moved to a client based detection system and discovered a whole other mess of problems (getting hit before even seeing a player or projectile shot at you)

Leeway isn’t a spell or class specific item that violates #nochanges. It existed for a time of lousy internet. We all know that 15 some odd years later this has changed. Now, simply it is a melee buff that was never intended to operate how it does with two players both pinging quick to the server.


Well said.

lmfao this is how it was back in vanilla too. i remember conc shotting someone while flag carrying and then he hamstringed me, AFTER the stun proc hit. explain to me how i can shoot someone and get melee’d by them, after theyve been stunned?

this game has always been total garbage for pvp.