Cloning Service Retiring July 26

Blizzard has announced that the cloning service will be retired on July 26, 2022. If you do not use the service by then, the clones will get permanently deleted.

Blizzard has a sale on this service at a 67% discount… fair price (which is how it should have originally been priced).


I may take advantage of this service. Are there realms that are still active?


If you haven’t made a choice for any of your characters since the last time you logged in to either WoW Classic or Burning Crusade Classic, those characters will be moved to Burning Crusade Classic. The Classic Era version of the character will be permanently deleted and unavailable for cloning.

I’m thinking of this, too as I moved onto TBC, but didn’t clone my WoW Classic characters to WoW Classic. Are there any active raiding guilds?

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Mmm use it or lose it, Blizz?


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Blizz has free transfers that allow players to funnel into either Mankrik or Whitemane as posted in Free Character Transfers Now Available -- WoW Classic Era . When anyone reactivates, they can transfer and join everyone else. My only hope is that by deleting clones at the end of this, that will make room for Blizz to merge all servers and/or free up character names.

I have made a post here summarizing the state of US PVP servers. I will update with PVE information when possible.

And make room for the massive numbers of SoM trophies.

Yep, a lot of names should get freed up on July 26 since uncloned toons will get purged.

It’s a pity that the PvP server transfer destination is just to Whitemane. I have Horde and Alliance toons to transfer… one faction would have to be abandoned on a dead server.


Yeah, same here. My Alliance toons are actually already on Whitemane, but also not Naxx attuned.

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I know a few members of Phase 7 have donated mats to attune new members before. There are Strat UDs being run constantly for the mount as well so getting rep should be easy.

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to ensure clarity, I’m pasting a self-quote from an earlier thread that had questions about the Classic Era Realms:

One More Thing: All Classic Era Clusters are joined together for the purposes of PvP Battleground queues.


You can free transfer one faction of characters to Whitemane and pay transfer your other faction to a Whitemane connected server like Bigglesworth, Arcanite Reaper, or Thunderfury. A fair number of players have both Horde and Alliance that way


True but that becomes a mighty expensive option.

free is fair anything over that is a ripoff*

Come join the pvp community:

As mentioned, use the free transfer to move your characters to Whitemane (PvP) or Mankrik (PvE) clusters. There are raids taking place every week with multiple guilds / PUGs, as well as a healthier economy and AH. This is where you will find most of the population.