Classic ERA - Character Clones Discounted and Closing July 26th

Hey TBC Players,

Blizzard has announced they will be closing character copies to Classic Era (Vanilla Forever) servers on July 26th 2022. Starting today the service has been discounted to $5 per character with free transfers to the active realms.

I would also like to update you on the state of Classic Era.
There are currently two active US Server Clusters. Whitemane for PVP and Mankrik for PVE. Both of which are free server transfer destinations.

Whitemane currently has 5 active 40 man raiding guilds. 2 on Alliance and 3 on Horde
There are several pvp discords. Battle grounds are cross region with AV queues popping on AV weekends.

Pug dungeons can be found at all times and pug raids can be found at peak hours.

GDKPs are rare on alliance, but occur once or twice a month. Horde have weekly GDKPs

Alliance guilds:
Phase 7

Pasta Sauce

Horde guilds:
Forever Classic
Not Prepared

Gold buying and bots are completely non-existent. Account purchases still exist, but have greatly diminished as the market for this service is entirely on TBC and SoM.

As frustrating as the $5 fee is, don’t miss your chance to make your clone. Even if its just for your level 60 trophy case. Classic ERA is alive and growing, and free of the worst qualities of classic. Come be a part.


Alright, thanks for sharing.

$5 really isn’t that much. I think most people can get that money just by looking through their couch cushions for loose change. I suspect you guys will get a lot of new people from this!


Hopefully so! There is no doubt our biggest growth has come from the character clones. Every day new people log in and we have come a long way from having to schedule 5 mans. The announcement is not great news for us, but understandable.

Thanks to you and the other person who mentioned this. I might clone my priest. I’ve been trying to not pay for extra stuff but it’s $5 and I love the Classic (Vanilla) version of the game, so it’s probably worth doing it anyway.

Your welcome, I honestly think it is. Era has been the best classic wow experience I have ever had. Real guilds, with real people. No botting and real money transaction nonsense. Its a pure vanilla experience

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I might clone my Hunter, Druid, Rogue, and Warlock, Horde and Alliance.

Hunter is my favorite class at Classic Level 60.

sharing a post that gives a detailed breakdown of each of the Classic Era Clusters:

One More Thing: All Classic Era Clusters are joined together for the purposes of PvP Battleground queues.

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This is interesting. I wonder if after that date they’ll actually free up a lot of unused character names. That would be nice.

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