Retroactive Dibs Only Work If You're a Demon Hunter

Which part of DEMON do you think a hunter should have dibs on?


A hunter gaining the ability to “tame” undead and demons is a defining characteristic of their class? IMO, it’s quite the opposite of a defining characteristic of a hunter.

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The Warlock clan have used their magiks to create the hideous abomination that they call spiders. Mutated from the smaller creatures commonly found in the area,

playable warlocks in WoW only summon demons from the nether, they don’t create abominations through experimental mutations with dark magic.

Having lots of pet options isn’t a “defining characteristic” of Hunters since it didn’t exist since day one.

Originally each pet had their stats and abilities that they had on the wild, so there was a BiS pet to be had. All you could choose was whether to be good or bad.

But as time passed, Hunters got quality of life improvements on their pet system. More freedom, more customization, more choice. Warlocks didn’t. The Warlock pet system is exactly the same as it was on launch.

Improving on the Warlock pet system and allowing customization doesn’t mean taking something from Hunters.


I’m not sure why Warlock pets is “giving another class one of the defining characteristics of another class.” considering they’ve had them since the beta for Vanilla.

Technically since Hunters weren’t added until last minute, they’ve had pets longer than Hunters have existed.


This is unacceptable…

Shadowlands made Mortis sad!!!

This will dramatically impact my decision whether or not to purchase.


I’ve been playing since WC 2 myself, started when I was 8, I am now 32. DK’s then also were casters of sort i.e. summoning a whirlwind. However those Death Knights are different from the Death Knights we have right now.

Army of Demon Spiders sounds a heck of a lot scarier than Army of Imps.

Would be cool to replace Fel Guards with those Demon Spider ladies from Legion, too.

There really is a lot they could do with customization options now that the Legion itself is defeated. Defeated, but not gone.

We could have the Eredar as a neutral race, giving Draenei a red skin tone and Warlock option. You’d have Eredar who are in it for power joining the Horde, and Eredar in it for redemption joining the Alliance to make amends with their cousins.

And all the cool Demon types we saw in Legion as additions to Warlocks.

More Warlock options Blizz!


Arachnophobia is a real thing. A very real thing. I heard it from a friend…

Might as well give spiders to the class with an ability literally called “fear.”


Yet the spider glyph hunters get only works 10% of the time.

Obligatory posting of my thread with the flesh out idea, Rosenivy’s thread that has more replies, and the compilation thread I’m adding this thread to.

#DemonStables Now

Be better, not bitter.

Nah, Demons shouldn’t be glyphs. There’s too many, as I explain in my thread, and the diversity would be a HUGE fun add.

It took 10 years to get Green Fire :slight_smile:

Warlocks have demon dogs though.

!!! Forreal!

Actually we summon demons from the nether AND aberrations from the void (Voidwalker, Voidlord)

Welcome brother to #WarlockStables Now

Warlocks should be able to “tame” demons.

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Indeed good sir