Ret Pally LF Semihardcore Raiding Guild

Veteran player (15+ year old character) returning from a long stint in WoW classic.
After spending the past 12 months as a raid leader in classic I’m looking to get back into retail. Haven’t raided retail since SoO was current content.

I can provide Classic logs if need be.

Looking to raid 2 nights a week in EST time zone. Ret main spec, prot off spec. Lots of experience as a tank if need be. Not interested in mythic raiding - lifestyle doesn’t line up well with 3+ nights a week of raids.

Message Babaganuche in game. Thank you!

I’d love to have a talk with you about our group! We only raid two nights a week, 7pm to 10pm EST. Those days rotate on a set schedule - Week 1 Tues/Wed, Week 2 Wed/Thurs, Week 3 Tues/Wed, then back to week 1. Not as complicated as it sounds, a few of us work shift schedules.

Nylos#11610 if you’re interested!

Hey Baba! My guild is looking to recruit trial raiders for the upcoming patches. Please check out our forum post and if you are interested fill out our little questionnaire. We would love to have you. :slight_smile: [A] Durability Zero - 5/10 Heroic, M+, and RBGs! LF Mage, Warlock, and more!