[A] Durability Zero - 5/10 Heroic, M+, and RBGs! LF Mage, Warlock, and more!

Durability Zero is a new progression raiding guild looking for raiders, M+ keys, RBGs, and more!

Currently looking for Mage and Warlock DPS as well as exceptional players of other specs! Feel free to whisper me for more info or questions!

We raid Tuesday and Thursday 6-8:30PM as well as alt raids and other content throughout the week and weekends! Current 5/10H

If you’re interested and would like to apply or have any questions feel free to fill out the form or reach out to us below.


Guild Leader - Teesee
Battle Tag: tsc412#1554


Best guild <3


Keepin’ it real!

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Very Pogchampion of you, sir.