Reserve Your Name in WoW Classic on August 12 at 3:00 p.m. PDT


Dunno why Blizz can’t has this start at 6pm PST and not 3pm PST. Kind of screws over the west coast people. Known player names are going to be stolen and memed but I guess it is what it is.


Because it’s a global release, and the later PST is, the later Europe is. The trade off between the two is 3pm, so that Europe’s naming starts at midnight, not 3am…

Plus the majority of US players are in EST.


Can you link a source?


Go read the Guild forums where almost every guild is on EST.

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I later said I thought it required some minimum level to save it to your account. Which makes sense. So that means for Classic you can’t really rely on quickly grabbing a name and then having the time to delete and remake it to customize the character.

However, if the character creation persists until launch you can just create a character as fast as possible to grab a name. And then at some obscure time in the next two weeks spend the 30 seconds or so to delete and remake it. Odds are someone won’t be sitting there spam trying for a name that entire period.


but I want to name my shaman Thex


That’s not very reliable. The guild forums don’t account for 100% of NA guilds.

Can you link like a survey or a population map?


I’ve only ever seen it asked once, and I can’t find the survey again. But given that Europe has 50% of the player base based on the Reddit surveys, that’s enough reason.


You’re the Thex, arrrrrounnnnnd, and nothin’s eva gonna keep character creation dowwwwwnnnn


Wait how did Europe get thrown in here? You claimed that majority of players are on EST.


Uh, the first half of the statement, which is the more significant reason??


Okay cool, but I’m not replying about the first part. I just wanna know where you got this from?


Empirical evidence based on all guild listings, one survey from months ago that I can’t find, and the canonical knowledge that CST and EST comprise the majority of the US population.

Look up a heat map of the US population some time. They’re all over in the east.

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Behold! Thy hype is afoot!


Be careful throwing around statistics that can’t be verified or proven. If you’re going to state a fact, make sure it is backed by solid info beforehand.

Not only here, but that’s important in real life too. Could make you look ignorant.


Sorry, but I clicked your link and did not see the time zones.

Is this because I’m on mobile or am I just being a luddite?


Except that I just listed off verifiable things to back up the claim…

The fact that you don’t accept them as valid is not me looking like a fool, it’s your personal opinion…


Well, I didn’t actually provide the link to the Realm Status page, but assuming you’re not failing in your GoogleFu…

Ahh yeah. Use “show as desktop” to see the timezones.


I see we’re ****ing over PST players again.

Basically what I’m hearing is I don’t get to reserve my name with everyone else because I have a job and don’t get off until 2 hours after name reservations become available thanks to it starting at 3 in the afternoon.

And to top it off it’s not possible to do this through either the site or the the app why?

I’d like a chance to get my names just as much as any other player instead of getting screwed over on this in addition to the launch.