Requiring "score" to use valor upgrades = poor system

The way to get people to play longer is to reduce the amount of faceroll stuff in the game, not increase it.

Everything is faceroll, so that isn’t the solution. Gate keeping for no reason is bad for the game.

I am already done with Season 4, so why not give me incentive to play some alts?


why not though it’s not my fault raid loot sucks people should of been whining since legion especially normal and heroic raiders so it worked something similar to keys. y’all might enjoy grinding stuff on tons of characters after 18 yrs but i sure don’t. blame blizz to there the ones who put one toon all you had to do in game then removed it lol.

Wait, you don’t want to grind rating, but you’ll grind tens of thousands of valor to upgrade from +2 gear all the way to 12/12 ?

I use “grind rating” very liberally here.


Season 1 upgrades (Valor was introduced in 9.0.5) were achievement-based, and ratings simply consolidated the achievement requirements, e.g. you need the same approximate content to get KSM and unlock full Valor upgrades as you did back then to get the KSM achievement and unlock full Valor upgrades.

When they did the switch from KSM to Rating, since KSM is account-wide, in Season 1 you unlocked Valor upgrades for all characters, and in Season 2 onwards each character needs to get the rating to unlock additional Valor upgrade ranks. That’s what they were referencing.

Their Raider IO reference is obviously incorrect, but you should be able to grasp the intent of what they were saying without losing yourself in inane technicalities.

To get the later quests, you need to do the earlier quests, so I’m relatively sure that “fres alts” will still need to first slog through the 30 Dinars quest.

You MAY have. You even probably will. But you can also just not. That’s kinda how RNG works.

The point of Valor is to allow people to make upgrades to work around that, so if the Valor cost is prohibiting actually upgrading their lowest-ranked items, it’s an idea that’s fighting its own purpose, and just a noob trap. Noob traps are usually poor design.

Of course, the actual thing we’re not talking about is that 1k costs for each weapon rank upgrade if you happen to use a 2H are absolutely ridiculous, especially for a currency that outside of this season (or when previous seasons were “over”) has has a Seasonal Cap.


You need double the content actually.

All 3 raids will be Fated at the same time, all the time :

That’s 31 total bosses, making the first 30 kill quest doable in a single week.

You will have. You know how many keys 12k valor (and that’s just the weapon slot) is ?

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you and i both know people wouldn’t even grind rating if they didn’t have to lol. valors a freaking joke to key loot should of never been nerfed but the crybabies before valor was a thing. it ain’t my fault blizz puts out crap expansions and all my friends quit and i get tired of finding new ones and all i do is pug here and there. all you wanna do is argue go away and btw even serious key pushers would rather grind valor in low keys cause they all sure was doing it was they not instead of grinding higher keys when they got stuck with lower ilvl gear and there’s still people doing it to this day.

I mean, any rating above 2k is worthless by that token, yet…


The point of the Tyrannical/Fortified split is to mirror the idea that they’re effectively equal modes of the same difficulty, so as far as Blizzard is concerned, their intent is that the achievement of score combining Tyrannical and Fortified weeks is the same requirement as what came before.

Now I disagree entirely with that premise from them, but it’s also completely irrelevant AGAIN to what was being said.

That will happen at some point in the future, but they haven’t actually announced exactly when it will be. What you’re quoting isn’t stating that it will happen on the week following Sept 6. For all we know, we’ll have a phase where there are 2 Fated Raids available every week first, then it’ll go to 3. Again for all we know, the until is referencing the Dragonflight prepatch hitting, and that’s when the rotation gets removed. We’ve been given no idea how long SEason 4 is expected to last.


And yes, I’m fully aware. Are you aware of how random number generation works?

Let’s take even just Gambit. It has a 2h weapon in its drop table, while Streets does not, so that’s the best possible context we’ve got.
Gambit has 8 items that drop for Ret.

If you’re doing, say, a +15 and timing every time, you have a 2/5 chance to be the person who loots an item, and a 1/8 chance for that item to be a weapon (assuming all drops are weighted equally). Statistically speaking, especially over a sample of a few hundred thousand people, there are a lot of those people who will do 56 runs and never see the weapon drop.

We’re not even talking statistical anomalies here. For THAT example, there are obviously 1% drop items that many, many people have had 2,000+ tries on and never seen, even though on average you would expect to see one drop every 100 attempts. That is how RNG works, my dude. You cannot use “will” or “certainly” when talking about RNG. Come on now, this is basic math. You have to be smarter than this.

double the content. I don’t need a lecture, I simply pointed out it’s not equivalent.

Which is speculated to be in 2 weeks.

Good, then you know how foolish an endeavour it is to fully upgrade gear from 1/12 instead of just farming up better gear. Since you know, there’s quite a few pieces you’ll Catalyst convert and don’t even need specifics of anyway.

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The current system seems fine.

It’d be weird to be able to spam, say, +2s and upgrade everything to 298.



That’s the design goal, to buy and sell carries so the house can skim off their share. Works just like a casino.


i think it’s a fair system.

it also gives incentive to push and keeps players doing their best when climbing the ladders (well anyone serious enough about improving anyway)

It’s a built in system gate designed to slow down progress of players at the lower end so most of them will never become competitive. That makes high end players feel more epic.

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I’m told repeatedly that M+ players don’t care about gear and only run it for fun. If that’s the case, why does it matter to you that you need a score to upgrade gear?

whoever told you that has no idea what they’re talking about :100:

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modern valor is bad luck protection not a progression system.
That’s why there’s a rating requirement.

Now, it could be a hybrid badluck/catchup system if they just made the unlocks account wide again…

Ouch. You are playing the game wrong.

They have answered all your concerns:

That is wrong. You dont upgrade the lowest ilevel gear to 12/12. That would consume tons of Valors. You are doing it this way becoz of uncapped Valor. This uncapped Valor maybe temporary only for this short Season. In regular Season, we would have capped Valor… limited. So we farm high keys for loots not on low keys. With high keys, we only need fewer Valors to upgrade them to 12/12.

You cant upgrade a gear into 12/12 right now if you dont have 2000 M Rating. Here’s the table:

7 281 600 Mythic+ Rating
8 285 1,000 Mythic+ Rating
9 288 1,200 Mythic+ Rating
10 291 1,400 Mythic+ Rating
11 294 1,700 Mythic+ Rating
12 298 2,000 Mythic+ Rating

On me, I am not KSM yet as I am at 1850 M Rating. I could only upgrade M+ Gear up to ilevel 294. If you see me wearing a gear higher than ilevel 294 like my Range weapon, it means it came from Vault.

If you dont want to do high keys, you dont need gear upgrades.

You find the game fun when you faceroll it. On me, I find the game boring if I am facerolling it. It has to have difficulty and pressure to make the game interesting on me. But that is me. It is stressful to you becoz you are not used to it. Dont give up. Just keep fighting. Repetition improves your Muscle Memory. In time when you improve, it wont be as stressful… it would become easier and easier then you wont realize that you are already having fun.

Honestly I find 10s more fun. 15s get easier the more people get gear though.

Its nice to get the dungeon affix when it buffs you. Dungeons are rough when people still need gear.

That’s basically what happened this season cause there was no VP cap. People just bumrushed KSM and farmed 2’s for VP.

It made for some disgustingly quick gearing, as soon as I hit 2k IO I went up like a solid 8 ilvl overall.

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