Reptilian races?

There are Sethrak riding Krolusk all over Vol’Dun, and the Devoted are quite good and endeavoring to find balance with their loa and the avatar of Sethraliss. It’s only the Faithless, which are really just a bunch of imperial expansionists, that we combat. For all we know, the Sethrak empire could be sprawling with all sorts of factions within it. There’s SO much that could be explored there, but we only get the tip of the iceberg.


Agreed. Though some of us do try!


That’s cool. I replied to a guy talking about Naga, not Sethrak.

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Oh god no. Anything but those ugly annoying turtle. I don’t want to see another turtle in this game!

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These boots are Argonian leather, outlander

Oh woops, sorry Dremin, got confused.

I thought ‘man, tortollan would be fun to play as’ but, honestly? Nah. It’d be a joke race as much as anything. And hearing grandpa/grandma voice all the time would get super tiring.

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