Reptilian races?

Alright Blizzard. C’mon now. We’ve got 4 furry races. Tauren, Pandaren, Vulpera, and Worgen. We’ve got 4 kinds of elves, and 2 kinds of humans, orcs, draenei, trolls, tauren, dwarves, and gnomes.

It’s time to branch out a little. Yeah, I’m talking reptilian races.

Most fantasy settings have one.
Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder have the Lizardfolk, Dragonborn, and even the Yuan-ti (of varying levels of abomination). Magic the Gathering has a plethora of creatures, including snakefolk. The Elder Scrolls series has the Argonians. Even Warhammer has the Seraphon/Lizardfolk!

There’s precedent for it, and more than that there’s a section of the playerbase that really wants it. There’s a whole Discord server dedicated to Sethrak, there’s the #Sethrakplz hashtag on twitter, and more besides. You HAVE a reptilian race that’s ready to be pulled in as an allied race!

When Sethrak were first revealed, the hype for them was real. Yeah, it’s calmed down by now, cooled off, and with no news about a reptilian race in Shadowlands, most people don’t really have any hope whatsoever. I also understand very well the challenges of rigging a new body shape, fitting the tens of thousands of armor pieces and outfits onto a new shape, and voicing and animating two new genders of a race on top of creating all of the customization options needed to give players the variety they’ve come to expect in WoW. All of that means money, money that doesn’t really need to be spent to keep WoW going.

But even if it’s not Sethrak, I REALLY want to see a push for a reptilian playable race of some kind. There’s easier ways you could do it, by reskinning the Tauren or even the Kul Tiran into an alligator-like race. Their hunched over form would be perfect to represent a hulking lizardman type creature! Replace hooves with claws, add a stubby lizard tail on the back end (or ideally a longer one, but let’s go with what’s easy). Or you could reskin the draenei for the back-jointed legs of some springy lizard creature, and again, the bigger male is perfect for a broad-chested lizardfolk-like creature!

It would add a fantastic level of variety, help fill a hole in the fantasy setting, allow for additional lore to be explored, and give us something new to hope for the future. Heck, we’ve already seen that the Warcraft universe has tons of different planets, mutants, corrupted things coming out the wazoo, and now we’re heading off into the realm of the dead. SURELY somewhere in there is room for a reptilian race to make their presence felt in Azeroth!

Let me know what you guys think. This is just me casting my vote, though it feels like screaming into a heartless void. I can hope and pray, and I’ll even wait for the next expac, but I really want to see this happen.


I vote for Tortollan. lol


There’s precedent for it, and more than that there’s a section of the playerbase that really wants it. There’s a whole Discord server dedicated to Sethrak, there’s the #Sethrakplz hashtag on twitter, and more besides. You HAVE a reptilian race that’s ready to be pulled in as an allied race!

This is what happens when people get their hopes up for something that very likely won’t ever happen. Lesson to be learned. Until its in game, don’t count on anything. Sethrak were never going to be an allied race. The"hype" for them was completely unfounded and only existed because people thought that there was going to be some kind of goblin/worgen AR pairing. What about Mantid, naga, quillboars, fungarians, tolvir. All of these races literally have just as much a chance of being playable as Sethrak, but where is the hype? These people were deluding themselves.

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these are the races most fantasy seems to struggle with, yet I feel have huge untapped potential.


I’m all for reptilian races but I’d rather they try to rework classes and specs that are in dire need of it instead of flooding the screen with more playable races. My second priority would be to give the existing races more customization options; for instance, the Nightborne could badly use more. They’ve shown us they clearly have the means to do both of those.

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offended Kobold noises


Most allied race campaigning communities are bad news in my experience.

Sethrak and High elves

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Sethrak! Sethrak! Sethrak!

Saurok are cool too though.


hmm… i prefer a new cute waifu nano androids females anime race, and you male side a robot neo future cyborg robot race both neutral race NO GNOMES ORIGINS Like the pandaren with the monk, start with the gnome and the goblin for the beginning of the arrival of the new Tinker class.

something to give it a fresh JRPG style touch as seen in Warcraft 3 and TBC.

It makes me sad when people forget there is already a Lizard Man race in the game that uses the Worgen rigging. The Saurok have been around since Mop and are ripe to be made playable. I’ve been asking for them for years but no one seems to even remember they exist…


Lizards from Divinity (especially the females look neat.)
Arakkoa from WoW (both varieties.)
Floran from Starbound

Those examples (Arakkoa should really be playable …) do a great job with the respective themes.

Also kobolds in D&D and Pathfinder. Crazy little lizard folks getting up to all sorts of hilarious shenanigans… :laughing:

Exactly!! Why no Kobold love?

I probably play Kobolds more than I should…


I’d adore a reptilian race on the Alliance. The Alliance is in desperate need of unique races and a scaled race would be a first for the game as a whole. The Sethrak’s outlook and culture would’ve meshed well with us, but if they end up falling to obscurity, I’d be thrilled to see a powerful noble draconic race join us.
Wrathion kept appearing in the Alliance embassy in BFA beta until he was removed, I was hopeful it could’ve led to him leading fellow dragonkin into the faction. Perhaps they could revisit that idea someday, Wrathion has on more than one occasion favoured Anduin, after all.


Every one of my characters in GW2 are Sylvari. Love the racial armor options.

Lizards seem to be the go to option for a reptile race. Can’t really think of another anthropomorphic one.

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Naga please :heart_eyes:

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imagine being a Tortollan monk


I think Sauroks are the best option to be playable reptilian race in wow.
Their animations looks like the Worgens animations, and their shape can easily fits any armor.


I never got to play mine. He was pink and a necromancer

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all is see are scalies!

though the sneks are popular.

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I had a kobold necromancer too!

They insisted that they were “healing” things when performing said necromantic shenanigans though.

Somehow that party managed to survive despite the crazy little bugger. :laughing:

I had it planned that my kobold would use necromancy and a lot of trap themed spells.

Stuff like using the Mold Earth cantrip to create little pitfalls before making a bonfire in it when it traps something.

Or other trap spells like Grease, Snare

Or raising the dead then giving them Dragon’s Breath ( I checked, it could work )