Reptilian races?

Just roll human and RP as Mark Zukerberg

I think this is an insult to reptiles…

At least they have personality.


Yeah, I figured that Kul Tiran and Humans were the kind of ‘counterpart’ to each other, but it still opens up options in the future if Blizzard wants to make other sorts of races based on those rigs and animations.

Saurok over sethrak. A four legged lizard going bipedal is believable. A legless animal thoroughly adapted to having no limbs suddenly becoming humanoid, not quite so much.


Junkgnomes are more credible for dismembering their bodies, with metal tied to the amputated parts, as much as magic in a fantasy game.

But sethraks need to meet an evolutionary concept, to be more credible, when it is unlikely to accept that a gnome implants a prosthesis without ever credibly explaining how it works with a living body, without there being credible rejection of implants.

Countless things in this fantasy game are not believable but we are here for that. to see dragons, orcs, trolls and other things that are not believable, like a 60 cm gnome warrior holding a 2 meter high tauren warriors.
If I were to be credible to be accepted or possible, I would be playing Sins.

I don’t prefer sauroks or sethraks, when I can choose both, since we have 2 types of humans, trolls, orcs, among others, why not both?
2 is better than 1.


Yeah ngl, the whole thing about it being a ‘fantasy’ game is what I’m focused on here. It doesn’t have to make perfect evolutionary sense.

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Hell yeah.
Sethrak for the Alliance and Saurok for the HORDE!


How dare you not even mention Draconians from Dragonlance? You sir have failed.

LOL at people even suggesting Saurok. Aren’t they like totally savage, brutal, raider types? They are far too evil and violent for any faction.

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And people said the same about Worgens re: Sons of Arugal.
People also said the goblins would never pick a side.
Brutal raider types… you mean Like Orcs?


Its not happening. They are way worse than Orcs.

Sethrak for Alliance
Saurok for Horde


Not to mention we know at least Vorrik, Korthek and Serrik are/were over 16,000 years old. So humanoid snakes been around a long time in Azeroth. :woman_shrugging:

If Sethraliss made the Sethrak maybe she just made them in her image but gave them aspects of other mortal races she’s encountered.

Sylvari in Gw2 are similar. And they’re plant people.

I love my humanoid snake people.

I like Saurok. And it’d be cool if they’re implemented as a playable race. But I currently stand strong with the Sethrak.


The thing about the Saurok is that at first glance, they seem like they’re just primitive angry lizards who would attack others at the drop of a hat and go all RAWR all the time. However, consider the following:

Saurok are members of a pirate crew and work together with other races while mingling with other pirate crews of different races.

Saurok are capable of sitting in an underwater bar among other other races, even being fine with a Dwarf walks up to them and does a friendly roar to them.

Some Saurok have been allowed in the Temple of Xuen, walk among the other races there without slaughtering them on sight, and engage in a friendly and honorable combat.

Not all Saurok are completely violent and uncontrollable. If anything, they do have discipline to work with others to achieve a greater goal, even if it is pirate supremacy in the case of the Brinescale Tribe, and are capable of engaging in and being a part of a society while being on good behavior. It’s very possible some Saurok aren’t evil and could work for a greater goal, like with that of the Horde.

The other thing to consider is that several currently playable races use to be evil mooks that were not very nice:

Dark Iron Dwarves, once evil Dwarves that brought Ragnaros into the world, actually have a good faction of them, joined the Alliance, and became playable.

Zandalari Trolls, once an evil group that did a number of things against the Horde and even helped to bring Lei Shen back into the world, had a good group of them that worked with and joined the Horde.

Worgen, once mindless mooks, became more than what they were with Gilneas and joined the Alliance.

Some of the Mag’har Orcs were part of the Iron Horde, once the main villain of WoD, and had children. Both of which now part of the Horde.

Gilblins, once being all male mooks with low intellegence obsessed with treasure and causing problems by attacking both factions, had more culture and personality added to them with the Unshackled. While currently a NPC race, they are a candidate for becoming playable in some fashion in the future.

The point is that if Blizzard decides they want to make a race playable, they will do what they have to in order to make them a new playable race. Whether it’s create new lore, expand the race’s culture or personality, and even bring in different tribes or clans that act differently, it would be done and Saurok are no exception. After all, if they worked with the races above to make them playable, then why would Saurok be an exception?

Now, does this mean Saurok have a high chance? No, they still have quite the hill to climb, but it isn’t impossible. Besides, a former slave race fighting against their tyrannical masters (the Mogu) who want to enslave them again and destroy their chances of survival sounds like great story opportunities and fits quite well with the Horde’s theme of banding together against a world that rejects them.

Regardless, playable Horde Saurok is something I plan to continue supporting as best as I can. Playable Saurok have a lot of great gameplay and story opportunities, and would be a great addition as a playable race if expanded on. WoW could use some playable reptilian races for flavor, and they would bring a lot to the table in my opinion. :lizard:

Let’s get some reptiles on that character creation screen! :snake: :crocodile: :turtle:


I think one of my biggest questions to Blizzard is: What do we, as players or as a community have to do to convince them to do this thing? Do we have to raise an amount of money? Do we have to kill X number of Faithless? Do we have to get a number of players to reach Exalted with every BFA faction? Do we have to reach a certain number of retweets on a hashtag, or a number of e-mails to the support group? Like, give us some THING to do to achieve a goal so that it doesn’t feel like we’re screaming into a void for years. :confused:

You would think that multiple articles, videos, theories, thread posts, suggestions, even a whole event where some 50+ people disguised themselves as Sethrak for a walk through the Alliance Capitol would push for a little bit of progress…

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There are already lizard people in the game, they’re in Pandaria and they’re called Saurok.

Sure, but they aren’t playable. We want a playable reptilian race. I’d prefer Sethrak but I’d settle for Saurok.


Let’s go Sethrak!


Isn’t that the million dollar question? I don’t think there is a surefire way to get Blizzard to consider making a race playable, but I am a firm believer that showing support of some sort is better than nothing.

The race megathreads have been very helpful in general, and likely Blizzard is aware of them seeing as they kinda referenced them in the last April Fools joke they did. I do think sharing ideas, writings, and things like fan art are another good thing. Another forum user, named Gnomest, mentioned that Blizzard does look at fanart when looking to get ideas for when they decide to make a race playable. I’ve personally been trying to consider some other avenues to show support for my most wanted races in addition to posting in the megathreads.

The best thing to do is to keep showing support. Mag’har Orcs and Dark Iron Dwarves were asked to be playable in some fashion since Cataclysm and they became playable in BfA. With the new character creation screen having more room for new races, I’m hoping Blizzard saw all the races we were cheering for that will hopefully help fill up that character creation screen in future expansions.

All I know is I’ll continue marching for my most wanted as best as I can, and I hope others do the same for their wanted races. It’s such a cool thing to see others have passion for different races, and they all would bring some flavor in character creation and awesome storylines.

Why not both? As I said before, they’re completely different in personality and culture. Even if they both end up on the Horde, they would bring unique gameplay and storylines with them. Besides, if we can have multiple flavors of elves, humans, dwarves, and such, there is no reason why we can’t have multiple reptilian races of different reptile species.

The important thing is that the new character creation screen has more slots and no reptiles on it currently, so let’s get some reptiles on that character creation screen! :snake: :crocodile: :turtle:


No ability to ride a mount, and they’re clearly villains that have never (as far as I have seen) shown any bit of goodness in them.

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