Renown 80 Boost

I’m genuinely confused as to why nothing except the weekly in Zereth Mortis gives Renown.

If they’re against giving us a Renown 80 catchup item, at the very least they should add Renown to the Rares (first kill each day only), Treasures, and Dailies/World Quests in Zereth Mortis.

Otherwise I’m going to be sitting at 46/49 the entire expansion because I refuse to do callings again, and Torghast is terrible without an account-wide box of many things or any form of catchup tower knowledge.

And the power difference between me as Venthyr without my soulbinds fully unlocked yet (not even counting the conduit empowering traits, I simply dont even have the final traits yet) and my unlocked Night Fae is VERY noticeable.


Just wanted to chime in with the recent addition of renown rewards from the Great Vault: this feels almost a little bit insulting, as most players who actually want renown are players who need to catch up. Giving them the option to choose between renown and potential gear upgrades, the socket item, and other goodies is a bit of a slap in the face.

If we’re not going to get a renown 80 boost, at least the sources of renown should be more reasonable. Specifically on the Great Vault, how about just giving players renown when they loot anything at all from the vault?


Its major slap in the face material but I think im really use to it at this point with being a PvPer

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So we have double legendaries now - Unity. The covenants are united.

I’d love to be able to play around with other covenants now that I have the legendary, but grinding out 100+ renown is not the way I want to spend my time right now. Make the item expensive if you want, make it a grind, make it 15,000 cosmic flux or whatever the number is. I’d just like a way to jump to 80, or a reason as to why we can’t.


it could literally be anything it just has to become a thing. Grinding out any other cov to test my lego combinations is not worth it at all the way it is now

I saw on twitter that the renown 40 boost has been increased to 60 on the 9.2.5 PTR… while I do appreciate it, why not just make it 80?


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Agreed! Not sure why the Renown Boost token is only being upgraded to level your other covenants to Renown 60. But I would really like it if they just made the token to cap out each of your covenants at Renown 80.

I did notice in-game however that the campaign quests for your covenants give more than (1) Renown now however. So this may be why they are only increasing it to 60 instead of 80.


I have seen quite a few people who did not know about the Renown token going into the campaign and are stuck in a nomans land of doing the Wqs and being way behind

I do understand that it is some fault on them for being unaware of this item but dont think they should be left to suffer for not knowing every single thing they should do/have


Yeah, this is a big problem with the renown booster, there are no real indicators that this item exists in-game, so unless you already know about it because someone told you about it, or you read it on wowhead or somewhere else, the only way you can really figure out that it exists is if you happen to click on the vendor. At least there should have been a quest marker that led you to it.


The problem with an R60 boost is that for people who already have alts made, have leveled normally and used all of the campaign skips they arrive in ZM at about renown 53. The R60 boost saves them from grinding 7 renown. After they boost they still have another 20 to go for each covenant on every alt they want to PLAY with. When people want to PLAY with different covenants and legendary abilities to see which is most FUN to PLAY it is NO FUN to grind renown to decide on what is most FUN. It is just an unnecessary and arbitrary hurdle to PLAYING the GAME.


If reaching level 80 in the covenant in one char could just let you unluck the 80 renown in that covenant across all your alts would be one way. Maybe through achievement, small quest or item purchased by a vendor.

Immensly buffing the renown you get from all content so it’s done very fast would be another way. I’ve done the renown farms for multiple chars throughout the expansion and I feel done. Definietly something that doesn’t feel relevant anymore but only something holding you back and that would also hold you back from trying new things, other classes and specializations.



We do feel it is important that players returning to the game after a lengthy break, or players that switch to a new character, are able to participate in relevant activities in a reasonable amount of time. This did become more challenging as the expansion progressed so The Broker Mark of Distinction was introduced to jump players to Renown 40. This provided a catch-up for Renown without supplementing a character’s progression, similar to gear rewards from quests in new zones.

As we continued to monitor discussions, we’ve seen how one of the most important steps to reach is Renown 60 as that is when all traits are unlocked for all three Soulbinds (from there it is mainly the enhancements that are unlocked). We feel that being able to more easily reach that level of Renown will create a balance between contributing to the most current content and having room for growth on an individual character. Additionally, we want the path to Renown 80 to have a bit more clarity, especially for characters that have already completed the Covenant campaign questlines.

To help achieve this, we plan to make the following changes in 9.2.5:

  • The Broker Mark of Distinction will increase the Renown of your currently active Covenant to 60, up from 40
  • Renown catch-up is accelerated through Renown 60, up from 48
  • These activities will now have a 100% chance to reward 1 Renown upon completion:
    • Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons
    • Torghast Layers 9-16
    • Defeating a Shadowlands raid boss encounter
    • Winning a Rated Battleground

Thank you for your feedback!


Thanks for the update!

I have mixed feelings about it though.

On one hand, it’s great that all the traits will be unlocked, and there is more clarity into what will award renown (seems like it will be decently easy to get the last 20 with these changes) but what is the reason for setting it at 60 instead of just making it 80?

Also, for PvP, why only Rated Battlegrounds? From my perspective, they are by far the least common PvP activity, and also have the largest barrier to entry of any rated PvP. If its to have another incentive, to play them, I guess that’s cool, but it seems like for renown Rated Battlegrounds might be the wrong choice. At least from where I stand.

The dungeons, torghast, and Raid boss renown is great to know. Could you clarify if the renown is repeatable on different raid difficulties? (I.e. doing the same boss on normal and heroic will give more than one renown?)

Glad to see the change either way! Thanks Bornakk & blizz :slight_smile:


Do you mean accelerated through Renown 80 rather than 60? The boost to 60 seems to make accelerated Renown gain to 60 unnecessary.


I think this is a nice compromise. New alts are going to reach renown 80 before they’re max level with this change, and only catching up on 20 renown for the empowered conduits is a pretty decent change!

I agree with this, the players that need to catch up on renown are probably not doing rated battlegrounds in the first place :>

IIRC the accelerated renown is likely there for new players who haven’t currently unlocked the catchup item in the first place.

I thought about that except that when the boost was 40 the accelerated Renown gain went higher, 48.

I am curious about this as well. I’m happy there’s a compromise the devs liked, but why even make us grind those last 20 levels at all? Especially since the catchup item is only available to people who have hit 80 on one toon already?

Like, as far as compromises go, I would’ve preferred something like:

The item will boost you to 60 if you are on a character that has not hit 80 with a covenant. But if used on a character that has 80 with another covenant, it will boost you to 80. Essentially meaning each character still only has to do the 80 grind once.

That way we still have to grind 60-80 at least once on each character, but once we have 80, we can go 80 instantly with the other 3 covenants so we can freely switch for abilities. (Which is also encouraged by the Unity legendary)

Yea, same as these two. This seems like an odd choice. People do random bgs for renown catchup, not Rated. I’d be shocked if people even get invited to RBG groups when they don’t have Renown 80, cause that’s a decent chunk of player power from the conduit enhancements.

But I’m still happy you guys decided to increase it either way. :slight_smile:


Can we get renown per arena wins? or at least every 2 wins you get 1 renown. I know plenty of people who will not do rated bgs for 1 renown only


OR could we get a 1 renown token type thing if we are maxed on a current covenant to receive renown without playing and losing DPS/HEALING/RATING/SANITY. I and a few people I know would love to try the others covenants but playing night fae as a monk for instance in rated is pretty heavy on the DPS loss. If not a token maybe just like award it to the other covenants we have not maxed?

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