Remove the ability to buy Epic Gems for Honor (fix the bot problem)

Title Says it all…

I’d rather not be able to use honor for Gems than to have countless bots in every BG. The only reason why bots exist in PvP is because they can farm honor for Gems and sell those gems on the AH so they can use the gold to make money.

Remove the ability to buy Gems with honor and there is no longer a reason for Bots to be a thing in PvP…

Problem solved…


This is another example of “treat the symptom, not the cause.” Yes it might get bots out of our BGs, but they would simply move to farming elsewhere. They’re still ravaging the economy all the same. The only real solution is for Blizzard to ban the bots, all of them, no matter where or what they farm.

Problem not solved.


^difference is, when they were all botting BRD pickpocketing, it didn’t affect peoples’ BG experience

BGs currently are borderline unplayable due to bots


I don’t usually agree with Drain, however, he is not wrong.

All it will accomplish is remove the ability to buy gems with Honor for actual players/

Bots farm millions of gold. So if you remove gems, you may be removing 2% of their total gold farm. Probably less. But you end up hurting the legit playerbase significantly more.


Yeah no thanks. Selling honor-bought gems is how I afford my raid consumes, enchants for new gear, etc. I like being able to play only the forms of gameplay I enjoy: raids and pvp. Mandatory dailies or other mindless farming is a huge thumbs down.

I hate bots as much as anyone else, but this is not the solution.


How about just plop some GM’s in BG’s and get rid of the bots?


If they didn’t bot the bg the problem would be more rampant in that they would hit the open world. Plus there has always been an expectation that there would be something to gain from battlegrounds. People do like abusing the pvp system for easy gold and profit. Which is not new, but if you want to prob do well in pvp in cata like wrath you might need some gold to fully enchant or socket the stuff. And if you can get gold by pvp that just means less downtime.

Hire customer support/gms (instead of firing them) to ban goldbuyers and bots is the only way to fight against bots.

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As much as preventing the transaction of spending honor to obtain epic gems that can be sold as an auction for gold would help reduce the saturation of bots spamming bgs, the downside for me personally to that is, I myself use that tactic to fund myself gold by actually playing the game and not have an A.I play for me to upkeep my gold in check.Although, if that were to be the only way to prevent it from happening then I’d gladly sacrifice the gold that I make from doing bgs just to prevent bots from entering.

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If Valve and Google have proven anything it’s that big AAA companies just can’t afford to hire people to curate manually.

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8:16 PM EST on January 26, 2024

It will only get worse. There is no reason left to have hope.

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This is typical when a merger/buy-out/purchase happens. I can assure you at least 80% of the ones who were laid off were already picked (or their positions were picked) months ago.

Been through this many times and the C-Suite along with directors and VP’s to determine months before the merge/purchase happens, either whom or what positions will be cut and plans have already been made to cover these.

Sure, let me buy my alts honor gear than? Or buy Heirlooms with honor, give me something to do with all this honor…

Continuing the discussion from Remove XP from bgs, add rating required for gems to combat botting:

I tried this before and nobody listened. lol

Blizzard will not ban the bots. I’ve reported the bots and they go away for 2 weeks, and come right back. Blizzard stands to lose money if they ban people.

I wish.

Unfortunately, too many players would complain about not being able to buy gems with honor… when the method to get the honor sucks with bot infestations, anyway. So, its just how it is.

Why should the solution negatively affect players? That doesn’t even make any sense.

Pretty sure the new Cata pvp gems are BOP. So the army of bots will be going back to PVE.

They will still farm honor and BG, there are other things they can purchase, or even out right gear up a toon and sell the account.

In the end the only solution is to actually do something effective against bots. Either Blizzard is helplessly overwhelmed with the situation, or, since they make money from the bots subs and character boosts, they want to milk it. Whatever it is, it is inexcusable for a multi billion company with decades of experience.