Remove XP from bgs, add rating required for gems to combat botting

Its the only way to fix it since the bans aren’t working.

Its impossible to do any bgs 50-79.

Nothing but DK and paladin bots

Add a 1k arena rating req to purchase gems. Otherwise max level bots will farm 80 bgs
for gems still.

This is the only way to counter botting atm, the bans just are not enough.



/10 chars


So you want bots in battlegrounds farming honor so they can make 80g per 10k honor? 1 gem isn’t worth much gold but now multiply that by lets say 100. thats now 8000g per 20min bg for the botter.

I want to be able to buy gems on my server with honor. I cannot get into arena bc I can’t find people who do arena on my server. The xp thing idc about, but screw arena rating requirements.

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Its the only real way to prevent the botting bgs from being profitable.

If you have a different idea to prevent it, feel free to post it.

I don’t have an idea for it, but I know THAT would screw legitimate players, including myself.

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Those gems shouldn’t even be available, its a classic only change.

However, with epic gems coming and also going to be for honor. Bots will be selling epic gems for atleast 250g a pop each.

There has to be SOME sort of way to make a barrier.

According to others, it was in original wrath too, along with epic gems at some point. Also, no changes is out the window.

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It wasn’t.


How is it irrelevant if it being a classic only change is relevant?

I see you are low on intellect, i see now why you want the gems.

Ok, this is clearly a troll thread lmao


Only troll is you.

Feel free to leave.

Unlike you, I care about the health of the game.



are you sure that’s why they’re doing it. they’re still doing it at 80 there is probably better farms than honor gems lol and you can see they’re buying/wearing hateful(?) gear. I think they’re doing it for honor gear so they can do botanica more effectively or something

Blue gems are the change, epic gems always came. Again, gem some intellect.

Ok, so we got worse gems, you want to rating require for them. What happens when we get the epic ones? Rating requirements for them too?

Also, again, no changes is out the window, so who cares if they changed it at this point.

Once they have full gear, they buy gems. You can check the AH on almost any server for the seller of Scarlet Ruby right now and see bots.

It still is causing issues, as long as you give a reason to have bots. There will be bots. Blue gems only made the issue appear earlier, it still would appear.

This doesn’t answer my questions.

Because your question has ZERO to do with the topic of this thread, it is a question you have because you are butthurt at my responses. Which btw, I already answered earlier.

Feel free to keep bumping the thread for free though