Remove merc mode

?? lol no
that would break pvp

Dumbest thing ive read in this thread. Hard pass. I dont want to have a flat out stat advantage over others just because of the faction I play.

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Merc Mode this was one of the things that Blizzard did to help promote the factions problems we have today!

What’s the issue with merc mode? It was added for you alliance players and now you want it removed because you dont benefit anymore?

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I use merc mode.

I don’t troll useing it.

I want my mounts and mogs so I want as many currencies I can get from winning.

I think you have the ability to kick people out group if they are troubling.


More like the Horde member breaks his back to carry the rest of the Alliance team and the Alliance loses in spite of his herculean efforts.

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It’s being abused and exploited.

Geared out horde in groups of 5 q in as merc, announce it in chat, dance, fish, troll, throw the BG.

It happens way too often.

It needs to be addressed.

Exaggeration much? They are introducing Legion TW and Legion M+, I dont call that deleting content; I call it making decent use of older content. And if its a trend going forward, its very pleasing.

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I have seen this firsthand.

Not all Horde are doing this (obviously) but it is a real problem.

There’s already so few Alliance left playing, why would Horde choose to troll battlegrounds to drive the rest of alliance players away? Do you really not want anymore PvP?

I agree that merc mode has to be fixed somehow.

Oh hey everyone - I learned a neat trick using Merc Mode.

I was doing some Merc Mode today on my Vulpera Rogue. When a Vulpera Merc Modes, they turn into a Mechagnome. During an AB match, I tried using the Umbrella to ease my fall from LM to BS, and it changed me back to a Vulpera! I was able to finish (and win) the match as a Vulpera Rogue on the Alliance lol.

So, maybe some BGs, like AB or Deepwind Gorge, that have places high enough for the Umbrella to work, you can be your original Horde Race. And you even keep the Alliance Racials. I had my little Mechagnome Racial produce Vulpera Rogues.

Thought this would be a good thread to share that.

I feel bad for you that interpretation is so difficult.

Chin up e-girl.

i DeFiNiTeLy Am NoT a CoMpLaInEr

I’m not a complainer. I’m simply bringing to light something that’s being exploited and abused.

It needs to be addressed.

Shoot you’d be reporting more Alliance than Mercs


Oh boy, it will never not be funny to see Alliance complaining over a mode that was conceived because of their complains about long queues during the heavily skewed WoD.

Absolutely love it.

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I never complained. I never wanted it. I never used it.

Pretty sure that asking for something to be removed fits in the “complain” category.

And it doesn’t matter if you wanted it. Your side demanded blizzard implement a solution to their unbearably long queues and they rushed to please your side, despite the fact that Horde had indeed dealt with the long queues they had for choosing to play Horde, as you’ve put it, for a long time before that.

So yeah, you can thank your side for that.

The real laughs are that even the crowded servers aren’t so crowded anymore, I should know, I play on them all over four accounts.

It makes me shake my head in disbelief wondering who thought Merc mode would work?? I could have predicted this toxic play style even before it was presented.

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It really has become a serious problem. I’m not the only one who sees this.