Remove merc mode

Blizzard, please put “removing Merc Mode” in the same place you put all the other Night Elf Player complaints…

the rubbish bin

If they arent crying about Teldrassil, they are crying about merc mode. They are never happy. So, ignore them, and focus on the Players who can be happy.

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Man, this thread is still going?

Removing merc mode would cause players the few remaining PvP players to quit the game. There’s not enough alliance PvPers to play alliance and the horde queues would be too long to play horde…
AND, there’s tons of great games that have instant queues and get balance passes on a more regular basis.

Have you looked at the raider IO data and the arena mate data? There’s not a lot of people playing compared to launch. This would only make that worse.

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As long as it’s being abused and exploited, which it is, it should not be an option, and should be removed.

Replace merc mode with murloc mode.

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That’s sounds more like a reporting issue than a merc mode issue. Also you seem bitter and resentful that you’re on the losing side. They won’t ditch merc mode as the Horde is the larger part of the player base and without it the content simply doesn’t work.

I suggest you ask for more involved review of reports and stiffer punishments for Horde that actually join you just to lose. Personally I can’t imagine a bigger waste of my time but let’s just pretend it happens to move this along.

As someone who merc modes regularly, I have a hard time believing it.

I don’t queue to lose. I queue to win. If I sat in a BG for 10 minutes for the sole purpose of giving other people a loss and wasting their time… I would be giving myself a loss and wasting that same time.

I mean - I believe there are people in this world who harm themselves to harm others. But I think you are just as likely to see anyone doing it.

Heck, even as Horde, there might be 2 or 3 folks AFK or just fighting on a road farming kills. People who ignore objectives because “pewpewing” on a road is more fun are just as bad as people doing nothing. Should they be removed from BGs if they are on a road too long?

As I said let’s “pretend” it happens.

It doesn’t need to be removed. It just needs to be a two way street.

Burn down the game because you got trolled one time.
Got it.

Meanwhile, there’s 3 alliance AFK bots running a circle around your graveyard.

Alternatively, just get rid of factions. That way, being alliance is cosmetic.

Except it wasn’t just 1 time.

Multiple people in this thread are experiencing the same thing. Reading and comprehension are hard I guess.

It’s being abused and it needs to go.

Either both factions should have access to it or neither faction should have access to it!

I want to play as a gob sometimes. Let me in <3

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Would have been a great thing to ask for during WoD. But that’s not what people asked for, so it’s not what Blizzard created.

I love how every 36th post starts with the word “remove” and goes on to suggest removing some QoL or other, without an acknowledgment of what said QoL addresses, whether removal would harm more players than help, and like that.

I don’t choose my faction based on relative population. I don’t pvp either, but when I used to and if I still did, I’d prefer queues that actually work, and if you want grief from your own team that’s been a thing since long before merc mode. “I’m only in here for the marks” was a thing back in the day, and people have been refusing to win easily by following instructions since the game’s inception. Blah blah not winning, honor farming. No objectives, just kill and flex. Merc mode sounds like a scapegoat in other words, as all that I’ve mentioned predates it and caused the exact same issues.

The only way it goes is if factions go or we have horde v horde BGs like in TBCC.
Otherwise you are killing the game.

I dunno, this is kinder gentler woke Blizz now.

I think once they realize how much horde exploit and abuse merc mode they will remove it.

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I agree, remove mercenary mode - and provide the option to do battlegrounds in open tag PvP. That is, you can attack your own faction members as well as the other faction.

If its player versus player, it should player versus player, not player version other faction player. Toss away the faction handcuffs and open up battlegrounds and arenas to all characters. Sure, there would need to be some rejigging of how capture-type bgs work, but they can do that, they be clever peoples.

Oh and while on the subject of battlegrounds - include pvp island expeditions in the bg list.

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A better way to increase alliance participation is simply buff alliance players’ damage and defense by 25% in all pvp. Start at 25% then make 1% incremental changes every month either way depending on whether it gets better or worse.

Yes one thousand times yes

My friends and I merc Q to save time. We love the short Q timer. We’re all over 245 ilvl. When we merc into an undergeared group of alli, we handle it and move on to the next Q. Blizz should just have a green team vs yellow team like RBGS. It would fix the Q issue for horde.


Blizzard wouldn’t maintain FOMO if they did that. All content must be deleted at the end of an expansion to make sure you play the next one.