Remove merc mode

But I like it. :frowning:

When I am in Merc mode I am there to win and the faction ring comes off. Horde is red to me at that point so therefore dead. :+1:


Oh wow,people finally realize this abuse but i take it most that like it are double agents.

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In don’t believe this person is trolling. Merc Mode has ruined PVP…Esp the Switch Win scam~

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See previous comment.

Oh, and

It really hasn’t become a problem :roll_eyes: alliance has been winning random BG’s off the hook lately. My under geared, solo queing human priest has won 12 games straight. Probably my biggest win streak in a while.

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That’s great that you had a good experience, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem.

If this is happening, it might be worth reporting them all as AFK. Non-participation in pvp instances is still against the rules. Offenders could find themselves stripped of honor, rank and gear, or suspended especially if they are talking about it in game.

When I go merc it is to get honor faster, so always go in a win mode. So I know it can be a distraction when the team isn’t all there, but reporting is still the best method of helping Blizzard deal with this.


Merge both factions instead and let us play against one another with mixed teams (of both Alliance and Horde). That could help with queue times as well as filling in groups with enough party members (and enough healers on both teams).


Agreed. Would be even more fun if we could fight people of our own faction as well. Sort of open mayhem. They wouldnt do it though, sadly.

They were in Classic, might make it to retail, who knows.

Actually not quite.

Alliance during wod when their queues were 30 min vs horde instaqueues: “Fix this Blizz!” And thus merc mode came into the game.

Op doesn’t post any proof of this happening. Playing both factions since this feature was introduced haven’t seen it happen once on either side.

If it is happening, please post evidence. Else it just looks like you’re looking for someone to blame for your losses. Players troll their own faction relentlessly.

Red or blue, they’re all humans behind the keyboard and some of them suck. I see alliance just afking out or active afk in games.

Unless you can show that this is a game breaking issue i doubt it will get changed


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