Remove Mage "Portal" spell, only fair following Soar nerf logic

I believe that mages’ ability to create Portals to various locations all over the world creates a drastic efficiency advantage over characters of other classes when playing the game, whether that’s Chromie Time quests, clearing old raids for transmog, pet battling, etc.

In line with the philosophy for nerfing Dracthyr’s Soar, this ability should be removed from the game, as the knowledge that mages are no longer “blitzing across continents” will allow me to have more fun on my monk.

Thank you.


thats fine i usually teleport anyway


Take what you want from mages but if you take away my teleport to Turtle Island I will riot

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Counter offer. Make mages into an interactable device at the end of any instanced content. For one minute their character is stuck there and anyone can click on the mage and open a portal wherever they want to go. After that minute the mage can take a portal that was opened, but cannot open one for themselves. (Or teleport)


Make sprinting a 5 minute cooldown too, you cant just trivialize 15 year old zones by letting people GET AROUND now can you? Think of what an unfair advantage running all the time is!


cant we just say its not okay to nerf soar?


better to be passive aggressive


i like your name btw.


Well this is one of the most nonsensical things I’ve read today.

Mages can only port to cities. Did you forget engineering exists that can port to almost every single zone in an expansion?

Or how neither of those is even remotely equated to a freaking flavor racial??

Good lord the nonsense is just mind boggling. :woman_facepalming:t4:


The only time ive felt someone else has an unfair advantage is druid travel form.

There are many quests in the game where you need to collect items that are gaurded by mobs.

Every other player has to kill the mobs.
Druids just fly around them, collect it while in travelform, and then fly off to the next one.

This is especially annoying when only one person can collect the items.

Someone being able to get to another zone before me is not something thats ever been an issue.


You are correct. Engineering teleporting provides too much of an advantage and should also be removed, as it gives Engineers an outsized advantage across large swathes of the game.

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Some of those can be done using the Monk cloud. Which I also think should function almost like Druid travel form.

Where as i say travel form should act like a normal mount, only its instant cast

Isn’t the point of alpha to tune things and make changes? I can understand disliking nerfs to content we enjoy now but this “outrage” over content that is subject to change is strange. Are more people in alpha than I think or are people just upset because their favorite content creator is bummed by the change?

If we want to limit this argument to racials, night elf shadowmeld+travel form is WAY more OP than soar in the open world.

I don’t think any reasonable person can possibly argue that.


Just give more classes fun abilities instead of removing fun. Also: there are lots of quests that already kick us out of travel form.


I don’t think anyone in this thread is being serious.

Also nerf demon hunters

I believe the comparison you are looking for is “make the casting time for portals longer”.

Soar was nerfed, not removed, as it stands you argument is apples and oranges.

Being able to port to another continent in a few seconds is a much more egregious violation than soaring, if the goal is to level the traveling playing field. I’m sorry, removal is the only answer here.

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You sure about that? Because you don’t have to be a mage to do that nowadays, so in theory your dracthyr could have both portals and the flight speed.

Still, I agree that there was no reason for the nerf but I also think that this incessant crying about the soaring speed is obnoxious, I guarantee you that if it comes out this way in a few weeks no one will care that this was ever a thing, such is the ways of the forums.