Remove Mage "Portal" spell, only fair following Soar nerf logic

A lot of people in this thread absolutely do not want dracthyr to ever get other classes available to them.

Because that is the only way portal spells, travel form, etc is comparable. If Dracythyr can ONLY ever be evokers. Forever. And it never changes.

Weird take.

As a mage I agree. Mage portals create a vast efficiency advantage over every single class and should be removed or nerfed.

Druid travel forms also create a drastic advantage, can be used to harvest nodes, and are far faster than soar and must be subsequently nerfed or removed.

Vulperas second hearthstone is also ridiculously overpowered and should be outright removed or given a 3 hour cooldown at minimum.

If soar gets nerfed for letting Dracthyr move across an empty zone slightly faster than on foot there is no logical reason why these other races and classes should be allowed to keep their far superior forms of transport.


OMG. So many cry babies.
I have 13+ teleport devices. I can’t remember the last time I used a mage portal.
It is a drop from 930 to 640. STOP whining.


So you also feel that Dracthyr should never be allowed other class options?


Fun detected is Blizzard’s specialty.


Your complacency is depressing. “Even though I think there was no reason for Blizzard to do this, people should stop complaining because I find it to be annoying.”


Nobody said that, get Blizzs foot out of your mouth.

What is the speed needed for fun?

Since apparently 640% is not fun. Where is the cut off?

Comparing class abilities to racial abilities is only a rational thought process if you think soar should be inherently tied to the evoker class. Which means no extra classes for dracthyr.

Otherwise, its just a stupid comparison.

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Because it doesn’t matter, you won’t care about it too soon enough. I care about my class being absolute crap to play for another expansion, I care about the story being at the very minimum digestible after the fiesta that was Shadowlands, I couldn’t care less about a racial that I will barely use and when I do it will still serve it’s purpose.

Besides, Soar should have been an option for them for full dragonriding, not just a half-baked racial, and later implemented into the old world anyways.

While they’re at it, they should remove druid travel and flight forms.

Seriously though, attacking mages for the Soar nerf is incredibly silly. Soar and mage teleports are not even close to being the same thing. Abilities that are more comparable are the druid ones I mentioned above.

If you are expecting them to remove portals, you may be waiting a while.

My body, my choice.


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“When Blizzard makes poor decisions like this or like we saw in Shadowlands, you should just give in, minimalize it, and eventually stop caring. The sooner you make yourself completely numb to this sort of thing, the sooner you can realize the TRUE issues, e.g., the story.”

New race? New cool ability? Who cares about that stuff. Have you heard about Zovaal though?

Yeah going after mages makes no sense. Your best comparison would be to nerf travel form for druids. But at the very least make it impossible to collect herbs without coming out of form.

This is silliness

People have been asking for that change for over a decade and no results.

Literally nobody complained about soar and they decided to nerf it to slow the game down and force players to be online longer by means of inconvenience.

It was overpowered without a cooldown or speed reduction.

Have they found the sweet spot I don’t know. But as it was was ridiculous too

But that won’t stir up the proper drama level.

Every single tester disagrees with you, you who has no experience with it at all.

You’re not real you don’t have rights lol….

I think, therefore, I am.