Remove all rewards from people who got banned

Head on a pike works well. “we don’t discuss actions” causes many to lose faith and speculate that it’s just a slap on the wrist.



It has no effect on you in any way.
Just play the game and enjoy it.
You do you my friend.

Stolen Valor


I am surprised and happy to hear about that!
Good job!


force mog them into a french maid outfit…or dress them like urkle


Doesn’t exist in a video game.
Also stolen valor is claiming you did something when you literally did not.
People buying boost or carries must actually do said content to receive it.
Sure they can be dead or hiding in a corner the whole time, but they have to actually do it.

Think of the players who ride the bench all season but still come home with that championship ring when their team wins. Same idea.

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My opinion - let Blizzard deal with it as they see fit. I don’t know the facts and I don’t want to judge.

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dying in a corner is not ‘doing content’… Witness others… sure… doing it, no. They’re not even participants, they’re observers.


To you sure.
However the game recognizes them as doing the content, which is literally all that matters when going for drops or completing content.

Wait… People got banned?

Music to my ears!


the Mage Tower is probably indeed overturned like the forums were screaming

If the mage tower was overtuned how were people doing it during legion at 890 equip with the “wrong” legendaries?

If that many people chose to break the rules and pay real money and share their account because something was too hard, that should be an indicator that it needs to be changed.

What a terrible opinion. Like seriously. It’s that train of thought that creates the subpar game we have today.

Who let this person on the council?


I’ll be honest I kinda find it stupid if people got banned for buying mage tower carries exactly who is that hurting that they got a skin or a mount? Does mage tower drop ilvl 1337 gear thatll make it so you can solo Mythic jailer? No its just cosmetics. Most of the people that actually bought the mage tower carries were druids for the fel bear skin. Why? Because it was overtuned and not reasonable to complete without farming insane timewalking gear sets when half of it was nerfed by killing the ability of having azerite for it which would have been perfect for it. If you arent allowed to have azerite in mage tower which is TIMEWALKING then why have it active in other timewalking events. Its one thing to ban people if they are getting account share boosted for content that actually provides a meaningful boost to gameplay. But banning people for buying a carry to get a skin? Just strange especially doing the ban wave when a new major patch comes out when you want people to be resubbing so if people bought mage tower carries then unsubbed until 9.2 now they get told to eat dirt because now they are banned and the skin that they probably already tried 100s of times themselves before they caved and bought it(BECAUSE BTW ITS OVERTUNED IF NOT SETUP PERFECTLY FOR) is gone so now they’ll be even less likely to resub


Account sharing is against the rules. Plain and simple.

There’s a very distinct line between getting boosted within the rules and handing your account over to someone else.


Mage tower in legion got easier with gear. Timewalking mage tower was overtuned because it was tuned for having artifact weapons and abilities but they disabled that + disabled azerite + disabled SL legendaries and covenants so it was made so much harder and some classes got the absolute shaft when it came to doing it i.e druids that wanted the bear skin were having the hardest time they had to nerf it 3 times before it was remotely possible for people that dont have a dedicated set for timewalking

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The only way to “boost” mage tower is to have someone log in your account and do it for you.

That’s against the rules of account sharing.


Well it’s a good thing it wasn’t up to you then.

If you cheated for a cosmetic item, enjoy your vacation and lack of transmogs/items/etc if you decide to come back. You deserved to have it all taken away.


I could care less whose money goes where. I just find it stupid that people got banned for a skin. Yeah they broke the rules but again who is it hurting? I’d laugh if people got their accounts stolen for it. I didnt do the mage tower because I didn’t care enough for the skin. Im only replying in this thread because I find it interesting. But thanks for the personal attacks :slight_smile:


Thats on them for breaking the rules. I just see no reason to do a mass ban wave if people were buying account share carries enmasse that shouldve been a red flag that shouldve been banned immediately not banned 2-3 months later I find the timing stupid on a major content patch

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