Remove all rewards from people who got banned

These people know it’s more advantageous to get banned and continue on after getting help with mage tower. Strip the book from their accounts and in fact lock the them forever out from being able to earn it again.


What they should do is if anyone doesn’t appeal, or any appeal that does not get overturned, just perma ban them.

But what they should have done was put in more work and make sure innocent people are not banned because there are ALWAYS innocent people who get banned, some of which might only log in tomorrow to find out they can’t start the new patch.

Better to let some offenders go free instead of banning the innocents.


True, offenders will get caught again or mouth off they got away with something. What is sort of annoying is that I know people who lived really close to one another other in legion and they did each others mage tower challenges to earn the weapons. No doubt that buyers/sellers could have worked out something like this to minimize chances to be found out.

why do you care so much


tbh it doesn’t really matter they were punished enough already


Why do you not? Willingly partaking in a social game that has participants not playing fairly is a quick way to scuttle the game for all.


I bet they do remove the books since they very obviously on purpose waited one day before a patch to toss out a month long ban lol. They wouldn’t pull a move like that if they didn’t want it to hurt.

I’d say let them have thier chances to earn it legit after the time is served. They cheat again then make it a Perma.


Look at what you do or have done in the game (or wanted to get done) and think about why you would think that vs others.

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i got what i wanted. insane in the membrane. all thats left is heavenly onyx cloud serpent

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I’m of the opinion that no one chooses what they care about in life :slight_smile: A person either does or does not care about something and they can’t willingly decide that they care.


I don’t care if the book mount is removed or not but I do think that people who paid for account sharing to buy carries should be perma banned. They can keep the book mount on their perma’d account, np.


Guessing he was looking forward to getting a boost…

I turned down buying a 2400 in 8.3 while everyone else in my discord did so they could get azeroth’s champion. One last essence was all I needed but I decided not to even with 10+ mil gold because it felt wrong to do so.

Take your projection somewhere else.


guess what, those people got azeroths champion and you didnt.


Mine was.
Ruined my pet sales and free giveaways in trade.

I am leaning towards being pro removing the rewards from those who were involved in account sharing.
It’s one thing to get carried but still controlling your character, but paying someone to literally log into your game for you is taking it too far.

Either way, missing the first couple weeks or month of a new patch is going to hurt for some folks. All those 6mo bans are repeat offenders and aren’t garnering any sympathy from me.


Sometimes a person will commit a crime (outside Wow) and you’ll hear people say things like “They should peel off their skin and pour lemon juice on him” and other such colorful things. I can’t support it :man_shrugging: I believe people should be punished according to the standard that is in place for the offense. This thought process also extends to wow so the most I would expect to see are 6 month bans.


idc if they got banned or not. it aint me so


Yes a literal title that gets confused with one from killing deathwing currently.

It’s not just the title, it’s the act of achieving a goal.


Guessing there was some massive banwave or something…

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i got my heroic argus kill for free thanks to my guild

join a guild.